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Getting older has made me realize how beyond silly raging is even in ranked

LeagueofLegends5 - Getting older has made me realize how beyond silly raging is even in ranked

I started playing this game back in season 1 when I was 20 years old. 10 years later I am now 30 and still playing from time to time. Although I am not as mature as I assumed I would be by the time I reached 30 I have to say I have changed a lot since I first started playing this game a decade ago.

After starting the weekend in gold 3 I decided to play some games Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I did finally get promoted all the way to gold 2 last night! (lol) so obviously a beyond successful "climb". But this is what really has stuck out to me over the years and especially last night.

  1. When people are playing bad they know they are playing bad. Telling them how bad their playing doesn't help but just makes them want the game to be over quicker and may make them not want to try anymore killing your teams chances for a comeback.

  2. Telling somehow how bad they are when you are the same rank (and not a smurf) is beyond hilarious. Think about it….. YOU ARE THE SAME RANK. So if they by definition are shit…. then logically you have to come to the same conclusion about yourself. I had so many people tell me this weekend when I was playing bad or just not at the level they wanted how shit I am. But most the time I was a higher rank than them with many less games played…. lmfao. It's just so funny and your not going to have people take you seriously when you talk like that.

  3. Even if you are a smurf flaming people in ranked is bullshit. Actually it's even more bullshit. You are the one in the wrong smurfing in the first place and too big of a B to play on your main. Luckily most actual smurfs don't say anything because they know this and are just trying to get their new account to their actual rank quickly and not there to stomp on lower rank players and brag.. The "smurfs" I am referring to are people who have alt accounts in pretty much the same elo they already in or slightly higher but pretend they are Gods lol. Those people truly make me laugh.

  4. Pinging is fine. Hell sometimes you need to spam ping danger or missing so your team actually pays attention. And obviously there's the meme or ????? pings when people mess up we see especially when high elo players stream. But in reality if you spam people over the smallest things constantly all that is going to lead to is your team muting your pings and muting you…… Plus they might get frustrated and play worse in the process.

  5. People take breaks. roughly 95% of us are plat 4 or lower. Hell top 1% of players are roughly currently D3 or higher. Most of us we may play the game a lot but we are not here to go pro. So yes… people get rusty… might miss some patches, part of a season etc. Just assuming everyone is going hard every game with their one trick champions is just not reality. It may be frustrating but it's reality.

I went hard on WoW classic for like 9 months. In that time I hardly played League. I can definitely say i've gotten worse in that time. I'm slowly getting back to my old skill level of season 9 but it can take time especially for people who don't routinely play a lot. I know ranked is frustrating when it puts rusty players in your games, but it's just how the game works. The game doesn't lower mmr for inactivity and most ranks don't even have a rank decay anymore (even though again that doesn't affect mmr). So you are going to have people in your games who take breaks and you may catch them when they are first coming back.

Look I've been there. I've flammed my teammates, i've done the pings, i've pretended to be better than I actually am. It's all sooooo fucking dumb and laughable. League is a game… it's supposed to be fun. If your not having fun you should take a break or stop playing. Taking out your frustrations on others just makes you look like the idiot you are role playing as.

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