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Ghostcrawler shares the docs Riot filed in court

LeagueofLegends4 - Ghostcrawler shares the docs Riot filed in court

Posting this so that the 2 "alleged addictional victims" can get the same recognition that Sharon O'Donnel and the CEO got, since imho the "harassment" description done by journalists feels quite reductive while the accusations from Shari got painted in much more detail.

1372001036974518272 - Ghostcrawler shares the docs Riot filed in court


I'm seeing a lot of my friends and people I respect tweet the news today about @riotgames and @niiicolo but missing a lot of context. These docs were filed publicly in court and posted internally for Rioters. I am sharing so you have all the info


Here is the other part of the filing

Here's the direct link to the 2 docs: Doc 1
Doc 2

Even if you don't have time to check all of them (although they are not long, the page count is high cause there is a big line spacing and text size), I would suggest to check at least Exhibits A and B from the first document (they are just a couple of pages each): they are declarations from people that worked for Riot's CEO for several years (and with the plaintiff). Quoting directly from them, if you don't really have time to read all of it:

Exhibit A

Shari reached out to me in Summer 2020 <...> she told me about her plan to file a lawsuit against Mr. Laurent <...> I told her that Mr. Laurent never did anything wrong to me <...> I told Shari that I had never seen anything inappropriate between Mr. Laurent and Shari.



After Shari's lawsuit was filed, I received many calls, texts, and messages from journalists <...> I lost my job with another employer because of all the harassment that I received from journalists <...> I know that it must have been Shari that gave out my number to journalists <...> on February 16, 2021 Shari called me <...> She told me that she either gave my number to journalists or her attorney


I am concerned that Shari will misuse my personal information <...> I'm afraid for my personal identity and security since I know Shari gave out my number to the press.

Exhibit B

I understand that Shari recently filed a lawsuit against Mr. Laurent for sexual harassment. I haven't experienced anything like that while working for Mr. Laurent, and I've never seen or heard anything inappropriate between him and Shari. I think she made up the claims in her lawsuit.

I began receiving strange and threatening calls on my cell phone at the end of February, 2021 <...> The first call <...> a woman said that she was the assistant to Shari's lawyer <...> She said that we needed to talk about Shari's lawsuit <...> I don't think that woman was Shari <...> A few days later, I received another call <...> The woman then said that I could "get money out of" the Laurent family <...> The woman then called my a "b**ch", said "f**k the Laurents".


I received another call <...> a man said, "is this f**king ?" in an aggressive and threatening tone <...> the man then said I "need to be united with Shari" so that "all this lawsuit shit can come to a conclusion" <...> The man then told me "I know where you live" <...> I am not sure who the man and woman were, but I think that Shari gave them my number and told them to call and intimidate me. I'm scared that Shari will escalate these threats <...> When I got these calls, I told Mr. Laurent and his wife because I was worried about them and their three little kids. I wasn't sure what Shari might do next.

EDIT: fixed the plaintiff name

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