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Goodbye League,and thank you, I do not resent you.

LeagueofLegends11 - Goodbye League,and thank you, I do not resent you.

5 years ago, December 23rd 2013 to be exact. I had come out of a very bad break up and needed a distraction. My friends at the time introduced me to 'League of Legends', obviously I was aware of the games existence but had never thought to personally try it out.

The first game I play, obviously I feed. I play rammus botlane solo with a skin i bought because I thought Full Metal Rammus was the coolest shit since sliced bread. I went 0/14 or something around those lines, but I enjoyed myself.

For the rest of the next 12 hours I had played the game none-stop. I was enjoying every bit of it even though I had no idea what i was doing and i kept dying repeatedly. But this game had given me the distraction from pain I needed.

Fast forward a year 2014, Season 4 was where i found my calling as a support main, i thoroughly enjoyed playing janna and lulu, and to be honest that was probably because there was not much skill expression involved in the playstyles and I could be useful even while being a bad player. I was placed bronze 4. Ended up climbing to silver 5 and was proud of myself.

Fully fledged gnar one-trick-pony. Switched to toplane. This champion was so fun and I fucking loved him. I miss building triforce and ghostblade on him with blade of the ruined king. I also played the odd bit of kayle here and there if he was banned. This was the season where i truly started to learn the game because I already had the core basics of my champions down. I played up to 10 hours a day with my group of friends who would always be online and ready to smash.


Dynamic queue is released, my friends and I can queue up in ranked as a 5 man and gain our gold rewards together, which we did. However at the same time there was a lot of controversy surrounding this, and as such i decided to continue ranked as a solo player for the rest of the season. I would not remain a toplane-only player for long though, as on May 18th my new main champion was to be released. Taliyah was a champion I instantly fell in love with, before I even knew what she did, just from the teaser image. I had hit plat 5, and had no idea how to play mid lane, but i jumped into ranked with her regardless and forced myself to learn a role and a champion at the same time. August 2016 I had around 450k on taliyah, now my most played champion and also what got me into diamond 5.

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2017 continuing the taliyah gameplay, really enjoy the champion. Midlane champion pool now exists, consisting of Taliyah, veigar, annie and kayle. New friends gained due to a discord I was invited to during a normal game solo. Best year of league I had ever played and I wish i could go back. Also ended Diamond 5, probably my peak rank but still pleased with myself.

Season 8 was rough, I enjoyed playing taliyah at the start but then THE (sadface) patch happened. I had to find a new champion to play midlane or my rank would decline, so I decided to pick up fizz instead. In july i had found love with a girl I never thought I deserved and we spent many months together playing video games with each other and eventually moved in with each other. Also ended diamond 5 (lul)

The first month of season 9 had been fun, but alas this is where the story draws to a close. I had become so invested in this game over the time playing it that I forgot what was truly important to me. I had not paid enough attention to my girlfriend because of my league addiction and she left. That drove me to no longer enjoy the game, and gave me the will to finally drop it.

Goodbye league, you've been good to me but you're too intoxicating.

TL;DR Remember whats important to you and do not let video games distract you from your future.

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