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Gragas is an omnipotent god, capable of rewriting reality, trying to blend in as a champion on the rift.

LeagueofLegends5 - Gragas is an omnipotent god, capable of rewriting reality, trying to blend in as a champion on the rift.

Ignoring the concepts of infinite ammo and resources to cast abilities and basic attacks, which seems to be some universal rule that all champions can take advantage of, Gragas is a big outlier in terms of his power scaling in game. All human champions in the game, despite their different techniques and powers, all still somewhat abide to the laws of physics in one way or another. Some might possess superhuman strength, like Braum and Jarvan, but all their abilities in game are accurate to what they can do in lore.

Now compare that to Gragas's abilities, which one by one tear apart reality and physics as we know it.

His passive allows him to heal after casting an ability. This means that he can either take a massive swig of his keg, or chuck that same keg at you and still get healed. Sure some other champions like Xin Zhao heal from merely attacking you, but at least there's some consistency shown there as Xin Zhao may as well be the biggest Undertale crossover to hit the rift if determination allows you to heal your physical wounds. Gragas however? This fucker doesn't care what he does to get that healing. As long as he's staying undercover for now and healing on a cooldown basis it doesn't matter what he does to patch himself up. This is the first sign of Gragas's ability to alter reality to his will, and hints that he might just be trying to (poorly) hide his omnipotent powers in hopes that he can blend in with the rest of the champions as just some careless drunk. But the evidence doesn't stop there.

Gragas's Q rolls a barrel towards a location, which ferments itself over 2 seconds. Fermentation is a process which involves putting yeast into wort to make the beer actually alchoholic. This process takes like a minimum of 2 weeks, a very specific temperature to successfully ferment the beer, AND you have to add an ingredient in order to start it. Gragas somehow adds yeast to this keg as he rolls it, maintains a perfect 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and ferments the entire keg in 2 SECONDS. Now here is where it gets complicated.

Gragas's lore says that in search of the perfect brew, Gragas eventually wandered to the Freljord and found his shard of true ice which gave his brews "incredible" properties. The true ice shard also keeps his beer at the perfect temperature to serve, NOT to ferment. Although it's a stretch, this same true ice shard may be the reason why Gragas can ferment his beer in 2 seconds, but it still leaves one thing unexplained. Gragas can re-activate this ability to instantly detonate the cask whenever he wants. So along with this unexplained ability to accelerate fermentation by thousands of times, Gragas can also somehow stop this process and make the entire keg explode by some means.

The explanation is simple. Gragas is only using true ice as a cheap cover story for this ability's function. To ferment the beer and control its exact time of detonation as well as its actual ability to detonate, Gragas either constructs and selects alternate realities contained within the kegs he throws or rewrites the very rules of matter and physics on a whim all under the guise of brewing some really quick beer. Through his clear violation of laws of physics and spacetime without the use of magic, Gragas's disguise as a dumb drunkard falls apart to reveal an either slightly dumb or playful higher cosmic being.

Gragas's W has him chug his beer, gaining damage reduction, and then follow up with an empowered attack with his keg. Most of this ability seems to follow reality as we know it. Him gaining damage reduction probably just means he's less susceptible to pain while drunk, and he uses his keg to perform his next basic attack so the extended range makes sense too. However, a small hint showing Gragas's true nature is also present in this ability. According to his lore, Gragas can never get truly drunk, hence his quest to find the perfect brew that can bring him to a "divine state of intoxication". So the rage part of "Drunken Rage" probably stems more from his "temperamental nature" than the actual intoxicating effect of the brew he's drinking. There's little reason that Gragas actually gets drunk during this ability, and even if he did, he clearly backtracks spacetime or rewrites reality so that he's not drunk only a few seconds later.


Now for the first of the two most atrocious abilities, Gragas's E is a body slam that flings the entirety of his 735 pound body(according to realms of Runeterra) towards an enemy and knocks them back about half a meter. Yes, a flying body slam with 735 pounds of force behind it knocks someone back about an arms length. This is probably where Gragas got lazy in his disguise, and still wanting to be able to do cool combos like E+W, carelessly designed one of his signature moves to require him to break the laws of physics every time he used it. It's clear that instead of just letting his body slam go through like an actual body slam and flinging people for whole meters, Gragas just cancels all the velocity on his hapless victims so that they end up right in front of him. All this just so he can smack them over the head with a keg while they sit and wonder why Runeterra Newton had lied to them. He at least had some cover story for his first two abilities and passive but now it's becoming more and more obvious just how powerful Gragas really is.

Finally, Gragas's R. He throws a big keg to a location that explodes on impact and knocks enemies away from its point of impact. The resulting explosion from a single beer keg knocks enemies away so many times further than an entire body slam. It's pretty plausible to assume that Gragas just wanted a cool ultimate ability that had something to do with the keywords "exploding" and "keg", and this was the result we got from it. A keg of beer could never generate enough pressure to explode without the use of magic I don't care what excuse Gragas makes you just can't. It's obvious that Gragas, being the god of reality that he actually is, can alter the pressure in these kegs to make them explode to knock people back with more force than an airborne 735 pound man. Don't give me the shit about fermentation too because this cosmic fucker despite being able to control reality, can't bother to do some research about how to make actual beer.

Now you might be saying that I'm nitpicking about Gragas's abilities and how they work, but every normal human or iceborn champion has abilities that are grounded in reality in one way or another while Gragas, being the impostor that he is, has failed to do the same and has never blended in well with the rest of the champions because of his lack of history. If you ever thought Gragas looked out of place, consider that he may as well actually be the god a higher plane of existence instead of a champion on the rift.

In summary, every single human or close to human champion in this game has abilities rooted in reality. They all at least somewhat follow a line of logic (oh yeah except Seraphine but I'm counting her as an exception because she was a champion made to sell a skin). The one exception is Gragas, who has four abilities that each require him to break the laws of his own world to use properly. He's clearly a cosmic being maybe more powerful than that of the watchers and celestials. Why do you think he's got no lore or personality beyond a big drunken man on a quest to make the best brew? Because this entire story was fabricated from scratch to cover up Gragas's true power and identity.

Which leads to the question: Who actually is Gragas? Why is he on Runeterra? Does he actually like beer or is that part of his phony cover story too? Why is he masquerading as an angry drunk? Why is he so bad at pretending to be a mortal? Perhaps one day we'll find out, because for a higher being of Runeterra's reality capable of manipulating spacetime and physics, he's pretty fucking bad at keeping a secret.

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