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Griffin 2018-2020 is the biggest tragedy in League History

LeagueofLegends7 - Griffin 2018-2020 is the biggest tragedy in League History

The team, even though was brand new to the LCK in Summer of 2018, it already amassed a huge number of Korean and International fans from their explosive rise the very top of the LCK, beating some of the best Korean teams in regular split and showing us rookies dominate the league like nobody has ever done before, coming straight out of Challengers Korea.

The team barely played any playoff matches due to the flawed format ( first seed waits in the finals for weeks for their opponent ). The more playoffs BO5's matches you play, the more clutch/accustomed to the pressure you get.

Griffin played only 4 BO5's in 3 LCK Splits ( 2 BO5's in 2018, and 2 in 2019 ). They lost the the all star KT and all star SKT 2019 lineup that was supposed to win Worlds and had ton of experienced players who have been in the finals of the LCK so many times. The term " chokers " was attributed to Griffin because of those losses, when they were never supposed to win those series with barely any playoffs experience and all of their players being brand new to the LCK. Both times prior to losing the finals, they had to wait for weeks while SKT played multiple series warming up before the finals. Scrims can't do that for you.

Their run ended at 2019 Worlds where having no coach that they used the entire year, was fired because of internal turmoil. Players were prone to drama and all the shitstorm that went down within the org while competing at Worlds forcing players to give dishonest interviews in order to hide the orgs corruption. I can only imagine what this had done to those players at their first Worlds, having to go through that.

In 2020 after Chovy, cvMax and Lehends left, the team was never the same, having no proper coaching staff, sub par toplaners and support plus a huge downgrade in mid. The team got relegated and the players went their separate ways.

Their players today are likely to never win anything notable again or even compete at Worlds:


Tarzan: Most talented and praised jungler within Korea and was considered the best jungler in the World by many, going into 2019 Worlds.

Now stuck in LNG ( one of the worst teams in LPL ) with pretty much 0% chance to make it Worlds with that roster. Signed away for 3 years, likely the end of his career at this point.

Chovy: Considered the more superior version of Showmaker for 2+ years, arguably the most mechanically gifted and skilled Korean midlaner at this point.

Stuck on a team with no real jungler or support and unproven toplaner who hasn't shown much in LPL. Pretty much a 3rd best team if everything goes right, this roster pales in comparison with DWG and T1. Deft and Chovy vs the World.


Stuck on a team with no real midlaner or jungler and a past his prime Korean ADC who is unlikely to do much at this point. AF looked like one of the worst teams in Kespa cup despite having some very big profile players, not much hope here.


After suffering for the entirety of 2020 on terrible, mismanaged Griffin and HLE full of rookies and unproven players, departed for the LPL in hopes of doing something there.

Even though EDG has a pretty decent roster all things considering, it's still a very uphill battle vs starlike rosters like TES, JDG, FPX and even the new and reformed powerhouse WE. Also unlikely to make it to Worlds given the number of good teams.


Faded into irrelevancy

Not even Rox Tigers or Samsung White splitting up caused this much pain to their fans due to the circumstances. A truly gloomy ending to that once upon a time, a fairy tale story.

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