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Hashinshin has not streamed league for 5 days, 2 of those days claiming he was involuntariy committed due to “attempted suicide.”

LeagueofLegends12 - Hashinshin has not streamed league for 5 days, 2 of those days claiming he was involuntariy committed due to "attempted suicide."

Recently, Hashinshin has been accused of grooming minors (women from 15-17). He released a twitlonger (now deleted) that stated he took 500g of melatonin and something else that I don't remember (since that was deleted) to try to suicide.

He followed that up afterwards that he was getting checked in https://twitter.com/Hashinshin/status/1284305487471747072 . Afterwards, he says that he was involuntarily checked in https://twitter.com/Hashinshin/status/1284587788210446338 . He also makes another tweet after stating he was involuntarily checked in 50 minutes later https://twitter.com/Hashinshin/status/1284596662854397953 .

48 hours later he gets out and claims that he was discharged from an urgent care facility. https://twitter.com/Hashinshin/status/1285373740000444417

He deletes his original apology, and then posts this google doc (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EfxoYc281ubnxqqPNPoWg-XamPm6PIHkRdhtHz_jgFM/preview?pru=AAABc5f8ynE*7iTIo11Qxwi6gl8EDpdcXw) admitting to at least two recent allegations to be real, but that it wasn't grooming.

I want everyone to understand this is not a “pity party” but this is primarily for the benefit of myself. The anxiety and stress from these attacks has seriously put me in a dangerous place. With that said I will admit and take responsibility for the two most recent accusations. Both happened. Both are real. Okay? I want everyone to understand that those both happened and are real. Can we all please look at what I just said because I’ve said it before and people for some reason deny I’ve done it.

I’m fuckin sorry alright? How many times do I have to say I’m sorry? I keep saying it and everyone keeps saying I haven’t said it. Jesus christ I’m fucking sorry it’s there. All I am doing, all I am trying to say is this: It wasn’t grooming. At no point did I try to advance the relationship, at no point did I express interest in nudes, at no point did I try to meet up, isolate them, or any of the hallmark definitions of grooming. It wasn’t. What it WAS was an extremely damaging, gross, and creepy set of messages sent by me. I can tell you that I was not thinking in a healthy manner, and thought that this was just some cringy funny inside joke between us. It was not. It was an extremely creepy thing to be doing, and it was extremely wrong. I understand that.

What I want everyone else to understand is this: What you guys have revealed is I haven’t done shit in two years. I realized my behavior was wrong, it was creepy and it was wrong. I admit that, okay? I don’t know how many times I have to admit that and keep admitting it because people want to keep acting like I’m not. At either rate, I haven’t done stuff in two years. I realized that my behavior was wrong when in January of 2019 I got back on my ADHD medication, fixed the carbon monoxide leak, and started to think about … well my life. I was living in an extremely unhealthy self damaging way.

A big problem with this, is that there was a video shown by Dye (before Hashinshin posted this google document), about logs that he's had with multiple underaged women https://twitter.com/_ImDye/status/1283586919360847874. One of them, Sarah, was as recent as June of this year. One month ago, not two years ago. (Hashinshin came out with this now deleted tweet apologizing/admitting to Dye's accusations https://imgur.com/a/Aot3NsR )

After that video that Dye released, multiple other women came out exposing the grooming that they recieved by Hashinshin when they were 15-16 years old, and he was 25-30.

https://twitter.com/idcvicki/status/1284158248459874308 a woman who he continually messaged about being a big brother and was creepy/flirty with.

https://twitter.com/v1ch1t4/status/1283629057574404096 a woman who Hashinshin was flirting with when she was 16.


https://twitter.com/Kitten_x3/status/1284241790841663489 One of many messages that Hashinshin would send her.

https://twitter.com/Caltyss/status/1284158240796954624 This is the biggest of them with extremely strong evidence that Hashinshin was grooming her when she was 15. It's a huge google doc with videos, discord messages, twitter DMs, various screens of her mentioning that she was 15 (and he was 28).

Dom, Yassuo, SRO, Voyboy, and aother popular streamers have tweeted their own views on the matter:


this is fucking sick, proof of screenshots on multiple platforms provided in the statement


twitch you literally have evidence of him using your platform to message and groom minors, DO SOMETHING


So hashinshin was exposed for being a pedophile, claimed it was all fake, harassed the victims, declared innocence, irrefutable proof came out, he put out a half assed apology, since then hes deleted the apology and kept his tweet claiming his innocence pinned. What am i missing?


Oh yeah he also harassed the actual victims, had his fans harass them, threaten legal action because ‘all the proof was fake’ when it was not, super top btw! This man does not deserve a platform nor does he deserve to ever stream again


It blows my mind that Hashinshin is just streaming like nothing happened. The mental gymnastics some of his fans are doing in response to people calling him out leaves me completely disgusted. This man GROOMED UNDERAGE GIRLS on your platform Twitch and there is no response.


Hashinshin is a manipulator, predator and worst of all pedophile who used his platform to abuse so many underage girls over the years. There's multiple sources of undeniable proof and he admitted it himself. He is SCUM and deserves NOTHING. Keep these monsters away from our kids.

Edit: Voyboy has uploaded a video in addition to his previous tweet.

https://twitter.com/Voyboy/status/1285759161230221312 6:52 minutes long

https://twitter.com/Voyboy/status/1285759265055993856 follow up tweet under the video, quote tweeting Caltyss

"I was groomed by Hashinshin when I was 15 years old": https://twitter.com/Caltyss/status/1284158240796954624

Hashinshin's Deleted "Apology" / Admitting Guilt: https://imgur.com/a/LZTi4t7

Hashinshin's Updated "Apology" / Admitting Guilt: https://imgur.com/a/GS50c2I

Since he was involuntarily commited, he hasn't streamed league at all. However, yesterday and the day before, he started streaming Ori and the blind forest, and Civ 5 (I think that's what the game's called). He did come out today with youtube league content, no live twitch league content.

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