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Have you realized how the most recently released ADCs are less focused on auto attacking and more on casting spells?

LeagueofLegends1 - Have you realized how the most recently released ADCs are less focused on auto attacking and more on casting spells?

This is not to say that old school ADCs aren't reliant on casting spells, but they are less so than the modern ADCs.

For example, while Vayne must use her Q and her ult somewhat often, and E when an enemy comes close, she is still almost entirely auto attack reliant. She doesn't need any CDR at all and casting her Q slows down her DPS, so it is only used to reposition.

Another example is Tristana. While she is reliant on casting her spells, as her W is her mobility tool, Q augments her attack speed, and E is how she bursts down people, Tristana is still mostly auto attack reliant. She auto attacks when she wants to do general damage to the enemy team, and uses E when she needs to burst down a select target, or when it is a tank she needs to kill. She doesn't build CDR because she has a ton of resets in her kit, which allows her to focus entirely on building attack speed, crit, and AD, to maximize her DPS.

There are some other examples. Jinx will mostly cast Q to change her guns. Her other spells are used only for self peeling or to finish off targets. Kog'Maw is similar, as his W is the only spell he will cast the majority of time (to maximize his DPS), and otherwise his other spells are used mostly for self peeling or to finish off targets. Twitch will use his Q to reposition and otherwise will be mostly autoattacking, with his other spells being used only to finish off targets, or during teamfights. And so on. In all those cases, 95% of their damage comes from auto attacking.


The more modern ADCs, however, have a lot more focus on casting spells and less so on actually auto attacking. A notable number of them even have kits/base stats that make them attack slower than other ADCs, something which is generally compensated elsewhere. For example, Jhin cannot gain attack speed from items, but in turn, that attack speed is converted into AD, and is also converted to movement speed when he crits. Senna can gain attack speed from items, but she attacks very slowy due to her base attack speed. Because of this, it isn't very good to stack attack speed on her. That said, she is compensated by gaining free AD and free crit with her passive, and free lifesteal once she has 100% crit chance. She also has far more utility than other ADCs.

Both of them also have heavy focus on casting spells. Other non mentioned ADCs such as Xayah, Aphelios, and Samira also have to focus on casting spells, as their spells either make up a significant portion of their damage, or they need to cast their spells to use alongside their autos to do damage. Samira, in particular, goes to the point that many players don't build an attack speed item until her fourth item, as attack speed doesn't improve her ult damage, which is what she is reliant at to do damage. She also needs cooldown reduction to cast her basic spells and gain stacks to cast her ult.

The closest thing we have to an old school ADC among the modern ADCs is Kai'Sa. While she is fairly reliant on casting spells, the majority of her damage comes from her autos, and her build doesn't necessarily requires CDR to be effective, although it helps a lot. On-hit builds, the sort of build that Kai'sa uses most of time, also encourages auto attacking more than casting spells.

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