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Healing is not the problem, it’s a symptom of power creep

LeagueofLegends8 - Healing is not the problem, it's a symptom of power creep

TL;DR: Power creep and pushing this "fast-paced is best" ideology.

Nothing in this post is news, but purely to address the constant demand for healing nerfs. Also to preface, I also agree that there is too much healing in the game and absolutely want it reduced.

Riot's constant need to buff healing to keep bruisers relevant is purely because there is just too much damage in the game now days. Back in season 4 or so, bruisers weren't amazing, but they at least got to fulfill their role fairly well without the need for half a dozen sources of healing before items were even considered. But damage, particularly from mid lane assassins, just kept climbing and so to make champs feel more competitive, they overcompensated. The game feels more based on champion picks and meta than ever before (my opinion), with even less build diversity in the new season than before.

To seriously address the core balancing issues this community complains about, Riot could consider moving away from the concept that games should finish ASAP. I don't remember the reasoning behind trying to shorten games, but I think it went along the lines of people prefer these faster paced games. While yes, it's nice to shred a team to pieces quickly, it creates an extremely massive divide between the winning team and the losing team in terms of enjoyment. I don't know about anyone else, but for the past couples seasons at least, games feel extremely one sided. Either my team destroys them, or their team destroys us. Maybe one in twenty games feels like a hard fought even match up, even in ranked (I should note I play around high gold/low plat ELO, can't speak for higher ELO games). This just makes one team extremely frustrated and in a lot of cases, toxic.


Nothing about that is good. I would much prefer my games to be hard fought losses, than non-stop easy wins or crushing defeats. Perhaps I am the minority, which is why I would like to hear opinions. Even though it has always had a reputation as being one of the most toxic communities on the internet, I always thought that the League of old where teams could come back from a deficit if they played together resulted in much less toxicity than now days. While that does still happen, it seems to happen much less frequently. From my limited experience with watching high ELO games, it seems like teams are happy to give up when they lose the early game just because of how difficult it is to come back from. I don't think that's a healthy game mentality to be promoting, but that's what Riot have doubled down on it seems.

To summarise, I think the power creep to achieve Riot's vision of snow-balling fast-paced games has done far more harm than good. Perhaps how I feel is not how everyone else feels, and if so lets try be constructive with the criticism. Cheers if you got through it all.

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