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Here’s even more information regarding Mundo’s Rework

LeagueofLegends5 - Here's even more information regarding Mundo's Rework

Kindlejack just came to the Mundo Discord today to have a small QnA in the Rework discussion, which I also participated in. He's pretty dang excited for the splash art drop.

There isn't too much new information, but I want to keep some things a little up to date regarding information of Mundo's rework.

So here it goes:

  • Kindlejack says that Rageborn feels more like a solid 1350 skin, meaning it's more akin to an Epic Skin (Although he doesn't have a unique run animation anymore), and is generally updated with the Riftquest theme in mind, since when Rageborn was released (2012), the Riftquest skinline wasn't much of a thing back then. The most distinct connection of it so far is how his pocket now has a Kindlegem (I think), Refillable Potion, and Pickaxe, which is something most Riftquest skins have with League items being a part of the skins design (With the exception of possibly the new Riftquest skins and a few others).
  • El Macho Mundo still keeps the American Wrestler look in it's design, when I asked if the skin will still keep that design considering that it's themed generally around Luchador's. He only responded with, "Hell yeah brrrrrrrrrotheeeeeerrrrrr!"
  • Frozen Prince's VFX's and possibly SFX's are going to be improved to have more oomph to them, since the team heard that it's VFX is generally lame
  • The TPA Cup Bonks might be going to be re-recorded
  • Like he said before, Kindlejacks favorite skin visually is Mundo Mundo, as it was something he wanted to do for years It's implied by some to be a cosplay of Old Mundo
  • Corporate Mundo is going to be visually designed around the 80's
  • When someone asked what Corporate Mundo is going to be like compared to the other Legendaries/Ultimate skins that were reworked, to which Kindlejack responded as:


" We are trying something where the base team finish base then take on the legendary right after that. I think it's produced good results. Whether it's truly legendary I think is up to each of you to decide for yourself. "

Kindlejack also made a post where he simply describes that vibes he had for each of the splash arts of Mundo's skins, which are:


They don't tell exactly much but it's something.

Aaaaand that's it for now.

Kind of sucks that we have to possibly wait til the last week of April to have any more news of the Mundo Rework, but I guess we can handle it.

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