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Heroes of the storm Refugee. This has been my Positive 2 month experience

LeagueofLegends9 - Heroes of the storm Refugee. This has been my Positive 2 month experience

Hello people of reddit. Been a lurker for some time and just wanted to share my experience as a HotS Refugee.

Some background to give context. I player heroes of the storm as basically my only game for over 2 years. I went from Bronze to Diamond in that game and could have climbed to masters if I hadn’t quit after Activision killed the pro scene.

I played league when Nami was released, probably like 10 games but I don’t remember most of it. I decided to play League on February. My friends helped me along and as I got lvl 30 I went to ranked.

Here is my experience so far:

  • Toxicity (everyone’s favorite topic):

This is known to be a meme on the gaming community that League players are super toxic. But I was really impress in two ways. First not every game is toxic, most games are people calling each other’s mistakes but that’s about it. Which also happened in heroes, most people don’t understand why they are losing so they blame others. Also the fact that the chatbox is not in the middle of your screen by default really helps ignore some of the comments.

Now I was surprised by other kind of toxicity. In 3 games now people have actively stopped playing just because they are not the ones carrying. I am not talking about losing or getting camped by the jungler. I am talking 3 midlaners (I’m sure is just coincidence) who were even in lane while the other lanes where stomping and didn’t want to play anymore. They didn’t even quit the game, they just stood there at base typing. I have never seen this attitude before, I can understand the “1v9” attitude of ranked, but this people really took it too far. In heroes (maybe because of the nature of the game) people might flame but never stopped playing like that, at least not in my 4k + games.

  • Knowing how to win:
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This is a problem in heroes but mostly only on Quick Match. Even thn because of Objectives most people in heroes know their way around the map. Like there is an announcer and timer for the next objective and in some maps that is the only way to win. Now in League there is no clear way to win other than “Kill the enemy players”. You really have to consume content, like pro play and youtube, some streamers as well to learn how to win games. With my background of heroes where you are used to having different win conditions in different maps I literally studied concepts that are not taught in game, like priority, vision control or what side of the map to be at any time. Definitely a harder game to get into if you are looking to learn from scratch like I did.

  • Team Compositions:

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that team composition don’t matter that much, and most champions don’t counter teammates. In hots a good portion of games is just won at draft based on your team’s draft, also due to the nature of talents instead of items the adaptability once you are in game is a lot less.


Of course there is so much more content out there, from streamers, to websites that track your stats, to streamers. Is also interesting to see how ranks are more “respected”, like silver players admire gold players and gold admire plat. In heroes if you weren’t Master or Grand Master you were basically trash even to people in bronze. I have also watched a lot my fellow Hots refugees streamers like BamBam and Turk

  • My climb:

With the help of youtube and adapting my Heroes Principles to League I have been able to climb from Bronze 2 to (Currently) Gold 1 as a brand new player to the game. I have gotten stuck a couple of times but trough self-inspection I have fixed some of the issues that were holding me back. I am a Nunu OTP that can sometimes play Kayn playing on the LAN server. If (and when) I hit plat 3 I will be officially on a higher rank than any of my friends have ever been in, most of them played 2 seasons ago and just came back (all but one currently under my rank).

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TL;DR: I come from hots, I have really enjoyed league as a very different and harder to get into game. Toxicity is definitely a problem that I have never experienced at this level anywhere else. I Love the fact that there is so much League related content out there to be consumed. I climbed from Bronze 2 to Gold 1 using a lot of snowballs.

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