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Hexakill as a Permanent Game Mode [Concept]

LeagueofLegends5 - Hexakill as a Permanent Game Mode [Concept]

Hey everyone, I'm DebonairJayce. This is a concept I had for a return of Hexakill as a game mode, with bounty missions. That's basically the TL;DR right there. I know Twisted Treeline is retired, but so was Nexus Blitz after the second iteration under-performed. When the client updated a couple years ago, Hexakill and many other rotating/special game modes were left in the dust due to technological issues and I think the Hexakill idea shouldn't just fall to the wayside.

While I do enjoy them, in-game missions are usually pretty basic and quick to complete. Besides Ranked SR games if that counts, there isn't really anything in League of Legends that scratches that urge for "something to work toward longer-term". Champion mastery is OK but as a system it needs reworking and personally most of the champions I play a lot are already Level 5 or higher by now. Plus besides the mastery emote there's really no fun champion-specific rewards for mastering one like a skin or something. I am an ARAM player and TFT is fine but it's not a regular game mode obviously.

Below is a mock-up I made for this concept of an All-In-One Hexakill tab. Though it's not perfect, it's close to what I picture in my head and I had fun making this. There's 3 main areas. Bounties, which are much like missions but specifically tied to games of Hexakill. A Roster, which is your personal champion pool when playing games of Hexakill. And Materials, which are rewards used to buy some Hexakill-themed unlockables. At the top is an XP Bar with your Slayer rank and level.



These are missions that always reward XP and then one unique material in X amount. More mission slots unlock as you advance in 'Slayer' levels as shown in the bottom-right corner. The bounty missions also have levels attached to them, and as you level them up they take longer to complete with heftier requirements than before. For example, the Hexakill! mission starts with requiring 1 Hexakill level one. At level two it requires 3 Hexakills. Then at level three it requires 5….and so on. It gets tougher.

The sort of missions listed here include: Achieving Hexakills and Pentakills, Slaying or multi-killing enemy champions, slaying champions as a specific champion class like Assassin or Mage, slaying champions from a specific faction like Bilgewater, slaying a specific champion from an enemy team like an Ahri, slaying enemies with long range skillshots such as Kai'Sa or Jhin W, healing allies and winning games with a roster of champions from the same faction.


Some other missions you might see that I couldn't fit here: Winning X amount of games, Destroying X amount of Structures, Killing champions while having a specific Item built like Duskblade or a specific Rune equipped. One idea I had that I liked is "Sacrificial Altar" which involves slaying enemies who are attempting to claim the altars on Twisted Treeline or who are physically on top of the altars. And I'm sure there's an ample number of cool mission ideas you could think up.


You must have 6 champions unlocked to play Hexakill as you must have a roster of at least 6 champions when going into a game. This roster can be changed at any time in the client. Every player will enter champion select as one of the 6 champions they picked on their roster, assigned randomly. So if 6 players on the same team somehow all had the same exact roster of champions, they would each play as a different one. I like this concept because it's a nice in-between of SR and ARAM. Essentially you do get the choice to pick your own champions, but there's a slight random element too to spice things up. This also means there would be mirror match-ups. No Bans.


By completing Bounties you are rewarded with Hexakill-specific XP as well as materials that are used to buy unlockables. Purple Essence is the material worth the least out of the 5. Followed by Silver Serpents, Vastayan Feathers, Draconic Fangs and then Immortal Gemstones being worth most (these were just brainstormed items for the sake of this example). I imagine that goodies in the Hexakill Rewards Shop can be unlocked with these in different amounts and some can only be bought with a certain kind of material. Rewards may include things like recalls, death sfx, icons, just anything you'd normally find in League rewards and hopefully some more meaningful ones for long-term players who stick with it. Regular Loot like Blue Essence, Hextech Keys and Chests are also rewards from completing Bounties sometimes.

Lastly, above the bounties is an XP Bar. Every few rank levels you will earn a new title that is seen on the loading screen. The intervals between new titles increase as your level increases.

To conclude, I would hope with missions and the fun of 6v6 matches Twisted Treeline could see more play. I would be a little concerned this might take away from the ARAM player base is all. Establishing a third "normal" game mode is proving to be elusive though and Nexus Blitz is floundering. Some people just wanna make sick plays and rack up kills and that's what Hexakill is all about yo.

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    Aug 27, 2020 5:03 am

    only extremely r.e.t.a.r.d.s play that hexakill mode. all mode sucks. except URF
    URF is the best

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