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Hextech class in TFT?

LeagueofLegends12 - Hextech class in TFT?

So after playing TFT….alot. Ive been thinking about what classes we could add into TFT and what Ive come up with is a Hextech class. This class would contain characters like Camille, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Jayce, Ziggs, Viktor, Ezreal, Orianna, and Vi. Now, Ive spent some time thinking about what could be a good boon for Hextech. Here is my idea.

Hextech champions gain evolutions for each 2 of them.

2 Hextech Enhanced attack speed

-Attack speed increased by 15

4 Hextech Enhanced mana

-All Hextech start with 20 extra mana

6 Hextech Enhanced autos

-Autos now do 50% of their damage as magic damage

Now this will need balancing but you generally get the idea. As for the champions, here are my ideas.

Camille – Tier 4




Ability – Hextech Ultimatum 150 mana

Camille jumps to the furthest target and isolates them for 3 seconds knocking all enemies 2 hexs away. She deals bonus damage to the enemy trapped in the ultimatum.


Ability – Precision Protocol 50 mana

Camille resets her auto chain twice dealing bonus damage on the first auto and true damage om the second one.


Ability – Tactical Sweep 75 mana

Camille sweeps her bladed leg while moving back a hex dealing bonus damage to enemies and healing herself.

Caitlyn – Tier 2



Ability – Ace in the Hole 100 mana

Caitlyn charges up a perfect shot that deals heavy damage to one target.


Ability – Yordle Snap Trap 50 mana

Caitlyn places a snap trap that briefly stuns enemies. Caitlyn's next auto does bonus damage to the target. This extra damage also procs on allied cc.

Heimerdinger – Tier 3




Ability – Hextech Rocket Swarm 125 mana

Heimerdinger fires 4 waves of rockets dealing target about of aoe damage. Damage is reduced to target behind the initial target.

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Ability – H-28Q Apex Turret 120 mana

Heimerdinger puts down an upgraded turret that deals aoe damage that passes through multiple targets.

Ezreal – Tier 2



Ability – Trueshot Barrage 100 mana

Ezreal charges up and fires a blast that passes through enemies.


Ability – Mystic Shot 50 mana

Ezreal fires a magic bolt that does damage to one enemy


Ability – Arcane Shift 75 mana

Ezreal teleports a short distance and then deals magic damage to the target closest to him.

Vi – Tier 2



Ability – Denting Blows No mana

Vi's attacks break enemy armor after 3 hits. Enemies eith broken armor take bonus damage from Vi's autos


Ability – Excessive Force 75 mana

Vi's next attack blows through her target damaging enemies behind them dealing bonus damage to her intial target.


Ability – Assault and Battery 150 mana

Vi dashes to the futherest enemy knocking them up and stunning them. Enemies in her way are knocked aside.

Orianna – Tier 5


Elementalist(Winter Wonder skin)

Ability – Command: Shockwave 75 mana

Orianna commands her ball to attack twice. First attack: sends the ball towards largest group of enemies deakign damage to all it hits on its way there. Second attack: Orianna commands the ball the shock wave stunning all enemies within range snd dealing heavy damage.

Along with this, I feel it would nice to add and extra item to the game. This would be a stand alone item called the Hextech core that would allow a champion to become Hextech. However, this is not necessary to add

Thanks for reading!

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