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Hide & Seek new rules for Summoner’s Rift!

LeagueofLegends12 - Hide & Seek new rules for Summoner's Rift!


If you have been playing LoL for some time you'll remember the old Crystal Scar map and how it was used to play hide and seek in it, unluckily the map is now long gone.

I'm one of those who liked playing some chill Hide & Seek games from time to time and I was really upset when the map was removed, so I tried creating new rules to fit the gamemode in Summoner's Rift, I have already tried playing with the new rules and they work pretty well.

I also created a Discord server dedicated only to hide & seek and other custom game modes (like Dodgeball, Protect the Bot, Donger Dash, and some others) that you can use to look for other people to play with

|The RULES:|
The game is played by 5 Hiders and 2 Seekers, Hiders have 5 lives and will hide in the map and try to escape Seekers, Hiders can't attack Seekers, but they may use their CC abilities (slow, stun, etc.) on them, Seekers have to find and kill all the Hiders 5 times each in 40 minutes to win

Hiders and Seekers will go to lane and farm minions without attacking each other and without hitting turrets until 6:00;

At 6:00 everyone will back to base and buy items, Hiders will go hide while Seekers wait until 8:00 in their base;

At 8:00 the game begins and Seekers will explore the map to find the Hiders and kill them;

The objective of the game for Seekers is to kill each Hider 5 times before 40:00;

The objective of the game for Hiders is not to die and lose their 5 lives before 40:00.


•After the game begins at 8:00 you can't recall or back to base
•You can return to base and buy items only when you die
•You can't go in your base and under your turrets to hide or escape (P.S. Going between ally mid turrets is considered under turret)
•You can't attack the Seekers, only CC abilities (slow, stun, etc.) can be used on them to escape, items that give CC (like Rylai's Crystal Scepter) don't count
•You can't stop a Seeker while he is recalling
•After dying and respawning you gain an immunity for 20 seconds and you can't be attacked
•After losing all your lives you must stay in your base (you can also leave the game), anyway you can defend turrets by killing minions if they get in your base
•Deaths before 8:00 don't count as lives lost
•If a Hider breaks a rule, a life can be subtracted from him

•You can recall and buy items whenever you want (Hiders can't stop your recall)
•Hiders can kill you with their CC abilities if you keep chasing after getting low health
•When a Hider respawns after dying, he is immune for 20 seconds and can't be attacked
•If you Ace the Hiders team, all Seekers must recall and wait 20 seconds after everyone respawned before seeking again

Evelynn, Kassadin, Kha'Zix, LeBlanc, Pyke, Quinn, Rengar, Shaco, Talon, Teemo, Twitch, Warwick

Remember these are my rules and if you don't like something about them, you can always change them if you are playing with friends

You can read full rules on LoL boards here
and join the Discord server of Custom gamemodes: https://discord.gg/dXVxJG2

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