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“High elo” is the most gatekeepy, circlejerky bs concept ever.

LeagueofLegends1 - "High elo" is the most gatekeepy, circlejerky bs concept ever.

As someone who hit diamond 2 recently, which is more or less high elo (with the exception of some idiots saying pLaT 1- lOw mAstErs iS miD eLo) I really need to talk about the amount of gatekeeping and circlejerking over this concept.

First let's talk about gatekeeping "high elo"

  1. The bar for high elo changes based on what your rank is. If you're plat, high elo starts at diamond. If you're "low diamond", high elo starts at mid/high diamond. If you're "mid diamond", high elo starts at d2. If you're d2, high elo starts at d1. If you're d1, high elo starts at low masters. If you're low masters, high elo starts at an arbitrary lp threshold.

  2. In d4/d3 games, you CONSTANTLY have people reminding you of how they can't stand "this elo" and how they can't wait to get back to d2 or d1 and get away from "low elo".

  3. And then you have the smurfs. The extremely toxic ones who think they're hot shit with their bought account and say things like, if you suggest them to do something like group, "are YOU telling ME how to play???" and "do you know who you're talking to?" and "me and my duo are multi-season masters stfu low elo"

Yeah, these "im a multi-season masters stfu low elo, are YOU telling ME how to play???" people actually exist. If you want examples. FYI if you see the accounts are inactive, they probably got banned due to toxicity because they say shit like that every game.

userName=adc+enjoyer - "High elo" is the most gatekeepy, circlejerky bs concept ever.



Now let's talk about the REALITY of "high elo"

  1. People kept making it sound like d1-masters-gm players are SO much better than the average mere mortal d4 player. How d1 players are some gods while d4 players are garbage peasants. That's simply not true. For d2 promos I've played against numerous gms and d1s and there are many, many, many of them that aren't actually great players, but got carried there by specializing in overpowered champions at the moment, or champions that require zero macro but are good at assassinating people and thrive in a solo queue environment. They are no better than the average d4 player. They just got luckier with their champion specialization. Want a spoiler list of what champions can artificially increase your rank? Riven, nasus, jax, sona/soraka, hecarim, and the ubiquitous braindead assassin junglers in NA solo queue (kha zix, rengar, master yi). There are more, but these are the more egregious ones. This "conqueror" rune means you don't actually have to be good to win at this game, you just need to be able to all-in people effectively.

  2. There are a metric shit ton of "smurfs" and "used to be d1/d2/pro/whatever" players that have massively overblown egos as they play in the "lowly" ranks of d4/d3. These people tend to blame their teammates for being so low elo and have a superiority complex when in fact they themselves suck dick. The smurfs in particular think they are hot shit– just because you play rengar and can stat check enough people to rise in rank does not mean that you're better at this game than a d4.


All I want to say is that this gatekeeping and circle jerking over "high elo" is literally counting each millimeter in a dick measuring contest.

Plenty of GM players are not much better than their d4/d3 counterparts. All diamond players are generally good and should be considered high elo. D1/D2 is not worlds better than D3/D4 like I keep on hearing. Many times the real difference between a d3 and a gm is which champion they chose to abuse.

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