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How it feels to play when the season is almost over, a very real tale.

LeagueofLegends8 - How it feels to play when the season is almost over, a very real tale.

I am Gold 1, I can almost smell the Plat. The season is gonna end soon, the countdown is less than a month. I have to rush this final push.

I don't have a duo. It's all on me, a main support. Play, Ranked Solo/Duo, Select role… I stare at them. I have flashbacks. Jungler in top side while drake is up even tho we have prio. My adc going frontlane. Mid playing Aurelion getting outroamed by a Zoe. Top 10 cs ahead but toplane is irrelevant. And me, a Thresh, looking right into the abyss of demotion, seeing how I am 0 LPs and probably will get demoted and have to play that fucking promos again where the jungler picks Twitchs and dies at the second buff.

Anxiety kicks in. I select Jungle instead of Support. I have been preparing myself for this. I played Ivern, I played Sylas, I played Sett, I played Jax and most importantly I played Hecarim, my magnus opus, whatever that is. I am prepared for every draft, for hypercarrys, for ad mid, for early advantage and disengage, but most importantly, for the opportunity of carrying myself and my team.


Queue up. Accept. I am no longer a unimpactful role. I am a carry, I have the edge, I can control the fate of the game, I have the galaxybrain, I will do the best pathings and all the objetives anddd they banned Hecarim. It doesnt matter. I am prepared and my champion pool is pretty okay, what is not okay is that my toplaner has picked amumu. Well, It is not so bad, right? Maybe Its one of those cheese picks right. I am sure It will be fine. Mid Lux, Jhin ad and Janna supp. The draft is a little freestyle as my ad has picked Jhin against Cho' and Evelyn. I pick Jax. My early is a little slow but ganks are easy as we have a good set up with the team cc and we have a lategame insurance. Level one goes by without any casuality, pretty rare. Full clear, going to gank top, my ad dies and gives first blood. No biggie, lets get this Cho. First gank, first kill. Nice. Lux kills Yasuo, finally! The Yasuo in the enemy team is the 1/10 one. Thank god. Evelyn has not yet made a move. I go for a gank on bot. However, my bot decides to fight before the gank and dies. Well, I saw Eve top so might as well try a drake and not be completly useless. Get first drake, get first herald, go 3-0. Oh boi this is a jungle di- get insta deleted by Eve. Well this is bad, but expected as I decided to rush BoRK which makes me a little squishy. Jhin starts to flame me for not ganking bot. Bruh either you are pushing or dead. How am I supossed to gank bot. Jhin and Janna start to getting killed by enemy bot and Eve as they refuse to put a fucking red dildo that cost 75 gold in a bush. This is no good. Yasuo is hard inting but Evelyn is the nuclear treat they need to grab us from the balls as Amumu is useless and Lux is easily deleted. Jhin laughs at me. ''Haha from 3-0 to 3-1 how bad can you be'' you are 0/5 bro wtf are you ranting about ''thanks for the ganks in bot xd'' well I cant blame him as he plays adc and probably at this point of the season has mental problems due to the horror of being solo killed by almost every character of the game. Evelyn gets his team ahead. My anxiety becomes as big as the times my team has typed jungle diff in the chat even tho I am 7/3 and they are the one that refuse to prepare the vision and the lane prio for any drake. For the love of god listen to my pings, push the lane when there is a objective, dont back when drake is up in 10 seconds, dont you dare to fight in their jungler without vision of the enemy team please God please. They finish the game. We are defeated. Amumu was irrelevant. Lux was probably banned from the game as a consecuence of how hard evelyn has deleted her. Bot ended up 4/22 in total.

I look at the screen. Not yet demoted from G1 but my mental health has clearly dropped a lot of divisions. I am no longer a sane person. This game has clearly made me feel bad. This game almost makes me cry of impotence. I dont want to play again.

Play again.

TLDR: I play league.

Disclamer: English is not my first language so please have mercy.

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