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How many tears has Amumu cried? Let’s find out.

LeagueofLegends10 - How many tears has Amumu cried? Let's find out.

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A friend of mine in a discord posted a screencap of Riot losing track of the amount of tears Amumu has cried around 2010. Got me thinking, what would be the roughest estimate of how many tears he has cried. So here's what I came up with in how to find out, and yes, teacher from 6th grade math, I have shown my work: ((Again, this is the ROUGHEST estimates)) First, figuring out how many games of League there have been played around the years.

Using NBC's "League players log over 1billion hours of League a month" article from 2012 and multiplying by how many years 1 billion hours is, gives you ~114,115 years.

Taking that and multiplying it by 12 months per year gives you 1,369,380 years of League per year, which then over the course of 10 years is 13,693,800 years of league played in 10 years.

There are 525,600 minutes per year on average, which gives you 7.19746133e+12 minutes of league logged by players.

Divide that by the average game time of 35 minutes and you have 205,641,750,857 games of LoL played over 10 years. (Which is around 20,564,175,086 per year rounded up)

Since I was not able to locate the popularity % of Amumu over the course of League's history, the best I could do is find his popularity % using a few different websites and it seemed to peak around 7% – 1% on average, so for the sake of not wasting more time, I averaged around 4% popularity over the course of League.


Which would have Amumu around 8.2 billion games over 10 years, or 822,567,004 games per year (again, all the roughest estimates.)

Viewing a clip of Amumu's Visual update spotlight at .25 second speed, comparing the new vs old visual effects, I could be overestimating here, but it looks like Amumu roughly cries around 30 tears per second.

Now I have no clue how often Amumu would keep his tears activated per game, so around 20 seconds per minute is what I had came up with, since thats the largest variable in this case. Using 20 seconds as X, multiplied by 30 tears a second, you get, 600 tears per minute of tears being activated.

600 tears x 35 minutes for the average game = 21,000 tears per game.

Multiplying the amount of Amumu games per year, averaged at 822,567,004 by the amount of tears cried, you get around 1.7273907e+13 tears per year.

Multiply that by 10 years, and you have 7.1974613e+12. Once again, these are the roughest estimates I came up with based on limited amounts of Data I was able to find.

Math whizzes, feel free to correct any of my work and data.

EDIT: TL;DR – 7.1974613e+12 tears over 10 years.

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