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How Much BE Do All Champions Cost?

LeagueofLegends4 - How Much BE Do All Champions Cost?

Re-posting because I think this is really important and didn't get any traction last time. Fixed some numbers and made things prettier. We got Yuumi and Zac got reduced, so adding only 4800BE from last time.Edit: For you TL;DR: 564,600BE

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I've been spending some time on my smurf account, and, not wanting to spend any money on said account, wondered the cost of obtaining all champions in the game without spending a dime. So here's the basic math:Patch 9.11

32 Champions at 6300BE

52 Champions at 4800BE

25 Champions at 3150BE

21 Champions at 1350BE

14 Champions at 450BE

Adding all that up, you get a staggering 564,600BE needed to obtain all champions in the game. A third of that being champions priced at 6300BE at 201,600BE. Here's a small breakdown

All 6300BE Champions cost 201,600BE

All 4800BE Champions cost 249,600BE

All 3150BE Champions cost 78,750BE

All 1350BE Champions cost 28,350BEAll 450BE Champions cost 6300BE (Funny how that adds up)

So, how good or bad is this? Well, to put that in perspective, since the introduction of leveling, BE can only be obtained now my disenchanting champion shards. Going onto the
Hextech Crafting - How Much BE Do All Champions Cost?

League of Legends Wikia page, we can find that each time we level up, we get either a Champion Capsule or a Glorious Champion Capsule. We find that each Champion Capsule is worth somewhere between 810BE and 1260BE. And since there ins't enough information on how Glorious Champion Capsules work (from what I could find), we are going to assume that every level up on this account will be another capsule, averaging out to about 1035BE each level up.

To make the math a bit easier and to take out any random variables, we're going to assume we never get Hextech chests or Honor Capsules because we are a toxic player and can't get honor or keys for our many chests. We're also going to assume we have constant rewards throughout (so none of the 1-30 rewards you get) for that constant 1035BE. Don't worry, those rewards only put us farther from getting every champion.

So where does this put us?Well, to unlock all champions in League of Legends by disenchanting every single champion shard you obtain, you would need to be…LV 546


So that's a number, but what does it mean? My main account is only level 110, so I wouldn't be able to afford that. To put that in perspective, only about 80 players in the world have hit that rank or higher.

So should I just give up? Is all this grinding for champions pointless? Well, no, but it's not fun.You have two main options when you have champion shards, disenchant them for 20% of their value, or transform them into permanent shards for 60% of their cost. Assuming we miraculously obtained all 144 champions shards when our account was made, our total price would be reduced to 338,760BE. Which if we push that into our 1035BE we get per level, that's still LV 328. Remember that this does NOT INCLUDE the actual champion shards you need to to craft them to begin with. If we managed to grab all of those in our first 144 levels, that brings our level up to LV 471.

So why am I making this? Well, I find it harder and harder to introduce new friends to this game because they like a lot of characters, but can only play a few of them. And I understand sticking to once champion to learn the game, but then what? What can we do now?

Well, first win of the day is obvious, play a bot game if it gets you that bonus. Better rewards would be nice too, because the level 1-30 rewards aren't very great as you can see here). But the things that will give you the biggest boost, are the Hextech Chests you get (52 a year, about 21% of that are champion shards worth 4800+, so that'll give you a boost of about 10 of those per year), another is participating in events that'll net you more Champion Capsules and Hextech Chests. And although this post is about how to get all the champions for free, if you're willing to spend some cash for champions, wait for sales where they're 50% off.

Since I have all the champions already, I never really noticed how big of a problem this might actually be, and running through the numbers, I'm feeling like it needs to be addressed.

Let me know if there's something I can do to improve the math, or if there's something I'm missing, but I believe this all checks out.

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