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How much more content does LEC produce than LCS: A data driven study

LeagueofLegends1 - How much more content does LEC produce than LCS: A data driven study

The topic of LEC vs LCS production has been a hot one on this subreddit for the past few months, with the current agreed opinion that LEC production has been absolutely killing in their content production, while LCS has been lagging behind. While terms of "quality" are subjective and tough to measure, one thing that I saw that I found was measurable was the idea that LEC produced objectively more content. Being a Data Science student, I decided that it'd be an interesting idea to look at the stats and determine exactly how lopsided this production was in terms of numerics.

Initial Survey

I first wanted to guage community perception though. Does the community truly believe that LEC produces objectively more content than LCS?

The answer is a resounding yes. At the time of writing this post, the poll I created yesterday had gotten 129 votes, with 98 stating that they believed LEC produced more content, even with the bolded qualifier to not count quality of content, purely vote on quantity. This survey was even posted during NA hours, EU hours would likely be skewed even further in favor of LEC

Performing a hypothesis test on this we can conclude with over 99.9% certainty that prevailing opinion on this sub is that Quantity LEC > Quantity LCS.

Great, we now know something that anyone with 2 brain cells reading this sub could know, now how much more content does LEC produce?

Data Collection Methods

In order to collect the data we must first define what content is. For this study we will say that "content" is a video that can be found on the LoL eSports youtube channel. To determine the region I stated that something was LEC content if it used LEC casters or clips (i.e. Meta Reports) and something was LCS content if it used LCS casters or clips (i.e. Lane X Lane). Videos that could not be singled down (The Penta) did not count for either.

This does leave out the particularly glaring issue of some of LEC's most popular content, their vignette sketches or monlogues; such as the S04 Vedius hype, DND sketch, or Ender's PapayDreaming call out. This concious choice was made for a few reasons.

  1. The vignettes and clips in question are on stream and not saved to anywhere. Anyone who does not see it on stream cannot view it again until they watch a full VOD. For my own sanity I did not want to do this
  2. The clips are generally short, and not super numerous, so it is unlikely to impact the results of a quantity data question (all clips combined are likely less in time than one episode of EUphoria)
  3. I am not including similar vignettes and cast segments by the NA stream. This includes all of the Ovilee skits, LCS Stock Market, Game Show, etc. By doing the same for both regions the data error will most likely offset.

Videos were selected by looking at every video from this season so far. Starting with the first Pop Quiz LEC video from 2 months ago (ie anything from Spring doesn't count). All videos considered are listed later in my Excel sheet.


How much more content does LEC produce?

The surprising answer is that not only does the LCS produce more content than the LEC, LCS produces obscenely more content then the LEC.

Observe all the data on
edit?usp=sharing - How much more content does LEC produce than LCS: A data driven study

this spreadsheet. The stats speak for themselves that, while LEC content on this sub may be more popular, LCS content is more prevelent. Idk how to make tables in Reddit so I will list out the stats.

For the entire season, LCS produced 51 videos, while the LEC produced 48. On average a video by the LCS was approximately 36 minutes long, whereas a video by the LEC was approximately 11 minutes long. In total, the LCS has created approximately 31 hours of content while the LEC has produced 9 hours of content for this entire season.

Thats part of the reason why the vignettes being excluded do not matter so much, the content quantity gap is so large that it is impossible for ~1 minute long clips to make up for it, notwithstading the missing LCS videos.

Performing a hypothesis test, we can say with p=.0001 that LCS average quantity > LEC average quantity.

In terms of actual number of videos (not length) the two regions are approximately equal to which we cannot reject the null hypothesis the two are equal

How did Reddit get it so wrong?

With such a massive gap in quantity, why was Reddit so confident about their incorrect answer? Well I believe that it has to do with a few factors

  1. Video style: LCS generally has longer, podcast style videos that show off their cast team discussions (Lane x Lane, The Dive, Phreak Show, 10 Thoughts) whereas LEC weekly series are shorter clip based videos (Mic Check, EU Masters Highlights, Match of the Week).
  2. Reddit Perception: Short comedic clips get more upvotes than long 1.5 hour podcasts, which leads more people to see the short clips and think that there is some descrepancy. LEC clips on Reddit generally get higher upvotes as well which is why the community might be unaware of the Ovilee vignettes and would believe things like that to not be in the LCS stream.
  3. Quantity over Quality: Its a commonly held believe that the skits produced by LEC are a higher quality (subjective I'm just stating perception), which when asked about quality will make people automatically leap towards the conclusion the two must be in sync when they could bery much not.


LCS produces a lot more content than LEC in terms of length quantity, because the videos are of a different style. Both production teams are working really freaking hard but in different ways

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