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How to deal almost 7000 damage on the PBE with a Gangplank barrel

LeagueofLegends4 - How to deal almost 7000 damage on the PBE with a Gangplank barrel


When Viego places barrels after possessing Gangplank, he is still able to detonate them even after the possession ends (You can see this in the video). This means champions other than Gangplank, such as Viego-turned-Jhin, can now explode barrels. Excluding infinite scaling via sources like Nasus Q or Gathering Storm, I believe this is the most damage a barrel will be able to do as of the release of Viego.

The Strategy

Red Team: Gangplank, Ornn, Jarvan IV, Jhin

Blue Team: Viego, Lulu, Yuumi, Janna, Nidalee

Viego needs to possess Ornn and upgrade Janna's Everfrost to Eternal Winter for maximum Janna AP (You can see Viego-Ornn upgrage an item at 6:34 in the this Vandiril video which inspired this post


4 Infernal Drakes, Baron Buff post 45 mins, an Elixer of Rage on Jhin and an Elixer of Insight on Janna.

The actual combo starts here:

Viego possesses Gangplank, and places a barrel right when the possession is about to expire. 25 seconds remain.

Viego possesses Jarvan IV, and places a banner right when the possession is about to expire. ~ 12 seconds remain on the barrel and ~7 seconds remain on the banner.

Viego possesses Jhin. ~10 seconds remain on the barrel and ~5 seconds remain on the banner. Viego-Jhin shoots an enemy to trigger hail of blades, then uses any ability to activate Essence Reaver. Nidalee and Lulu buff Viego-Jhin. Yuumi buffs Janna, who then buffs Viego-Jhin, then Yuumi buffs Viego-Jhin.


Viego-Jhin shoots the barrel, which then explodes dealing 6727 damage.


Jhin Base AD: 138.9

Jhin's Items: Wyrmfallen Sacrifice (85 AD, 90% AS), Essence Reaver (55 AD), Muramana (85.25 AD), Infinity Edge (70), Navori Quickblades (60), Bloodthirster (55).

Bonus AD from Items: 410.25 Bonus AS from Items: 90%.

Jhin's Runes: Hail of Blades (110% AS), Eyeball Collection (18 AD), Absolute Focus (18 AD), Waterwalking (18 AD), AD Shard (9 AD), AS Shard (10% AS).

Bonus AD from Runes: 63 Bonus AS from Runes: 120%.

Buffs Affecting Jhin: Ardent Censor (30% AS), J4 Banner (30%), Nidalee W (60%), Yuumi W + Q (12 AD, 45% AS, +20% AD), Lulu W (35% AS), Janna E (235.5 AD), Elixer of Wrath (30 AD), Dragon Slayer (+16% AD).

Bonus AD from Buffs: 287.5 AD, 36% bonus AD, 200% AS.

Jhin's Passive: 310% AS, 100% Crit: +176.5% bonus. Total AD: 2930.17

Crit (2930 AD*1.8) + Essence Reaver Proc (1255.2) + Barrel Damage (250): 6727 damage.

Janna's Build for Max AP: See the trivia section of https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Ability_power. I copied the calculation and substituted Janna's mana in for Kassadin's. As mentioned earlier, Viego needs to possess Ornn to upgrade Janna's mythic item.

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