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How to KITE LIKE A PRO – Attack Move Guide

LeagueofLegends5 - How to KITE LIKE A PRO - Attack Move Guide

Hey guys, I'm a masters bot lane main (Support/ADC). Welcome to my guide on kiting like a pro.

I made a YouTube guide on kiting like a pro:

For those of you who prefer reading, here is a summary:

Kiting allows a player to reposition themselves in a fight while still auto attacking the enemy. It is crucial and probably the most important mechanic for ADC players. A lot of ADC mains either run from enemies or fight enemies. Kiting using attack move makes it so you can do both at the same time.


The piece of advice I'm going to give is using Attack Move (A+Click). When you're new to attack moving, spend at least 10 minutes in practice tool with it first. You will not be used to it at all when you start using it, and practice tool will make sure that you get a little used to it and how it works before getting in a game. Make sure that when you're new to using attack move, you use it for everything for a while. I'm referring to farming, hitting wards, jungle camps and everything.

Using it over and over against these things will help to make sure that you improve a lot faster than if you're just using it just for the few team fights that occur in a game. Sure, the first few games are gonna suck but the reward for practicing it is worth it.

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