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How to use Teleport to Help you Climb – Why Tele is better than Ignite 90% of the time.

LeagueofLegends9 - How to use Teleport to Help you Climb - Why Tele is better than Ignite 90% of the time.

Hey guys! I wasn't able to post my "Sunday Quickie" this week so we are a day behind and just rolling with the Monday Quickie.

This week I'm going over how Teleport is the far superior summoner spell in comparison to ignite (unless you are an Assassin that heavily relies on early game kills).

Video Format of first two points:



  1. When in lane against an opponent that has ignite – Being able to pressure the opponent take even trades (both of you doing same damage to eachother) to the point where you both need to back will allow you to be at an advantage. Bonus points if you are able to bait out their ignite. Whenever you do this, you are able to

– A. Shove wave and back+tele before they are able to back (because they're at risk to losing shoved cs). This will put you at a big item advantage/health advantage and be much stronger than the opponent in lane until they back. If they choose to back then you will be able to shove minions into their tower and deny them the CS/Experience which will increase your lead.

—- I usually try to pull this off as you are usually able to smother the enemy laner and keep them from backing causing them to lose substantial cs.

-B. You both back/grab items – and you are able to tele to lane + shove before the enemy gets back putting you at a CS and experience advantage.

  1. Using teleport more defensively – Say you are just getting wrecked in lane early game and you are forced to back. Having the option to back + grab an item and tele back to lane will put you back in the game against the opponent. What I usually try to do is back + tele to lane and shove a wave and back before the enemy laner gets back. This will allow you to potentially grab another item and deny the enemy laner CS + Experience and put you ahead just with proper macro.

  2. You can also use tele to pressure objectives – Whenever Baron/Dragon is about to come up, you want to be on the opposite side of the map with your teleport. The enemy team is going to want to be close to the upcoming objective and not you. This gives you and your team an advantage. Being able to hard split bot while baron is being prepped will put a lot of pressure on the enemy team. They're going to have to decide whether to send 1 or 2 (2 if you're really fed) people to match you. If they send people to match then you could either tele to baron and give your team an advantage from sheer numbers or you could keep shoving and draw as much pressure as possible so your team can pressure baron.

I know that there are a TON of different ways to use teleport, but these are just a few that really help me out and have helped friends out in the past. Hopefully it can help you too!

Let me know if you have any feedback or any additions to my points.

Much Love


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