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Hysterics’ LPL 2020 Summer Power Rankings

LeagueofLegends4 - Hysterics' LPL 2020 Summer Power Rankings

G'day boys and girls, Hysterics here!

We are now under the 48 hour mark before LPL Summer kicks off, let me show you what I'm thinking for Power Rankings (Bit of a read):


Rank 17 – LNG

Top – Chenlun17 / Flandre
Jungle – Xx
Mid – Maple
Bot – Light
Support – Duan / Iwandy

  • LNG looked almost as bad as V5 in Spring, they have some of the worst in their roles and have just lost Asura who's potential I thought was great
  • As you may have seen on Weibo, Flandre was being traded by LNG but they couldn't find him a home so he's come back (how awkward, imagine knowing your org doesn't want you and having to come back and play), I expect it to be Chenlun17 the majority of the split.
  • This team just lacks synergy across the board, it's super easy of me to say they will be worse than V5 in Summer.


Rank 16 – V5

Top – BiuBiu
Jungle – Xiaohan / Ping (Xinyi) / WeiWei
Mid – Clx / Mole
Bot – Y4 / SamD
Support – ppgod (LUL) / ZYF

  • The reason they are not 17th is because their roster has very small upgrades + I believe in the value of LDL talent over the players they already had.
  • They technically have 5 junglers on the roster but I think Xinyi & WeiWei are decent upgrades to balance between so some hope there
  • I think this team is still going to draft crazy and throw people in random positions like they did in Spring so here's to V5 picking up their first ever series win in 2020 (or not and being the JAG of China).


Rank 15 – Dominus Esports

Top – Natural
Jungle – Xiaopeng / Bless
Mid – Twila
Bot – Helper
Support – Mitsuki

  • DMO had a good end of Spring but still struggled to find success through what is a strong individual top lane; Natural would find leads but DMO wouldn't know how to play through them. Expecting that issue to still exist coming into Summer.
  • The bottom lane is a side grade at best, Helper has been around a while (actually played in 2015 Spring SHR with Insec, Corn & Zero) & Mitsuki has been with SDG/DMO for his entire competitive career (played a single game in 2019 LPL Spring on SDG). Gala & Mark were a form of consistency for DMO and losing that makes me cautious.
  • Also losing Xiye just hurts so they're stuck with Twila who has improved in lane but is still lacking in terms of a strength for DMO to play through.


Rank 14 – Rogue Warriors

Top – Holder / Crazy
Jungle – Haro / Youdang
Mid – Wuming / Ruby
Bot – Zwuji
Support – Ley

  • This is where the rankings start getting hard – RW were a hyper aggressive team in Spring and full of surprises. However, coming into Summer a lot of rosters got upgraded and RW did not. Youdang is the only new addition and I expect to see him once or twice during the season as Haro is just the better all-round player.
  • I genuinely think their laners still get outmatched by most in the league hence being down so low in the power rankings, their ability to force and catch their opponents off-guard are what separates them from the bottom 3; finding wins through constant LPL-like tempo plays.
  • This team can be hot and cold; they can look like a playoff team & a bottom tier team within a week of play. This is probably one of the hardest teams to judge but given their tendency to all in and essentially flip a coin, I'd say it's safe to leave them here for now.


Rank 13 – Suning

Top – Bin
Jungle – SofM / View
Mid – Ange
lBot – huanfeng
Support – SwordArt

  • A team that were a bit hot and cold during Spring as well, strong bottom lane with a decent mid lane. The problem is what version of SofM we get; the jungler who is currently sitting in my bottom 3. There's also the issue of Bin who was balancing with BiuBiu in Spring, both of them played poor and Suning's topside was a massive liability.
  • While the prospect of View (Suning's LDL team jungler promoted) is exciting, it's not enough to push Suning into playoff contention. Their weak topside is too much of a liability and the bottom lane is still building its dynamic, I think Summer is too soon for the potential of Huangfeng & SwordArt to carry this team.


Rank 12 – Vici Gaming

Top – Cube
Jungle – Leyan / Aix
Mid – Forge / Zeka
Bot – iBoy
Support – Maestro / Hang

  • A team I rated in the top 10 for Spring had its moments of brilliance (finished just outside of playoffs in 9th as well). The bottom lane of iBoy and Hang came together towards the end of the split and VG showed us some beautiful games with exceptional team-fighting. They were so close to making playoffs but a couple of crucial games during the split (vs Suning, RW, OMG) kept them from bridging the gap. Their ranking being this low for Summer is more of a result of the increased strength of other rosters rather than VG getting weaker.
  • This roster has leveled up with a much stronger jungler in Leyan (The IG jungler who played at Worlds when Ning was playing like garbage). However, with the growing pains of the solo laners, VG will be outmatched against the majority of teams. While it's great that Leyan on IG was a bottom side focused jungler, the bottom lane of VG is not a big enough strength to cover the weaknesses of this team.
  • The success of this team in Summer depends on Leyan's ability to synergise with the roster. Alongside the leadership of kkoma, VG can be an 8th place team or a 12th place team.


Rank 11 – Bilibili Gaming

Top – Kingen / ADD
Jungle – Meteor / 13est16
Mid – FoFo
Bot – Wings
Support – Xinmo / Jinjiao

  • The team that I put in my previous "Spring Review" reddit post as the biggest failure. There was some internal drama between FoFo and Meteor and BLG just went down the drain. This clean LCK-like team that looked great in Week 1 came back after the COVID-19 break and looked uncoordinated. This split, I expect the addition of 13est16 to be the ultimate "shut up and play" kind of approach; a jungler to take over if the worst continues.
  • We have strong solo laners which puts this team almost-near playoff contention, the new question is the promoted botside in Wings (coming up from BLG's LDL team) & Jinjiao/Xinmo. Jinjiao has role swapped from ADC and moved to support which is a massive unknown, one big enough to make me skeptical about them in the upcoming split.
  • In summary; this is a team that could easily hit playoffs if the drama cools down and the solo laners return back to being the top 6 in their role (as they should be). The bottom side is also such an unknown, so to conclude; BLG is a massive question mark that I'm not comfortable putting in the top 10 after what I saw last split.


Rank 10 – OMG

Top – Curse / Aliez
Jungle – H4cker
Mid – Icon
Bot – Smlz
Support – Cold (Five) / Sora

  • OMG in Spring were exciting because for the first time in 3 years we thought they were a playoff team. Unfortunately, they fell short and OMG fans had to revisit a very familiar feeling. The two new additions in Aliez (From V5) & Sora (From LDL Royal Club, played with Xiaobai, Cryin & Able) are meaningful but don't really change my opinion of OMG; a potential playoff team that could also sit just outside the bubble. They have decent players in each lane that sit in the top 8 quite easily, bar Top and Jungle. The problem with this team is one we've seen in the past; their world revolves around Icon. Adaptation, while OMG showed in Spring they were willing, is still a work in progress and hence my faith (with this direction) goes towards 2021.
  • Having said that, Icon had one of his best splits, Smlz and Cold (Five) are back together (The last time they were a duo was in 2017 when OMG actually made playoffs in both Spring and Summer) and we have the potential of Curse who is verging on the outskirts of a Top 8 Top laner. This is a team that you look towards for the potential of upsetting with the 8th spot at Summer Playoffs.


Rank 9 – RNG

Top – 705 / New
Jungle – XLB / S1xu
Mid – Xiaohu / Cryin
Bot – Betty
Support – Ming

  • RNG fans will be malding at this but with what we saw in Spring, there was zero chance I would ever put RNG into Playoff contention (even though they made it and got boinked in Round 1 by EDG). Without the leadership and strong shot calling of Uzi, I'm afraid that RNG will run around like headless chickens again (with no indication of when they will do it) and fail to achieve enough wins to make playoffs.
  • The Roster changes are nice (considering Langx went to LGD), 705 is a really good replacement (The top laner who filled in for Zoom on JDG over the quarantine period) and deserved a starting spot in an LPL team. The other new toplaner, New, comes from the LDL (Also played in the LPL on VG in 2018 as Meow), however I expect us to be seeing 705 in the spotlight 99% of the time. Most importantly, I hope that both S1xu and Cryin are enough of a threat that Xiaohu and XLB will have to pull themselves together and start playing like the early Spring split versions of themselves. While I haven't seen enough of S1xu, we all know how good Cryin is (The Estars Midlaner in Spring) and it would be shame not to see him at least a handful of times in the Summer Split.
  • If XLB plays like he did in the Demacia cup & Early Spring split then RNG will make playoffs; it's as simple as that. They need a voice having lost Uzi and XLB needs to fill the void. The bottom lane is still a powerhouse (although not as powerful), alongside the high highs that can be built with the solo lanes; RNG just need that "Karsa" to hit the top 8 again.



Rank 8 – Team WE

Top – Morgan / Poss
Jungle – Beishang
Mid – TeacherMa / Shanks / Plex
Bot – Jiumeng
Support – Missing

  • One of the nicest surprises of Spring, Team WE had lower tier players who put on a high tier show. The Chinese Casters coined their team comps as "Compositions that flow with the wind" which I loved. In short, roaming / semi-global champions mid from TeacherMa to get down bot and start the snowball. Morgan would also just hold his TP to join the fight constantly. Team WE may have a simple playstyle (that can be easily countered by holding down their mid) but it's a playstyle that got them to Quarter-Finals vs TES.
  • The new prospects of Shanks (who has been hyped up massively) is another strength for Team WE, especially when he has a very meta style champion pool (Leblanc, Azir, Syndra etc) which is a great contrast when you consider that you have TeacherMa's diverse champion pool to play off of (Asol, Galio, Nocturne, Diana, the list goes on).
  • The power of this team lies in Mid, if the dynamic between Shanks & TeacherMa works better than expected, I assume Team WE could easily edge their way over some of the other top teams in Summer Playoffs. With the quality of play we saw in Spring, Team WE not making Playoffs would be disappointing.


Rank 7 – Estar

Top – Xiaobai
Jungle – Wei
Mid – FenFen
Bot – Wink
Support – ShiauC

  • Estar were the biggest surprise for me in Spring, expected to be 16th but rising to Playoffs in their first ever split (And the first ever LPL Split of pretty much everyone in the team). However, when they got to Playoffs they kind of flunked vs Team WE. Coming into Summer, Estar have lost one of their main stars in Cryin and have made me a little suspicious of what comes next. Cryin was such a gorgeous teamfighter and a reliable part of the team. While FenFen is still a great player, I think this is at best a slight downgrade.
  • However, this is still a team that can turn heads and do what they did in Spring; taking down some of the big guns of the LPL. I still expect Estar to make playoffs but it all centers around how the dynamic shifts with a new mid laner (if it does at all) and if Estar can keep playing through their insane bottom lane of Wink & ShiauC.
  • The added question is when Estar get to playoffs, can they get more oxygen (not choke) into their lungs and play like they did in regular season?

Rank 6 – Edward Gaming

Top – Aodi / Xiaoxiang
Jungle – Jiejie / JunJia
Mid – Scout
Bot – Hope / BBD
Support – Meiko

  • EDG had to play the start of Spring without Jinoo and JieJie due to quarantine issues so we got the pleasant surprise of the Aodi and JunJia combination. The two spammed Sett + Sejuani and just became this cohesive unit that would, alongside the rest of EDG, play for the late game and teamfight. While Jinoo and JieJie did eventually return, it created a nice dynamic that EDG could then play through – Two very different top laners & Junglers who added very different aspects to their games.
  • With Jinoo retiring, I expect Aodi to play the majority of the split and JieJie + Junjia to share the load. This topside dynamic being what it is excites me for a top tier EDG. Let's also add in the fact that Scout had some brilliant moments and Hope + Meiko were truly one of the best bottom lanes in the LPL. BBD coming in isn't really on my mind here considering how silly it would be not to play Hope and Meiko for the majority of the split.
  • I think the talent on this roster is way too good for EDG to be any lower than 8th. I definitely feel like EDG are an easy playoff contender IF we get what we got in Spring.


Rank 5 – LGD Gaming

Top – Langx / Garvey / Lies
Jungle – Peanut
Mid – Xiye / Yuuki
Bot – Kramer
Support – Mark / Killua / Alu

  • I put this team 10th for Spring and they ended up finishing 15th. While it was a disappointing split for LGD, I know that Summer is theirs. The Spring problem was having lanes outside of bot that were strong enough to absorb pressure/find an advantage. Now with the roster change, the dynamic of LGD is going to be so much more versatile.
  • Xiye (Who should remember from Team WE when they were at Worlds + DMO in Spring) is such a big win considering LGD were stuck with Yuuki (Biggest coinflip mid in the LPL). They also managed to pick up Langx (RNG's top laner who got a lot of negativity), the top laner who for a while was in the conversation for top 3 in 2018/2019 as XiaoAL. Alongside Mark (Coming from DMO), these roster moves have punched LGD a theoretical ticket into Playoffs & made LGD look like a team that could challenge some of the favourites.
  • Also remember that Peanut really found his rhythm again towards the end of the split, something that LCK fans were waiting for, for quite a while. Stability in the jungle makes LGD a scary prospect for Summer – this is a team I'm super excited to watch and see if the success on paper translates.


Rank 4 – Invictus Gaming

Top – TheShy
Jungle – Ning
Mid – Rookie
Bot – Puff
Support – Southwind

  • Even though they really sucked at MSC and in Playoffs (as well as the 3rd place match), I still have to do that thing you do with IG; believe they will just switch on and stop goofing off. The individual talent on this roster is still too good to pass up, TheShy may have had one of his worst splits ever but that doesn't mean they come into Summer looking worse, does it?
  • I think Puff and Southwind have assimilated into this roster nicely and still act as the brick wall that try to hold the shenanigans of IG at bay.
  • Ning is now the sole jungler, no more balancing on Leyan so expect to see hard focus top which in the past has been the recipe for IG's success.
  • Realistically, this is a coinflip; IG will be 1st, 4th or 14th in Summer. The only reason I have them here at 4th is because of their dominance in the regular season in Spring + the history that they have on their side.


Rank 3 – FPX

Top – Khan / Gimgoon
Jungle – Tian
Mid – Doinb
Bot – Lwx
Support – Crisp

  • While this is still the World Champion Roster, I can't in all sense put FPX above 3rd due to how easily they were beaten by JDG in the LPL Spring Semi Finals. Although at MSC they got their revenge on JDG, I didn't see the dominance I remember from FPX or even the challenge against TES in the MSC Finals.
  • It seems like they have figured out how to play around Khan which still easily puts them above IG, but it's not the same "Free up Doinb and Dive bot/top" cut and dry style that so handily set them up for success in the past. While Doinb still roams a hell of a lot, FPX don't give off the same vibe. There are inconsistencies with Tian & Doinb that we didn't see in 2019 and it creates a lot of uncertainty.
  • On top of that, Lwx & Crisp who had great laning phases in 2019 have looked shaky, which in my opinion definitely feels like a result of FPX changing their dynamic in the early game.
  • I know I'm being harsh on FPX but they're still a top 3 team that a lot of LPL units will struggle versing. It's against the above 2 that I feel FPX need to find that same consistency (that they won Worlds with) to bridge the gap and once again return to the Championship spotlight.


Rank 2 – JDG

Top – Zoom
Jungle – Kanavi
Mid – Yagao
Bot – Loken
Support – LvMao

  • JDG were one of the greatest successes of a team in 2020 Spring. It was a slow methodical team that were calculating every step before you made it. The solo lanes were strong, the bottom lane reforged (Loken was on the debut roster of JDG with LvMao) and a Jungler who came out of left field. Kanavi was so damn consistent and controlling, anyone who went up against him just looked B tier.
  • Individually, JDG some of the top players in their roles:
    Zoom No.1 Top Laner (TheShy crapped the bed so Zoom takes it, 369 very close behind)
    Kanavi No.1 Jungler (MVP of Spring)
    Yagao No.3 (Behind Knight & Doinb, in line with Rookie)
    Loken No.4 (Behind JackeyLove, Kramer, Hope, in line with Wink/Lwx)
    LvMao No.1 (After that LPL Final how could I not!?)
  • The only thing keeping this team from No.1 is the skill difference in ADC & Mid; that's it. This was bloody hard.


Rank 1 – TES

Top – 369
Jungle – Karsa
Mid – Knight
Bot – JackeyLove
Support – Yuyanjia / QiuQiu

  • The dominators of MSC are looking pretty unstoppable, their solo lanes are crazy good and they have the best ADC + Mid Laner in the LPL. What we saw at MSC is what I'm expecting to translate to Summer LPL; push your opponents backs into the wall and crush them.
  • Above I told you JDG have some of the best in their roles, let's do TES:
    369 No.2 (Only just behind Zoom imo)
    Karsa No.2 (Only because he had a pretty average split and ramped up towards the end / at MSC)
    Knight No.1 (Easily)
    JackeyLove No.1 (Easily)
    Yuyanjia No.4 (After MSC this is the hill I'm willing to die on; he is no longer garbage)
  • TES win lane win game and at this point I'm willing to say that if they are not our first seed at Worlds then something crazy will have gone wrong.

Hope you all enjoyed, let me know your thoughts below!

My DM's are always open for controversial opinions and sweet talk – https://www.twitter.com/HystericsCasts

LPL English is kicking off this Friday @ 9 AM Greenwich Mean Time +0 | 5 AM Eastern Daylight Time | 5 PM China Standard Time

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