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Hysterics’ LPL 2020 Summer Regular Season Greatest Failure & Success

LeagueofLegends6 - Hysterics' LPL 2020 Summer Regular Season Greatest Failure & Success

Hey all,

As we will be starting playoffs in a couple of days, thought it would be a good time to go over the greatest successes and faillures of the LPL 2020 Summer Spllit.

Greatest Failure: EDG

You would be surprised how hard it was to name just one team as a failure, considering that RNG and Estar were both very close to taking the spot. The reason I chose EDG is because of how much potential was shown with their substitute roster in Spring and how they made it to Quarter Finals after what was low expectations during the split. The feeling was that Summer would be EDG rolling off of that unexpected success and hitting playoffs again. Unfortunately, EDG started the season with many series that should have been taken (WE at the start of the spllit is a great example). They then fluctuated heavily in individual roles like Support & Jungle that otherwise have had really high highs.
While Meiko and JieJie can be great players, they can also cause a lot of the issues on this roster. Overall, while this is the first time in the history of EDG (Since their Organisation joined the LPL in 2014 Spring) not making playoffs, it does feel like the org has been on a downhill slope ever since the start of 2019.
Being an EDG fan in 2020 is definitely not a great position to be in.


Greatest Surprise/Success: V5

We all know that after going 0-16 in Spring that the first win in Summer would be memed to high hell. However, V5 have genuinely been a serious threat and have developed out of this world. Coming into Summer, changing out 4 of the 5 players of the Spring Split (Mole remained) wasn't enough to warrant V5 becoming a monster threat. It will be much easier for me to lay out the individuals below and let you know why they may have found their success:

BiuBiu – Suning top laner of 2020 Spring who was sharing with Bin, obviously the playtime shared doesn't benefit players as much as being the starting player on a roster. BiuBiu had great moments on SN but showed inconsistencies; inconsistencies that have largely dissapeared since being the one and only top on V5.
WeiWei – We saw him at the start of Spring (also on Suning), as an ADC who was filling in until Huanfeng could play. From there he was MIA because Suning was running SoFM whom in which was brought over from LNG. WeiWei had been absent from the Jungle role for a long time and coming back with this much agency and agressiveness is showing he has something to prove against his old org. More importantly, WeiWei was a decent enough jungler to put SN in Playoffs in 2019 (when he replaced H4cker who was performing shite) and his improvement now with 2 junglers on the bench behind him on V5 is obvious he doesn't want to go there himself ever again.


Mole – Lyric always believed in this man while I was flip flopping my thoughts on him. Mole is a player who has that special spark but needs a team that is not a liability. In 2020 Spring, you could see at the start that Mole was trying so damn hard but the rest of V5 were actually horrible. After the halfway point, it felt like he was just doing whatever because it was such a throw away of a split. Now that he has a foundation in the new V5, that special spark returns and Mole is laning like an absolute unit again.

SamD – An ADC who has come pretty much out of nowhere, once a Gen.G Trainee in 2019 who's potential has obviously been realised before. SamD is so concrete in understanding his role in the game, whether he's built to carry or facilitate the rest of V5. The funny thing is this guy is another old Suning Player (Suning-S in the LDL) who hasn't really been in the system long enough for anyone to pay him attention. Coming into his first split, it's that rich experience of training under Ruler that would give him that confidence and structure to play some golden League of Legends.

PPGod – The man who is large and in charge, a sharing voice in the team alongside WeiWei (They have confirmed PPGod is a shotcaller with his Jungler which is insane for a rookie). The fact that his ADC is Korean and PPGod works so well with him is another fact that just astounds me, the pure development of this bottom lane as a duo is something that should never be split up. Like SamD, PPGod also trained under a World Champion in Crisp on his time in FPX Blaze (the FPX LDL Team), as welll as his time as a Trainee on FPX. It's clear that he's taken after Crisp and has absorbed so much from the recent World Champions.
Most Improved Player: Jiumeng

While official MVP's of the split are still being decided, I wanted to throw my hat out for Jiumeng. The ADC who was absolutely average in Spring, better in Spring Playoffs but still questioned heavily. He has entered Summer as a greater man than I would have ever expected, he still has that insanely high ceiling but less of the ability to int which made him a flight risk in Spring. Jiumeng has turned WE into more than just a one-track comp team with his ability to be late game assurity as well as a reliable element of carrying. Much like his predecessor in Mystic, Jiumeng is heading onto the path of being one of the best ADC's in the LPL and has had one of the best developments over the course of the year that I've ever experienced. If this is the new Mystic, I can't wait to see what he looks like in Playoffs.


Hope this gives you all some insight before we head into Playoffs.
Round 1 of Playoffs: V5 vs FPX kicks off on August 13th 5PM CST | 9AM UTC+0 | 4AM EST

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