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Hysteric’s LPL 2021 Spring Split Power Rankings

LeagueofLegends6 - Hysteric's LPL 2021 Spring Split Power Rankings

Hey all,

It's that time of year again and hopefully this split I'm going to play you away, thanks as always for the support to the LPL team; hoping this year is even better:

#17 – LGD

Top – Garvey / Cult

Jungle – Flora / Kui

Mid – Uniboy

ADC – Kramer

Support – Peace

– They exploded their roster and lost their biggest selling points in Xiye and Peanut. The only remaining element is Kramer (and technically Garvey + Cult).

– They have a largely inexperienced roster who have had little stage time apart from Kramer and Uniboy

– Kramer had a rough 2020 and Uniboy is not a big enough change to effect my feelings on what became one of my favourite teams in 2020 🙁

#16 – Estar

Top – Zs

Jungle – H4cker

Mid – Insulator / Irma

Adc – Rat

Support – ShiauC

– The same Estar team with the addition of H4cker, Zs & Insulator, not big enough upgrades to give me the confidence that Estar will be a good team

– Expecting the team to lack a powerful identity and be able to rely on the upcoming solo laners from the LDL – Insulator/Irma & Zs are at the bottom of their roles

– Same issue as LGD – Quite a bit of inexperience in the roster and it will take a lot of time to develop

#15 – OMG

Top – New

Jungle – Aki

Mid – Wuming / Bright

Adc – Eric

Support – Bafang / Cold

– Exciting changes that I think could make OMG a contender for top 8 if the solo lanes develop in the way I hope; New was great on RNG & Wuming was a blood thirsty mid laner on RW.

– One of the most inexperienced Rosters in the LPL with only Cold holding more than a years experience in the LPL

– A great example of a development roster; just very limited expectations in Spring

#14 – TT (Previously Dominus Esports)

Top – Chelizi

Jungle – Xiaopeng / Bless / VV

Mid – Captain / Sky

Adc – SamD

Support – Teeen

– A massive upgrade from their Summer Roster (With Captain coming from the IG Young 2020 LDL Champion Squad + SamD from the hype V5 Roster)

– Still concerns on how Chelizi will stack up to other top laners when his last debut on Vici in 2019 & 2020 were super underwhelming. Also concerned with SamD and his new support meshing as 2020 Summer was SamD's first LPL split.

– The development of this roster is one of the most hyped and I think by the end of Spring we will get an understanding if its valid or not. This team can hit playoffs in Summer if all goes as expected.

#13 – LNG

Top – M1kuya

Jungle – Tarzan

Mid – Icon / Plex

Adc – Light

Support – Iwandy

– Another roster with big upgrades; especially with what I think is one of the biggest role upgrades in the jungle (because I thought Xx was not good). Tarzan debuting in the LPL is super hyped and something I think could make or break this team.

– Have put them here because of the above fact as it might definitely take time for LNG to gel. Especially with Icon since he's moving into a new environment after being the Star on OMG for many years

– Light and Iwandy have shown good development + now have more experience in their mid and jungle. Concern is for M1kuya who is coming from the LDL but has high prospects. It's a cop out but another "wait and see" roster with much stronger grounding due to Icon and Tarzan.

#12 – Rogue Warriors

Top – Ziv

Jungle – Haro

Mid – Forge

Adc – Betty / Kelin

Support – QiuQiu

– Haro is still the driving force of this team so it does feel like roster swaps have to be incredibly major to change my thoughts on this crazy blood hungry team. Haro just has new pawns to make him happy >:D

– Big names joining however with Ziv who old LMS fans will remember + Betty from RNG. There's a lot more of a solid ground on RW so fills me with confidence on top of the above fact.

– Will still be one of the most entertaining teams in the LPL; they will beat teams above them and randomly lose to those below them

#11 – RNG

Top – Xiaobai

Jungle – Wei / XLB

Mid – Xiaohu / Cryin

Adc – Gala

Support – Ming / LeLe

– RNG are essentially the same and a lot of the fans would have heard that Xiaohu is now back to mid which is a breath of fresh air (yes I also think Cryin needs a starting position but what can you do

– Gala showed a lot of promise towards the end of last year and has a great path ahead of him

– RNG still struggle with a strong voice and common direction most of the time; they'll sit around where they sat in Summer and let old fans down

#10 – EDG

Top – Flandre / Xiaoxiang

Jungle – Clearlove / JieJie

Mid – Scout / Gori

Adc – Viper / Hope

Support – Meiko

– Clearlove coming out of retirement is obviously super exciting but I'm skeptical on if it puts them in the comfort of playoffs right out of the gate…

– They've upgraded Top with Flandre, ADC with Viper and have a hungry import in Gori behind Scout (The irony of another Faker-shadow going to EDG, just like Scout 5 years ago). It's a good move but I feel like EDG should have already been successful with the players they had in 2020 so I'm keeping them just out of playoffs.

– Having said that, EDG have leveled up even more in 3 roles. The biggest variable for me is Clearlove, if he performs like he did when he brought back EDG in 2019 then this is a Spring Playoff team.

#9 – Suning

Top – Bin

Jungle – Sofm

Mid – Angel

Adc – Jinjiao / Huanfeng

Support – Owo

– This is probably one of the hottest takes; Suning are still the Worlds 2020 Runner Up with 4/5 of the roster. However, losing SwordArt was so much more than just losing their support.

– They lost their shotcaller, their voice and the direction of the team. There is so much value to a strong voice for a high tier LPL league of legends team that I think Suning will be overshadowed by some of the more powerful and optimised roster changes.

– I also go back to what I remember in the LPL which was that Suning were kept down in the regular season by a lot of the more decisive top tier LPL teams so I think in the LPL environment their impact will be limited in Spring.

– If I've overvalued SwordArt I'm so happy to be wrong on this one.

#8 – Rare Atom (Previously Vici Gaming)

Top – Cube

Jungle – Leyan / Aix

Mid – FoFo

Adc – iBoy

Support – Hang / Maestro

– Vici were on the cusp of making playoffs in 2020 Spring and Summer; from what I saw at Demacia cup they've developed to be worthy as a Top 8 team.

– FoFo was a huge roster upgrade and it broke him free of the drama on BLG, he's an incredibly mechanically talented mid laner who can have a team build into him


– The development of the players on this roster in 2020 + iBoy getting back to his strengths give RA (Rare Atom or Ra Ra Rasputin) a serious chance to continue momentum as a playoff team in 2021.

#7 – BLG

Top – BiuBiu

Jungle – Meteor

Mid – Zeka

Adc – Aiming

Support – Mark

– BLG also massively powered up their bottom lane who were abyssmal at best. Aiming has been seen as a giga carry and Mark has just come back off of his first Worlds.

– While BiuBiu is a sort of side-grade and Zeka is a downgrade from FoFo, it does mean that Meteor is finally free of that weird dramatic shackle (please ask reddit comments for full story between him and FoFo). Meteor was Rookie of 2019 and was a top 3 jungler, only to plummet in 2020.

– The players on this roster are all people with massive ceilings (BiuBiu from V5 one of the best solo killers in 2020 Summer, Meteor having insane games in 2019, Zeka praised as an OP rookie on VG, Aiming talked about from the LCK & Mark getting so much better). This is like the stars are aligning and I would be surprised if they didnt take a playoff spot.

#6 – V5

Top – Langx / Aliez

Jungle – WeiWei

Mid – Mole

Adc – Y4

Support – PPGod

– The same roster apart from the top lane, however, Langx is a flat upgrade to BiuBiu and is an incredbily versatile top laner. This roster got better imo.

– WeiWei had an insane debut to the LPL in 2020 and was a big reason for the success in making V5 into that hero story in Summer (alongside blessed PPGod, of course). Their shotcalling and a quickly developed V5 makes it near impossible to not put V5 in playoffs once again.

– Losing SamD when Y4 is essentially the same faciliting ADC doesnt make much of a difference and fans should be excited to see how far V5 can go

#5 – FPX

Top – Nuguri

Jungle – Tian

Mid – Doinb

Adc – Lwx / Prince

Support – Crisp

– One of the most talked about roster moves with 2020 World Champion Nuguri replacing the long standing Gimgoon & more recent Khan (Funny how they swapped). This gives a lot of raw power to the topside of FPX; something they've never really had or known how to play towards (with Khan especially)

– Biggest concerns right now are Tian's Wrist Issues, LWX & Crisp's average performances & FPX's ability to be flexible with their style. A lot of their success was built on how well they played the map in 2019 and used Doinb + Tian as strong facilitators to beat down the doors of games.

– This team is suffering from many issues but is still good enough overall for me to rate them in the top 5; Nuguri is incredible but one great memeber is not enough to push them into the top 4; as seen by Khan's failed integration in 2020.

#4 – IG

Top – TheShy

Jungle – Xun / Ning (Technically Inactive)

Mid – Rookie

Adc – Wink / Puff / Snow

Support – Baolan / Lucas / Southwind

– Putting the most inconsistent team here as many fans will know is risky business. IG flopped hard against LGD and missed out on going to Worlds. However, like usual, their ceiling has been seen to be this Top 4 level of good

– As well as the usual antics, IG have their IG Young Jungler starting over Ning (who is currently inactive), Xun is the same jungler who won the LDL in Summer. IG now also has Wink over from Estar who had a great showing in 2020 Spring LPL. There is a lot of potential for everything to go right, plus the fact that players fighting for a starting spot can only be a good thing for the team environment.

– I said this on stream; Rookie carries this team so damn hard and is also a big reason I've put them in the top 4. He had one of his best years in 2020 and his laning phase was unmatched. The problem for Rookie is who's mess in IG he has to clean up and why is TheShy also inting!?

#3 – Team WE

Top – Breathe (Previously Curse)

Jungle – Beishang

Mid – Shanks / TeacherMa / Yimeng

Adc – Jiumeng

Support – Missing

– This is probably my biggest take next to Suning, considering WE were a team in 2020 that were a 6-8th Playoff team. WE not only made it to the finals of Demacia Cup with this roster but improved so much over the course of 2020 that this feels warrented.

– Breathe is a huge upgrade over Morgan who dissapointed me greatly last year. Breathe was the starting top laner for OMG and was consistently trying to 1v9 in a hard team environment; now no longer. On top of Breathe, you have Beishang who turned into a top 3-4 Jungler in the LPL, Jiumeng who went from bad to great in the span of 2020 and Missing who remained one of the best supports in the LPL. This team has rising talent that is no ones equal.

– I think this team holds consistency and versatile elements that are hungry for a Championship; Team WE just need to continue their pursuit and it feels like the path is realistically a finals position in Summer; if not Spring.

– The only thing that can stop WE is Shanks, he looked okay at Demacia Cup but is definitely the blaring weakness of this team right now.

#2 – JDG

Top – Zoom

Jungle – Kanavi

Mid – Yagao / Xiye

Adc – Loken / Mystic

Support – LvMao

– While they were dissapointing at Worlds, they're still one of the most powerful rosters in the LPL; and that was BEFORE they took Xiye and Mystic to have alternating greats in Mid and ADC (Good to see 2017 WE reunited in some way :)).

– Even without this, JDG would have the top 2 in every role bar perhaps those Mids and ADCs(?).

– Kanavi is a big driving force and can often come up clutch in a lot of crucial moments (Finals/Playoffs especially). You want to see him take over the jungle and bring his laners to him to force on his advantages.

– I'm selling a horse to a horse salesmen; JDG are still a cut above almost all

#1 – TES

Top – 369

Jungle – Karsa

Mid – Knight

Adc – JackeyLove / Photic

Support – Zhuo / YYJ

– This one was just plain obvious; it doesn't matter that they dropped out to Suning at Worlds, they still have high expectations coming into Spring.

– And holy shit was Zhuo good at Demacia Cup, he took initiative and worked so well with JKL on the rift. Even off of the rift in press interviews they have great chemistry so I think this is the missing piece.

– If Zhuo wasn't in the picture I might have thrown JDG in 1st but I honestly think this roster is unstoppable now. With the same great elements on top of a now coordinated driving force in the bottom lane; how do you beat this team?

Thanks all, feel free to share thoughts below; always love the discussions that I see below these!

Remember, LPL starts this Saturday on the 9th of January @ 5PM China Time / 9 AM UTC / 9AM GMT +0

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