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I come from the future, I’ve seen how Worlds plays out.

LeagueofLegends11 - I come from the future, I've seen how Worlds plays out.

Its October 10th, the 7th day of the Worlds 2020 Group Stage, the fateful day that will decide the outcome of Group C.

LGD has just secured the first seed with their 6th win of the tournament against Fnatic, adding another 9 deaths to Hylissangs tally. Truly a shame, as he was only 3 deaths shy of completing his fifth dozen. The camera pans to Rekkles wiping one last tear off his face, while Selfmade hugs his life-sized Evelynn pillow, mumbling about how unfair it was that she was always banned against him. Not before long, we get into the draft for the tiebreaker game of Group C, GenG vs TSM.

Both teams had finished at 3-3. TSM convinvingly took down GenG and FNC in the first round robin, however in Week 2 they seemed to be struggling to stand their ground, a surprising twist for NA's representative. GenG, however, came out swinging in Week 2, with their midlaner Bdd suddenly returning to form after a shocking Week 1 performance.

TSM are on blue side and ban out Ruler's comfort picks, while GenG attack Spica's champion pool by banning Shen, Sett and Graves.

"They're taunting us!" screams Doublelift. "Soren, don't you see what they're spelling with their bans?" Bjergsen, however, is not listening. He is too busy telling BrokenBlade to first pick his Zilean, which he hasn't been allowed to play all tournament.

"But wait a minute…" Spica whispers quietly, "They didn't ban Lucian!"

No red side team had let Lucian get through the first round of bans all tournament long.

"This wouldn't have happened if they remembered to download the Blitz Esports App before playing", he remarks.

As BrokenBlade locks in the Toplane Lucian, we hear Doublelift whimpering in the background.

From here on, the draft goes by without any surprises. Standard comfort for both sides. Until it's TSM's turn to pick their last two champions to round out this draft. DoubleLift locks in the Zilean for Bjergsen, now Biofrost just needs to pick the AD Carry. However, Parth has a different plan. He looks Peter in the eye and says:

"Do you trust me?"

Peter nods his head slowly, as he watches Parth walk over to Bio's chair and tells him to pick Kennen. Vincent looks at him in shock.

"A- Are you sure?" he says, his voice shaking.


Parth nods. Him and Peter lock eyes one last time before he walks out of the room to get his teams Grubhub delivery.

3 floors below in the same hotel, Bdd is grinning like a child that just found his favorite candy in the cabinet. He looks over at Life, and Life looks back at him, smiling, as he locks in Viktor.

Fast forward 30 minutes. TSM and Samsung GenG are locked in a nailbitingly close game. The Koreans have adapted to the NA playstyle and are posturing around Midlane with all 5 members, while TSM, of course, does the same. But then comes the moment we've all been waiting for. Clid engages onto Spica and Biofrost, but at the same time BrokenBlade's Kennen tears through the backline of GenG.

"WE BUILT DIFFERENT!" he screams, as his teammates secure two more kills.

"Baron! We have to get Baron!" yells Spica, as he runs towards the purple worm, Bjergsen and Biofrost tailing behind him.

"Peter! You have to come with us, we have no damage without you!" they cry, but Peter ignores their screams for help.

"There's just something I gotta do." he says with an earth shattering determination in his voice, as he moves his character towards the Viktor. The Q and Lich Bane empowered Auto immediately chunk him for 80% of his HP. Bdd is laughing to himself, thinking what a fool Doublelift was to not have learnt anything since 2016. He had been studying that particular VOD for weeks now, preparing for this moment. As he casts his Death Ray to obliterate Lucians existance and TSM's hopes, he can't believe his eyes. Lucian flashed the Death Ray and is still alive! After a brief moment of confusion, he gains back his composure and casts his Ultimate. Lucian, now on a sliver of HP, flashes again, out of the Chaos Storm and swiftly lets Viktor feel his wrath. Finally, the past years of saving Flashes had payed off. After 3 years of constant memes, losing two jobs, and bombing out in groups Doublelift had finally redeemed himself. TSM take Baron and end the game less than 3 minutes later.

All hell breaks lose in the TSM hotel room. They had finally made it out of groups and now get to play the surprise 1st seed from Group B, Rogue, in the Quarterfinals.

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