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Hello, my name is schlafen. I'm a 20 years old austrian web developer spending lots of time in developing fun apps.
I already released a first attempt of this project a year ago and dropped it, but I wanted to do it again, worked on it for about 2 weeks and now it's better than ever.

TL;DR: I created a detailed LoL game simulator/manager tool with lots of interaction, own champion pools and runes, realistic match/soloq simulation, a competitive simulator with composition builder to participate in tournaments or leagues.

MyLeagueSim – League of Legends Simulator

You start by creating your team, naming your players and adjust their champion pools.
You can literally give anyone any champion with any keystone, be experimental, get your players ready and help them on their journey to Challenger!
All champions with unique abilities and selectable runes are as close to their originals as possible.

You don't have to enter any personal data. You can simply just sign up by using any username/password.
If you want to test MyLeagueSim before signing up, there's the option to play on an own demo account at first.

Virtual Players
Your virtual players are kind of unique, they start with special abilities you can max out, but also train them to learn new abilities to get better on a variety of champions and playstyles.

Champion Pools
You can decide anything about your players champion pools.
You can decide your players to be crazy 0/10/0 Yasuo OTPs or just casual meta slaves.


Simulated Games – SoloQ
There's a Solo Queue option to gain LP and elo to let your players play with 9 other virtual players from other users.
You receive a detailed post-game screen showing all champions KDA, CS, Gold and much more!

Your Team – Tournaments, Leagues, Competitive + Live Draft
Your team will be able to participate in tournaments and different types of leagues, you'll need to adjust your team compositions to beat your enemies and be a champion.
Winners of tournaments and leagues won't only get simulator rewards, but also get to win Skins or RP bundles.
+ We also got a live tournament draft tool, so you can play scrimmage games against your friends and outdraft them!

Ladders, Winrates and Champion Metas
As already explained your players can gain LP and climb in SoloQ and get higher elo by finding new or abusing already known meta picks.
(Yeah, there's an own meta.)

All of your players stats can be seen on his own profile. (winrate in general, champion pool, match history, winrate on specific champions)

Transfer Market
There's also going to be a transfer market to trade players with other users of MyLeagueSim to optimize your team and their strengths.

I hope you enjoy this project, feel free to ask questions or just join discord and let me know your thoughts! <3

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