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I created ggBuilds to view what Pros Build in Soloq, it’s small, fast and only shows useful info

LeagueofLegends2 - I created ggBuilds to view what Pros Build in Soloq, it's small, fast and only shows useful info

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I made a similar website 2 years ago called lolpros.net and it did pretty well on Reddit even though it was bad. I have improved a lot since then.

This website is for people who want quickly see what pros are building, presented in a way that you can easily compare and filter results.


What makes this site the Alpha?

  • It covers lots of regions (CN, TW, Latin America, JP, RU, KR CS), and more pros than any other site I know of
  • It is fast <1sec home, <2 other and small <420kb, 10x smaller than that other site
  • It identifies key stuff in items and skills, summarize it for you, and then allows you to expand to see the manual stuff if you don't trust me 🙁
  • Multiple filters
  • Don't touch your mouse, you can use it with just your keyboard
  • Tell me how to improve something and it within a week
  • Monitors in place to stay ahead of current sites and to find new account changes before them

TEST IT ON DESKTOP, MOBILE NEEDS WORKbut it should be fine if desperate

This site isn't the prettiest and still needs work, I am open to suggestions as my front end is not that great. Criticize me.


Every week I will release some of these

  • Labeled builds and filterable builds (Only see AD amumu builds)
  • Matches from CHINA SERVER for LPL pros (I want to know what those 16 teams (theshy) are doing, why has no big site done this yet…)
  • Build Explorer Explore my database of builds by yourself, like find zed jungle builds by setting parameters, you find it, not me or my system.
  • OTPs and Streamers
  • Make everything load < 1sec and reduce size of site, but that needs 100$/month

Far away stuff

  • Stats (Dependent on the page you are on, does NA practice more than KR?)
  • Stream similar to tracking the pros, but all the time and with interaction
  • Live Game viewer from old client <3
  • Custom Lists, see lists with more filters and save them to a profile linked to your LoL account.

Thanks for taking a look at it, will always try to keep improving it as this is my passion! Tell me what you want to see and I can try do it. We can improve it as a community.

Technical Stuff

This site uses react, nextjs, apollo, graphql, apollo, nodejs, redis, postgresql, cloudflare.

About me

I am a 23 year-old South African with a BSC CS and worked 1 year for Mobalytics. (Insanely cool company) I love coding (Any JS/TS, Java, Rust, React) and I'm a high diamond jungler (KR-d3-65%, EUW-d3-52%, TW-d2-70%). High pings sucks so I just code most of the time. I hate high ping so I am going to move to china to teach English if I don't find a esport related job that allows me to work in a low ping place.

So I'm up for partnerships with other sites if they want my features.


Let me know what you guys think of it 🙂

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