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I designed a meme champion with my friends

LeagueofLegends6 - I designed a meme champion with my friends

You know how it goes: you suggest a new champion for league that could totally be added. Then someone makes it a bit to op. Then someone else suggests a broken champion just for the laughs, like idk, a champ with no abilities, with a rank 3 ult that literally destroyed the enemy nexus.

Yesterday, me and the bois decided to design a champ so weird, so unbelievably different, yet "sorta" balance.

So, I present to you Ivan, the hacker

Role: AP poke support, with wild variation from the passive.

Note: every number, like durations, damage, ecc ecc, are just guesses that we believed were ok, so when riot decides to make Ivan, they will probably change these numbers.

Story: his lore is that Ivan is an IRL Russian LoL player, that got stuck in the game while trying Uberdanger's first-person mode. This means that all his interactions are inside jokes about the community. Stuff like

"Oh Ryze, didn't you have different abilities last match?"

"Ahri, I have seen so many…pictures of you"

Passive: I swear I am not trolling

Every four minutes, Ivan will get a huge discount on a random in the shop. Every takedown Ivan does reduces the timer by 30 seconds. The first discount is revealed when in champion select by picking Ivan

Ok so, what is this shit. Basically, this ability has two functions. First, it's just stupid fun to see the enemy support with no AD scaling suddenly pull up in lane with a duskblade or an IE. This ability also allows Ivan to cover every single role in the game. Afterall have very low base health and no mobility won't prevent you from being a good toplaner when you get a trinity for just 700 gold. That is the reason for the weird champion select thing: you can choose Ivan, see what kind of item you will get at 4 minutes, then pick your role based on that. Are you a support main with no idea how midlane works? Might as well try when you will get a sweet sweet rabadon for 750 gold.

Variation and novelty are two key design goal for Ivan, so we tried our best to make a champ that will always make you feel like you are trolling, even when you are winning

Q: Mandatory meme sharing

Ivan shoots a projectile that collides with the first unit hit, dealing damage to it if it's an enemy. The projectile's image is actually decided by Ivan's player, as it will be located in the player's computer. The unit will be then polymorphed into that image but bigger, locking all nearby enemies into their laugh animation for 1 second

Every ability of this champ should break the game a little. Break as in doing something that no other champ does, forcefully showing a picture in your pc to both teams is something that no other champ does. Of course, you can turn off this feature when you get tired of seeing the same Urgot rule34 image every game. If you do, or if the image cannot be found, this will be the default skin for the projectile/polymorphed unit:

b7d - I designed a meme champion with my friends


W: League's hit boxes


Ivan creates a gate in front of him. Every friendly projectile that passes through this gate will have its hitbox tripled and its texture quadrupled

Nothing much to say here, just an ability that actually makes League's projectiles have a skin that actually represents their hitboxes. Jokes about Lux's Q aside, this ability will be so fun to mess around, building out strategies like Ivan/Blitzcrank botlane or stuff like that. It also synergizes very well with the rest of his kit since he has two projectiles

E: The best CC 🙂

Passive: Globally, allied champions (Ivan included) get 1 point of adaptive force for every 10 ms of ping they have

Ivan targes a point a fixed distance from him. A model of a random T-Posing champion will spawn at the target location, slowing sliding towards Ivan and despawning upon contact with him. Every champion, ally or enemy, that touches the model, will have its ping increased by an amount of ms that scales with Ivan's level and AP

Again, not much to say here. Last time I checked there was no champion that used ping as a CC so why not add it now? Also, don't you love when you lag so hard you lose the lane because of a laggy fight? How about a champion that balances things out by giving a shit ton of AD/AP when your router decides to kick the bucket. Of course you can self induce the lag with this ability to make your champ uncontrollable, but god forbid if you manage to land a skillshot while having 2k ms, because that ability will hit like a truck

R: Revert Aatrox (Note: Aatrox is just a placeholder, every game its name will be replaced by a random champion that got reworked)

Passive: whenever this ability gets off cooldown, Ivan can type in the chat the command /revert, followed by a patch number. This will "ready" that patch.

Active: Ivan fires a projectile that collides with the first champion hit. That champion will be reverted to how they were in the patch that Ivan redied before for 3/4/5 seconds.

Of course, you can guess what my opinion on the Aatrox rework is (even tho the new one is awesome). Joke's aside, Revert X-champ is a really cool ability that rewards theorycrafting like crazy. Immagine you and your friends staying up all night to decide which form of which champ was the most op that league ever got. Also, this would make legacy stuff that today only lives in YT videos and in our hearts playable again. Say hi, or rather welcome back, to AP master yi, AP tryndamere, silence LB and many more.

Note for when Ivan actually gets released: you can flash into your R projectile to self apply the effect if you think that it will help you.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading the result of me and my friends drinking a beer too many. Of course this guys is nowhere near possible. Apart from the balancing problems, half of his abilities do stuff that will take years to code. But, a man can dream.

Thank you for reading and hit me in the comments for any weird interaction that you would use if this guy got released.

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