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I drew Renektoy for 52 RP

LeagueofLegends5 - I drew Renektoy for 52 RP

I was 52 RP off of Renektoy so I decided to draw a masterpiece. I also included this definitely real story:

Dear Ritoer,Happy Holidays! Recently I have been shopping for gifts to give. For my father, his favorite esports team's jersey (C9), for my mother, her favorite esports team's jersey (TSM, yeah it gets heated whenever a game's on), for my brother, nothing because he plays HOTS, and for my nephew, the problem arises. You see, he loves playing with little action figures. I had no idea what to buy until in the market I saw the perfect gift: Renektoy! However, upon checking my wallet, I found that I was just 52 RP short of being able to purchase it. I came here to see if the Rito Bank could lend a measly 52 RP. I am aware that most loans are much smaller than this, but if you could lend some, my nephew would be delighted to play with this action figure!


Signed,Definitely not a dude who just wants Renektoy but is 52 RP off

P.S. just kidding. I made some RP art for Renektoy. I attached it below, I hope that my godly art skills can impress a ritoer. Thanks! Also, if this is the wrong place or if this is too much rp, just let me know 🙂

KingPantaloons responded:

Hey there, ThatGuyEli99! KingPantaloons from Riot Tech Support here!

I've got you covered friend! 😀

Your story has pulled at my poor, dead heartstrings. And so did your art 😀

I went ahead and sent on over that 52 RP! I hope that does you well!

KingPantaloonsPlayer SupportFriendly Local Void-Spawn

I got the 52 RP and my totally real nephew and definitely not me will be delighted to have Renektoy! Thank you Mr. Rito Man!

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