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I feel like one of the biggest issues with League is how divided the community is. Here are the 9 types of League players I’ve seen since season 2.

LeagueofLegends4 - I feel like one of the biggest issues with League is how divided the community is. Here are the 9 types of League players I've seen since season 2.

I've been playing this game since season 2, hit diamond in season 4 or 5, and been accepting it as my peak and I reach dia every season then play decay games. The reason I play is because I have fun with the game, but I don't play ranked because P1-D4-D3 is the least fun elo in the game, anyone can attest to this at this point.

The reason why its the least fun is because of the ego people develop in it, which is what brings me to the topic of this post.

Have you ever wondered why is your support/mid standing still while the enemy team is invading and if you die they say its your fault? The reason is that some people treat League as a single player game. Where they realize there are other characters in the game, but they only care about their own.

Here is the 1st category: The Solo Player.

The Solo Players These guys know better than everyone! (according to them) they are the type who really only want to do 1 thing in the game, whether that's fighting or scaling, they fail to adapt and they rarely change their build. The best example of this are ADCs, the enemy team could consist of Malzahar Leona Naut Ashe Sejuani, they still wouldn't build Mercs and Magic Resistence. But its also common to see tanks build Warmogs and Sunfire Cape against 3 mages, or the most common ones are the people who fail to buy Bramble vest or ninja tabi against a ranged top laner and say jungle diff when they are sheen + 2 daggers at 40 cs against an Urgot who has Black Cleaver. These types rarely adept and cause a lot of harm especially to the next time. The Verge of Mental Collapse or VOMC.

The VOMC (The Verge of Mental Collapse)are players who are really good and friendly…as long as you are winning, once the game starts to look bad they will stop putting in 100% and start writing a book, at which point even muting them doesn't do anything, because they aren't typing to someone, they just want to let things out so they calm down.

These players are most likely to leave the game if the team has 1 or more members of Solo Players, as they rarely let mistakes go, and if they ask someone why didn't they group for dragon and they respond in ANY other way than an apology, they will conclude the game lost and log on their next account, which brings up the next category, The "Smurf".

The "Smurf" isn't actually a smurf, or if he is, its most likely a low platinum or banned account's new owner, these players act like the game doesn't matter and seek to appear cool in front of other players by saying that they don't care about the game's outcome and they have a lot of other things they could be doing instead, such as level a new account, but usually they end up hoping until the end that it isn't a loss. These players try to reverse psychology their way into making others believe they are cool and collected, while in reality they just feel really insecure about themselves and their gameplay, most of them want to avoid getting another account banned, because they regret all the money their spent on it.


In general, these types of players are the ones you can just mute and they won't appear much different to the next one (besides KDA) the Silent Players.

The Silent Players are the types to never type more than needed, they are genuinely interested in winning and overall the best kind of players to have on your team. They are quite rare because most the time they end up being Solo Players, but when they actually care they are the people everyone should try to be in League.

Next, The Smurf these are the actual smurfs, these guys won't flame you or trashtalk you most the time, they are trying to rush an account to a certain elo. If they do end up talking it means they are either VOMC on a new account or because someone is making a big mistake that prevents them from winning easily. You probably won't see many of these guys, but instead you'll meet the Returning Player.

The Returning Player is the type who haven't played and wants to have a try at the game again, he will most likely try old builds such as Triforce on Irelia or Deathcap 2nd on mages, often they are still mechanically decent, they just hold themselves back by not having u.gg open in a browser. These guys are prone to quit if you tell them what to buy, but oftentimes they are quite good at the game because not playing League for a long time cleanses your mental, and they don't give up after 15 minutes. Which brings us…

The 15 minutes/Open Player These guys are just the least pleasant people to play with, they queue up because they are bored and they really don't care about the outcome, the only reason they still play League is because they are addicted or because they can't afford any other games.

The Troll The el classico of video game players, everyone knows these people, they are just killing time, just don't give them attention and they might even attempt to be normal.

And then, the final type, the Pro Player These guys are better than you or me, and we know it. Sometimes their ego overtakes them and makes games unenjoyable, but when they don't they'll just send a 🙂 in chat and then win alone or disconnect, its a 50-50 really.

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