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I have created a backup archive of all* of the LoL boards posts

LeagueofLegends9 - I have created a backup archive of all* of the LoL boards posts

On the 1st of March, 2020, Riot Games announced that they would be:

  1. removing the League of Legends boards
  2. not be providing an official archive
  3. not providing an online-accessible read-only copy

This was met with a not-insignificant amount of backlash; the boards have been the place where the community has engaged for several years (since at least 2013). There are several years of history in the boards; memes that have been long forgotten or perhaps are still around.

I am a software engineer in my day job. I took a few hours to write a script that would essentially scrape all of the posts from the boards and download them into an archive for the purpose of redistribution across the internet for free. what you do with this data is up to you. Perhaps you will recreate the boards?

The archives enclosed are for the European and North American English boards. I did not back up the non-English speaking boards as the resources required for me to back up the two largest boards were expensive enough. I apologize to any non-English speakers out there.

The European archive contains approximately 480,000 discussions and the North American archive approximately 1,300,000 discussions. In this context, a discussion is an entire thread: The original post plus all comments.

The European archive (eu.tar.gz) is a standard tarball, compressed with the highest level of GZip compression. Inside this tarball is a folder containing a set of files, with each file corresponding to a single board (category) and discussion:


Each of these files is compressed further with Brotli encryption. Brotli encryption is more CPU intensive than GZip compression but results in smaller file sizes.


This archive is approximately 725MB in size and 2GB when uncompressed.

The North American archive is formatted differently. Due to the vastly increased number of discussions and my learnings from attempting to scrape the European boards, I had to adopt a different format to be able to scrape 1.3million discussions in any reasonable amount of time.

Within the North American archive (na.txt.gz) is a single text file which is compressed with the highest level of GZip compression. Each line in that text file will be a JSON blob corresponding to a single discussion. Unfortunately, due to what appears to be a bug in my code, there are some lines that may be corrupted.

While there are only about 100 discussions missing from this archive in total when line counts are compared, you may encounter issues when attempting to parse this line-by-line. Please make sure that the parser you write is forgiving.

This archive is approximately 2.1GB in size when compressed and 12GB in size uncompressed.

At the request of the mods, I have removed the link to the torrent and included a MEGA link. Unfortunately, there's a cap on the amount of transfers from MEGA, so I can't guarantee uptime.

NA: https://mega.nz/#!m7Y3lYSY!qgfJNnyZ18OgWgk_3sqbtQi7pB1ue6A88RGR-gne_S8

EU: https://mega.nz/#!CiQR1aja!d8PMaAuh5rox0L9z1Fv0VgKSfgLWR3uIROvA6KliEJI

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