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I have found out who Seraphine the artist is.

LeagueofLegends6 - I have found out who Seraphine the artist is.

Hello guys, your friendly neighborhood Reddit detective here. This will be a rather long post so skip to the TL;DR if you no read

At first i thought this was obviously Chrissy Costanza for a few reasons. 1. She sounded similar to the artist that sang in Childhood Dreams. 2. She sang Pheonix and Legends never die and the Chinese crowd loved her in 2017. 3. She just moved to LA. But upon the new release i realized, this isn't her. This is somebody new. So i took to Twitter/Soundcloud/Youtube to find the true singer behind all of this.

Her name is Chevy, and she does Ukelele covers on youtube as well as a few original songs on her SC. This is the link to her SC. https://soundcloud.com/chevyha

The reason i believe this is Chevy is for a number of reasons. Listed below:

  1. Seradotwav, the name that Seraphine goes by on her socials, is extremely similar to Chevy's manager… Soradotwav. Who Seraphine happens to follow on Twitter.
  2. Both Seraphine and Chevy's Soundcloud accounts follow a guy named Shawn Wasabi, if you're unfamiliar with the LA music scene, Shawn Wasabi is a bedroom pop producer, that Chevy happens to have a song with.
  3. Chevy has insane vocal range, and if you listen to the newest Seraphine cover and then listen to Chevy's music, it's definitely the same voice once you take into account the production level at Riot as well as the autotune on her voice.
  4. Soradotwav, Chevy's manager, also happens to be a songwriter himself. He tweeted out recently that he is working on 3 original songs that will be releasing in October…. right after he tweeted at Seraphine saying they are destined to collab. here are the tweets https://twitter.com/soradotwav/status/1296729275450761216 https://twitter.com/soradotwav/status/1296862120936648704
  5. Seraphine and Chevy's music tastes and art styles are very similar based on the types of people they both follow on Soundcloud and Twitter.
  6. Chevy recently moved to LA from Australia
  7. Before you say that her voice is too high, she can sing lower too as in this song https://soundcloud.com/chevyha/sets/check-out-my-new-collab-w … like come on this is obviously the same singer.

Tell me what you guys think! Im 99% sure these are the people behind Seraphine

TL;DR Riot has siphoned the Asian community in LA to find the singer Chevy and her manager/songwriter Soradotwav, to create Seradotwav aka Seraphine.

Ninja Edit: She also suspiciously stopped posting covers 2 months ago on her youtube, around the time Seraphine began posting. Here is her YT for anybody interested. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYonnZSZPYSSJ1zwDRSj3Uw

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