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I hope Aatrox gets the help he needs in a lore update

LeagueofLegends2 - I hope Aatrox gets the help he needs in a lore update

Aatrox isn't insane. He's sick. Even if we set aside the decades of fighting otherworldly abominations and the fall of the empire he served, he was forced into what can only be described as the ultimate sadist's idea of hell.

No fire, no brimstone, no torture, none of the various circles with their various punishments. Not even the empty wailing of dead souls that the writer for Mordekaiser's new story envisioned for the afterlife.

But instead, nothing at all. No limbs to move, no eyes to see, no ears to hear, no mouth to scream or even breathe. No ability to dream or perceive anything at all besides his own conscious thoughts. For centuries. So what reason does the story give him for fighting?

He wants to commit suicide

and because he can't destroy the sword himself, he's trying to cause a conflict that can destroy the world and him along with it. He's so deeply depressed that he's convinced himself the only way to avoid being trapped like that again is to end his own life.

But there's hope. His bio says that he had been searching for a way to return to his Ascended form before he decided to end it all, but that he couldn't because the magic no longer existed. Now, what is that referring to?

The Sun Disc

When the Sun Disc was destroyed by Xerath, the Ascension ritual couldn't be done any more, hence that magic was effectively gone. But Azir's been revived and created a new Sun Disc. So the Ascension ritual could be performed again.


Even better, the current state of Aatrox in the lore is that he recently fought Pantheon twice near Targon and lost. Targon is directly west of the Shuriman Desert. They could have him follow the river at the base of the mountain immediately after that fight, one arm missing, and reach the new capitol.

He'd meet Azir and become Ascended once more. But more importantly, he'd get his hope back. He wouldn't need to think that suicide is the only option any more. He'd be able to fight in the wars with the void/demons that Riot has been foreshadowing ever since the retcon, under the very same emperor he lost millennia ago, with the same strength and freedom he thought he'd never get back.

I feel the need to remind people that Ascension doesn't make a person angel-like. Justicar not only isn't his ascended form (nevermind the fact it was made long before the Darkin story had anything to do with the Ascended), but it isn't anywhere close. The Ascension ritual makes a person animal-like. Hence we have a jackal, a pigeon, and a crocodile, along with the wolf, panther, turtle, tiger, and ravens mentioned in the lore. Aatrox's Ascended form is most likely a bird. My bet would be a falcon, since he's a match for Horus as far as his personality before he was trapped.

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