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I like Dunkmaster Ivern, but the skin’s VFX could use some work to make it better

LeagueofLegends12 - I like Dunkmaster Ivern, but the skin's VFX could use some work to make it better

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I main Ivern and am liking the new skin he is getting . Even so, I feel the skin is wasting too much potential, using too many basketballs in the wrong places instead of using the basketball effect more efficiently.

There aren't that many Ivern players but it's not a secret that the most vocal ones aren't exactly happy, even so I don't want to see the skin scrapped like what happened to Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank because, as I said, I like what the skin is going for. I would rather the skin got delayed and changed a bit to make it better.


Everything's a-ok with this. Specially like the SFX when it's charged and complements well the theme of the skin.


This most likely will seem like a pet-peeve, but I think Q is the main example of using the basketball effects wrong.
ivernq - I like Dunkmaster Ivern, but the skin's VFX could use some work to make it better
THIS is how Q looks like when it catches someone.

See how it goes from a basketball and becomes the hoop. Why is it that it's not just the hoop's net getting thrown to make it more consistent in the way it looks? Ivern's Q already looks like a tangled rope anyway so it makes sense to make this look like a tangled net to catch enemies. It just feels like the basketball is tacked on to scream to people this is a basketball skin, in case it wasn't obvious enough.

After changing it to a tangled hoop/net the spell will likely feel less rewarding because the SFX is that of a ball hitting, so here's an idea: make the crowd cheer from W's bush also proc when Q hits an enemy. It's Ivern helping his team dunk on people and trapping opponents after all, makes sense it's a cheering moment when he gets it right. At the same time, no crowd feeling sad when he misses, so as to avoid unnecesary noise cluttering teamfights.

*W: *

Why aren't his empowered AAs being him throwing, you know, basketballs? of all the spells to put basketballs in it, this one seems to have made the most sense.

Main reason I am complaining about Q is because I am sure the reason W isn't Ivern styling on people with 3-pointers to the head is to keep clarity on Q, which again seems kinda pointless when they could have made Q's vfx be a hoop's net instead of tacking the basketball in it and R's knocks.


ivernw - I like Dunkmaster Ivern, but the skin's VFX could use some work to make it better
As for the active bush's looks… I'll be honest, I wasn't seriously expecting anything that different considering Candy King Ivern also has bushes like it, so I guess it's ok since I am sure most Ivern players expected this. At least the SFX in it makes the skin difference itself from others more if we won't be seeing changed colors.


No problem here. It's a ball on Fire that explodes for an spherical shield that explodes. Makes sense and serves it's purpose. My problem is that SFX is nothing special but it's cohesive with the spell so it gets a pass.


Daisy's looks are good, but again there just feels like an overabundance of basketballs for the sake of screaming this is a basketball skin. Guess it's justified because of how Daisy's knock-up looks, but now watch Candy king ivern's knock-up. There's more variation in it because of the colors but with Dunkmaster you can't do the same, so here's an idea:make the last knockup pillar of Daisy use a backboard (the square-like thing that holds the hoop) instead of another ball.

ivernrecall - I like Dunkmaster Ivern, but the skin's VFX could use some work to make it better
Hell, if you are gonna reuse Dunkmaster Darius' weapon model for the recall then may as well use it to add more distintion to the ult instead of just as a prop for the recall. It fits the theme and doesn't causes too much disruption or visual noise since it's the last hit of spell instead of being mixed in between randomly. As an aside, it would be nice if the backboard looked less damaged, the model is already there it just needs to not be Darius' blood-drenched weapon, just non-bloodied backboard.

Hell, adding the backboard could have add potential to the chromas by making it have different colors.


I like the theme of the skin, I like Ivern's and Daisy's looks, I would rather have the skin delayed and be better in the effect department though because the skin's theme is not being used properly. I don't want this to be scrapped


  • Q: make Q a hoop's net and have W's crowd cheer also proc if Q hits an enemy champion.

  • W: Make empowered AAs throw basketballs

  • R: Add a backboard to the last hit of the spell.

  • make the backboard less damaged

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