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I love Nexus Blitz

LeagueofLegends11 - I love Nexus Blitz

It's really fun and exciting to play. Makes me really happy!


Just kidding. But after all the criticism this newest iteration of Nexus Blitz has received in the last days (some justified, some overblown), I want to use the massive influence of this anonymous Reddit account to spread a more happy message about this (almost) fresh icon in the game mode selection screen.

  • The look of the new Ionian Temple map is fing awesome. That's probably a point even critics will have to admit. I am a graphically minimalist dude who really liked the "default"-looking first Nexus Blitz map and who actually felt this new one to be slightly overloaded with objects (aka plants and golems) when it was availible on the PBE. However, whether I got used to it or simply have been wrong – anyways, it's awesome.

  • Nexus Blitz in general is the fast and fun mode this game needs. You're too tired for a long Summoner's Rift game, but still want to play actual League of Legends? (Aka neither ARAM nor TFT) Just throw in a game of NB. And since the time has an absolute maximum of 20 minutes, you can easily plan with it.

  • At least at the moment this mode is not taken too seriously by the players. Flaming is less frequent. If you're underfed – who cares? It's a fun mode. If you're an ADC, you will probably reach your powerspike more often than in SR.

  • Following up to this: Since you're not really forced to play against unfavorable matchups and get higher gold than usual, you can easily play off-meta stuff without significant drawbacks. Just play DFG AP Nautilus, if you want. And if it really doesn't work: ->

  • In Summoner's Rift, if you're getting hard stomped by a 5 man premate tryhard comp that camps your lane 24/7, you're pretty much doomed to suffer for at least 15 minutes – oh, who am I kidding 20 minutes. In Nexus Blitz, you can jump the ship after 8 minutes, with 4 votes being sufficient to save your brain from exploding. These FFs actually happen. And the best part: If you still want to keep playing, you have good chances to turn the game around, thanks to the rubber band mechanics.

  • The events mean the game will rarely get boring. You might not like individual ones, but I personally am fine with our Soraka running it down jungle – it means the next event will become easier! Losing an event rarely costs you the game (unless they get GA… seriously, fuck GA). Also, how fking awesome is it to beat the shit out of those golden Teemos to the sound of cash ringing in your wallet?

  • Your ego is safe. The random events and mentioned rubber band mechanics, even though some people don't like them, motivate you to play a game of Nexus Blitz like a game of Mario Kart: You're not necessarily a worse player if you lose. Maybe you just got hit by four Rammus' Qs in a row. So just take it easy! (And that's from me, a guy who usually tilts easier than a Tryndamere laning against 3 Teemos.)

Summarized: For me, Nexus Blitz is an excellent link between the "complete" games of Summoner's Rift and the teamfight-only gameplay of ARAM. It's ideal if you're too mentally exhausted for a full Summoner's Rift game where you're probably getting flamed for playing poorly. Here? Turn off your urge to tryhard, hop into your champion cannon and just enjoy the flight. I really, really like this mode and while I still want Dominion back, NB would be a honorable successor.

Is it perfect? Hell, no. I'm not too happy with the jungle, the GA reward sucks and I'm fucking tired of seeing Sett, Jhin, Kindred and Yasuo every game. But those are problems that can be fixed.

It's not a reason to abandon this mode; give it a chance. If repeating the same teamfight over and over and over again in ARAM is fun for you, surely Nexus Blitz can be as well.

My two cents.

PS: Still, bring back Dominion.

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