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I made an Ability Icon Quiz with 5 levels!

LeagueofLegends5 - I made an Ability Icon Quiz with 5 levels!

Hey everyone,

this took ages to make, but I like these kinds of quizzes so i thought you might to. Therefore, here are 5 levels with answers below in the table. You can count it as right if you can Say "Blitzcrank Q", but if you know the Name you can give yourself extra points 🙂

Tell me if I made mistakes or if you want more!

n6c2r1ah3fr61 - I made an Ability Icon Quiz with 5 levels!

A1Morgana Q (Dark Binding)A6Ryze W (Rune Prison)
A2Thresh Q (Death sentence)A7Lee Sin Q (Sonic Strike)
A3Gangplank W (Remove Scurvy)A8Malzahar R (Nether Grasp)
A4Ezreal R (Trueshot Barrage)A9Garen Q (Decisive Strike)
A5Zed Q (Razor Shuriken)A10Lux Q (Light Binding)


B1Veigar E (Event Horizon)B6Lucian Q (Piercing Light)
B2Talon Q (Noxian Diplomacy)B7Rek'Sai E Unburrowd (Furious Bite)
B3Shen W (Spirit's Refuge)B8Orrn E (Searing Charge)
B4Senna W (Last embrace)B9Nasus R (Fury of The Sands)
B5Lulu R (Wild Growth)B10Urgot R (Fear beyond Death)

8eycr6n43fr61 - I made an Ability Icon Quiz with 5 levels!

C1Lulu W (Whimsy)C6Maokai Q (Bramble Smash)
C2Nasus P (Soul Eater)C7Shoco P (Backstab)
C3Nocturne P (Umbra Blades)C8Zoe P (More Sparkles)
C4Yone P (Way Of The Hunter)C9Diana e (Lunar Rush)
C5Riven P (Runic Blade) C10Soraka P (Salvation)



D1Swain R Recast (Demonflare)D6Akali E Recast (Shuriken Flip)
D2Tahm Kench W Recast (Regurgitate)D7Aatrox Q 3 (The Darkin Blade)
D3Vi W (Dentic Blows)D8Kalista P (Martial Poise)
D4Yorick Q Recast (Awakening)D9Heimerdinger P (Hextech Affinity)
D5Viego R (Heartbreaker) D10Sion W Recast Soul Furnace)

7awl4ma53fr61 - I made an Ability Icon Quiz with 5 levels!

E1Old Urgot R (Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser) InfoE6Nidalee P (Prowl) Info
E2Old Irelia R (Transcendent Blades) InfoE7Old Galio P (Runic Skin) Info
E3Old Yorick R (Omen Of Death) InfoE8Old Talon E (Cutthroat) Info
E4Old Fiora W (Riposte) InfoE9Old Warwick W (Hunters Call) Info
E5Viego E personal attckspeed, invisibility InfoE10Alpha Twisted Fate E (Gate) Info this dude could literally global tp lvl 1 wtf riot

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