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I made an infographic about champions that can stack infinitely

LeagueofLegends3 - I made an infographic about champions that can stack infinitely

According to patch 11.4, there are at least 12 of 154 champions that have infinity stacking abilities. Those skills may grant bonus AD, AP, armor, magic resist, etc. or even gold and XP.

So this is how they look like when having a large number of stacks:

Don't mess with them in very late game!


From my infographic, here are the champs that can get unlimited stats:

  1. Nasus: 's damage.
  2. Veigar: AP and 's cooldown.
  3. Thresh: Armor and AP.
  4. Sion: Maximum health.
  5. Bard: Meep's damage.
  6. Kindred: Attack range, 's bonus attack speed, 's damage and 's damage.
  7. Shyvana: Armor and magic resist.
  8. Senna: AD, attack range, critical chance and life steal.
  9. Swain: Maximum health.
  10. Cho'gath: Maximum health, attack range, size and 's damage.
  11. Sylas: Steal Cho'gath's to get those stats.
  12. Draven: Adoration (used to get bonus gold when killing enemy champs).
  13. Gangplank: Silver Serpents (used to upgrade ).
  14. Zilean: Time In A Bottle (used to give experience).

Besides, there are other champs that can steal or support those stats:

  1. Viego: Steals champs that have infinity stacks.
  2. Neeko: Mimics any champs, some of them have on-hit effect.
  3. Kalista: The only champ that can stack on enemy champs.
  4. Trundle: Steal armor and magic resist.
  5. Mordekaiser: Steal 10% enemies champ's stats.
  6. Rell: Steal armor and magic resist, but she can have bonus on-hit effect and grant her allies bonus armor and magic resist.
  7. Taric: Shielding ability can scale based on ally's maximum health.
  8. Yuumi: Grant herself bonus AD or AP (adaptively) based on her ally champs she attachs.

You will notice that there are some limitations for some champs:

  • Bard: No longer get bonus effects at 100 chimes.
  • Kindred: Maximum attack range that she can get is 750.
  • Shyvana: Everytime she and (or) her team slained the same elemental dragon, it will take 7% damage reduction stack for the next time which make her team hard to take down in later game.
  • Cho'gath: Maximum attack range and size that he can get is 200 and 100% respectively.
  • Draven and Gangplank: The maximum gold that every champs can get is 100,000 (You can see this in Practice Tool).
  • Zilean: Cannot give bonus XP if he and all of his teammates are at level 18.
  • Neeko: Most useless champs in this list, she can visualize ally's appearance with stats but mostly cannot interact with them.
  • Viego, Trundle and Mordekaiser: Can steal stats in a short time.
  • Rell: Similar to Viego, Trundle and Mordekaiser, but she can keep armor and magic resist by hitting enemies continuously.

TLDR: In a nutshell, there are 22 champions in total can have infinity things. Don't mess with them in very late game!

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