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I made Hearthstone cards for every single League Champion (and then some)!

LeagueofLegends12 - I made Hearthstone cards for every single League Champion (and then some)!

While the title says it all, let me go deeper into detail.

If you're only here for the cards, here they are:

A couple years ago while playing Hearthstone for the first time alongside League, I though that it would be cool for Riot and Blizzard to do some sort of crossover. It'd be really neat if League champions were introduced into the card game in some form.


It never happened, but I started to make my own champion cards like Hearthstone's using the website www.hearthcards.net.

Now let me be frank: I'm not that good at Hearthstone, so while the mana cost/attack/health/actions of the cards may be OP (I'm looking at you, Yorick) or underwhelming, please note my lack of skill and the fact that I may have overlooked/rushed things over the past few years.

Anyway, let's get to the actual cards, which in the imgur account, is divided into factions. Unless you're a yordle or vastayan, at least, in which those races take priority (Yuumi is under Yordle for the purposes of the gallery).

Some things to note is that they (the champions) are all Legendary. Generally in a ranked/draft summoner's rift match, there are no mirror matches; so only one champion in each hypothetical deck.

Also, the class in which each champion is determined is based on either their theme or the nature of the kit. For example, almost all "choose ones" are under Druid; all "Overloads" are under Shaman, etc. There are some exceptions due to the fact that I may have forgotten between additions.

I tried keeping the nature of champion in the action of the card in some way, shape, or form, without getting too complex. This may extend to the abilities in the original kit, thematic purposes, or lore. There are some exceptions, like Yuumi or Tahm Kench, in which a paragraph seemed needed due to the "complexities" in their actions.

Also, the champions that have golden foil are esports related (MSI, Championship, e-sports team) or Victorious. This will be updated over time, as well as kits that get added removed (for example, I had Irelia disarm Heroes and enemy Champions as her Battlecry; I had to remove that after her post-rework nerf).

I took less time in thinking about "balance" regarding spells and items; those I will admit in some oversight.

If anyone has any questions or critiques, please feel free to let me know in the comments! I just thought that someone would enjoy these as much as I did thinking about them.

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