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I miss rotating game modes.

LeagueofLegends1 - I miss rotating game modes.

I've been committed to league for about four years now, and I love the game so much, but I've never had the pc setup to really get into ranked that much. I've also been moving alot recently and good internet is never a sure thing, so although I love the game, I can't compete with other good players. That, along with lots of my friend group joining the game recently, means we just play arams to teach them the champions because we would all get stomped in a solo lane. They would because of inexperience and I would because of lag/my current mediocre laptop.

What made me invest so much time in the game to start with were the really fun rotating game modes. My brother and I used to love dominion and then we would constantly practice ascension as well. I even wasted a whole weekend once just playing Doom Bots. But anymore, all Riot brings back is URF where it just showcases how I cannot lane well. What happened to all of the fun game modes? In my opinion, they make the game so much better for people like me with friends who are in low elo/beginners. I could go on and on about how great rotating game modes are and how they made me commit to the game, but i think you get the idea by now. It was the best part of the game, and I don't want to spend another four years learning another game, so I'm stuck in this rut where the most exciting thing I can do now is mess around on the twisted treeline.

What can I do to have Riot bring something like Hexakill back? I don't want chaotic one-off new game modes with cannons that can blitz hook you and Santa's sleigh. I just want to play the amazing old modes with new champs.

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Please. Anybody. What would this take? A petition? Selling my soul? How am I supposed to tell people why I play nothing but this game if it's not as fun anymore?

Edit: So what I'm hearing is that people abuse OP champs in rotating modes, and I know bans target the same OP champs, but I'd rather have an unbalanced random mode than none at all. Are the heigher teir players who want balancing at the highest level of gameplay really going to ruin it for all of us?

Edit2: Yes I now understand Riot has transition to focus on ranked for the better return on investment, I'm just saying it's sad, and clearly negatively affects people who were having fun. Also, let me just lay out for reference what I think are the best games modes we now miss out on. Feel free to disagree 😉 Remember I am biased and don't like laning.

  1. Ascension – personal favorite
  2. Hexakill – underrated best mode on TTL
  3. Dominion – Second best Crystal Scar mode
  4. Doombots – never quite won on hard lol
  5. Nexus Seige – fun new item element thumbs up
  6. Nexus Blitz – The Middle, tried a bit too hard
  7. One for All – Gimicky own team can ruin for you
  8. Urf – Panders to Streamers' Highlights
  9. Star Guardians – Still use the icon, thats bout it
  10. Blood Moon – Panders to Assassin mains
  11. Dark Star – Fun, felt like a league sidequest
  12. Nemesis Draft – Fun Once

Edit3: Forgot Nexus Blitz, Dark Star mb. And I didn't know there was one before I joined Black Market Brawlers?

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