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I play LoL with the use of only my left hand AND on a 2010 mbp. For real.

LeagueofLegends13 - I play LoL with the use of only my left hand AND on a 2010 mbp. For real.

I’ve just seen so much shit talk of Mac users and lol, I thought I’d share. I did upgrade to a Samsung evo 850 and run 8GB of ram. But I usually have an ms of around 30 and FPS around 40 (when a lot of stuff is going on on screen) As far as the one handed use goes, I was in a motorcycle accident back in 2011, and have a brachial plexus injury which has paralyzed my right arm. Before my accident I played League quite a bit with my buddies, then after I tried but it was just too hard/frustrating switching from keyboard to mouse to be viable.

A few weeks back I was talking with a buddy at work who plays League and told him how I used to play and how I miss it blah blah blah…


So he’s like ‘bro why don’t you use an MMO mouse and reprogram the buttons, then you won’t have to take your hand off the mouse!”

Holy shit, I never even thought of that!

So that’s what I did, I got a Logitech g903, program the two buttons on the right side to Q and W, then E and R on the left side, and D and F on the top two buttons.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prodigy or anything, but I can keep up and have fun playing! So if there’s anyone on here on the fence about playing due to a disability, it can be done! Sorry for the long text but I’m just excited ?

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