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I played 74 games in 7 days with a 60% winrate with 7 game winstreaks in d4 and never promoted. Ama.

LeagueofLegends4 - I played 74 games in 7 days with a 60% winrate with 7 game winstreaks in d4 and never promoted. Ama.

This elo is absolutely nuts. If a 60 % winrate doesnt get you promoted from d4 what exactly are we supposed to do? There is a stupid number of people in d4 that literally just cant leave. You need an absurd winrate to promote, and over 20 consecutive losses to demote out of d4

So while gaining 11 LP and losing 22 LP from my absurd loss streak that i never demoted from (something like 1-20 while at 0 LP) and then slowly normalizing to the average +14 -20 that normal MMR d4's gain (my friend from school promoted to d4 with a 53% winrate), I managed to never promote from d4 once. Even through 5, 6, 7, and 8 game winstreaks. Imagine winning 8 games in a row and sitting at 96 LP.

That was me at one point. Any normal division in any other elo, 8 game winstreak is a guaranteed promotion. Gains between 17 and 19 takes 6 to reach series and 2 more to promote. Gains of 20+ take 5 games for series and 2 more to promote.

I was gaining TWELVE LP and didnt even hit SERIES in an 8 game winstreak.

D4 is the LARGEST range of skills mashed together. It's actually nuts. More than half the games are complete and utter stomps. Another quarter of those games are legit babysitting some raging infants in an attempt to salvage a win that they absolutely do not deserve, and the last quarter where theres absolutely nothing you can do and just have to preserve every last bit of mental you have because everybody and their mother is trolling and screaming in chat from minute 1.


This elo is insanely coinflip in the sense that one game it can feel like a high diamond game where everyone knows whats going on, map awareness, mechanics, rotations, decision making, all clean. Both teams have like 2 challenger smurfs on their team cuz d4 is fucking flooded with smurfs, and then the next game is an absolute degenerate cesspool of flaming, inting, blatant shitty decision making and more. I really dont understand how Riot can continue to shoehorn a population into d4 bigger than that of d5, plat 1 and plat 2 of last season.

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Riot needs to fix the problem that is d4. It's miserable. It makes no sense. And it's just so anti fun. My mental has never been so shot from this game and I really don't know what to do about it. I honestly just wanna quit ranked because now it legitimately feels like it is abaolutely impossible to climb when i spent the last week of my life playing the best I've ever played in my entire life, in over 70 ranked games and got absolutely nowhere.

I went on multiple 7 or 8 game winstreaks just to be down to 20 LP after 2 or 3 losses. Like what the fuck even is that?

Theres literally zero reason to play ranked in d4 when LP gains drop from +20 -18 in plat 1 to an instant +14 -20 the second you promote. Literally punished for improving and sucking everyone into the black hole that is d4.

Riot NEEDS to fix this.

Edit: I think my favorite part about d4 is the challenger smurf i got matched against twice in this week long period who has a 72% winrate in diamond 3 and got placed in an all diamond 4 game. Really symbolic of how much of a random coinflip these games really are.

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