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I played over 1000 games of ARAM in Season 8 and used the API to collect data. Here are some of the numbers.

LeagueofLegends13 - I played over 1000 games of ARAM in Season 8 and used the API to collect data. Here are some of the numbers.

TLDR: Numbers! Look at them here!

Whole: https://imgur.com/Km4EgGN

Pieces: https://imgur.com/gallery/uNAI3T5

Raw: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_dvrWWiG4SLsZCaICFN6Q_7mdbpAywsJuI6ahInllSg/edit?usp=sharing


Hey everyone, I wanted to share something I spent way too much time working on. I love numbers and statistics and what started as a little Excel sheet to track who I play turned into a ridiculous file tracking a lot of things. I know that the season doesn’t mean anything for ARAM but it gave a me a defined period of time to work with. I’ve been working on this off and on since the season ended and wanted to get this out sooner, but better late than never.


A little background, I’ve been playing League for a little over 2 years now on the NA server. I’ve played only 20 ranked matches in the last two years; enough to get placed in Silver IV twice. League is my first moba and I’ve always been more of an FPS player playing mostly Halo and Overwatch. My early exposure to PvP went poorly so I spent a lot of time just having fun in bots learning champions and playing with friends. When I did play PvP, I enjoyed ARAM because it has a much lighter feel to it and I enjoy the chaos of the nonstop team fighting. I jump into normals every once in a while but I’m almost exclusively an ARAM main now.



My initial goal was to simply bring my ARAM win rate back up to 50% and track who I play on my way there. When I started tracking, I’d played 131 games and had a win rate of 39.7% (like I said, poor early start to PvP). I started out just tracking who I was randomly given and who I’d trade for or reroll. Basically, if a champion was in my hands at any point in pregame, I marked it down and added the result of the game when it was over. This then grew to adding my grade, XP earned, and mastery points earned. I eventually went on to using the API to get the match history data and put it into Excel where I then made a macro to pull the specific data I wanted for each participant in the match and format it.

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I ended the season with an all time record of 702-698 (50.14%), and a record of 650-619 (51.22%) during season 8. Mission Accomplished.


For 2019, if I keep this up, I’d like to add some things. Unfortunately, some of them require the match timeline section of the API which would mean getting two sets of data for each match instead of just one and I’d have to make another macro for the timeline data. I’d like to get numbers on earliest and latest first tower, earliest inhibitor, first blood, and more. Another goal I have for 2019 is play less League… seriously, I have other games I want to play but I just can’t escape send help


I know I have a relatively small sample size with 1269 games and probably don’t provide much that some websites like op.gg could provide, but it was a fun little project and I hope you enjoy it. If you want to see the data, I’ve made a Google Doc. Are you an ARAM player on the NA server? Have our paths crossed? How badly did you beat me?


Happy New Year! See you on the murder bridge!

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