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I posted a list of issues of the client last month… Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.

LeagueofLegends4 - I posted a list of issues of the client last month... Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.

Hey everyone!

I made this client buglist three weeks ago, and was glad that the list was rather thorough this time, without really forgetting anything. Therefore, naturally, I'm back today to add everything I forgot, which only adds up to X pages.

This time, it won't be sorted by client parts, only dividing between bugs / other issues, and then sorting by what I consider important. Category A for broken functionalities, category B for milder problems, category C for details. Like the last time, I will not be covering performance issues that I don't have a way to personally talk about. And like the last time, there'll be a new/recent tag before the bugs that are… well… new/recent – "new" meaning since January, "recent" meaning considered as new back in January (on that note, we all agree that January was pretty much two months ago, right?).



I) Bugs


I.A.1) When opening the client, you can't see how much experience you have, until you play one game.
unknown - I posted a list of issues of the client last month... Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.

The gauge will show up as empty, as will
unknown - I posted a list of issues of the client last month... Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.
the one on your profile. Hovering the profile's gauge will at least show the correct experience in the number that appears below. It's possible that this wasn't the most important bug. But this time, I didn't want the thumbnail to be something random (for the people using new Reddit or something similar), so this goes first.

I.A.2) Same with other people's experience – when going on anyone's profile, their experience gauge will appear empty. Just like in your profile's case, hovering over it will show the correct number. However, unlike the previous case, playing one game will not get rid of this problem.

Whenever completing a mission at the end of a game, a pop-up reading "X missions completed, Y new missions added" will appear. That Y will display an absurdly high (and obviously incorrect) number, usually between 25-50 when the number of missions added is never higher than a handful, and can be as low as zero.

I.A.3) League voice basically doesn't work on the Mac client. I never use macs, because I'm still a normal person at times, but I've seen this been said enough times to know that to be trustable. From what I've heard, when speaking (from a mac client), the other people cannot hear you even though the mic icon lights up.

I.A.4) Turning off potato mode makes your client incredibly slow until you restart it (not because you're in "normal" mode, much slower than that).

I.A.5) Sometimes, the client pretty much decides to die, and can no longer operate lobby functions until restarted. By this, I mean that:

  • Inviting someone will not show the invite in your lobby (although the other person will properly receive it).

  • You will not join the queue when the leader will start it. So… yeah, in other words, you need to restart the client if you want to play.

I.A.6) When you go on someone's profile page, you see your Honor level in their Honor spot.

I.A.7) The client is overall slow on many different aspects, even without having a bad computer. Joining a lobby takes time. The friends list takes time to display information (when someone joins an open party, for example, this will take a few seconds to be shown anywhere). The post-game lobby takes time to show who left the room. In each case, this can be upwards of 3-5s.

I.A.8) Lots of people say that dodges don't always go through; that they dodged a game only to log back in finding out that the game had started anyway (while they had quit in time), or that one of their teammates ended up never connecting in the belief that they had dodged. I seldom dodge myself (and I wish that phrase only applied to the client), so I've never had that issue and can't confirm it. But, it's talked about a lot.

I.A.9) Occasionally, the client will keep saying "Game is still in progress" some time after you've finished it (up to 30-ish seconds).

I.A.10) In champ select, the bottom message is hidden unless you click on the chat. It's possible that this was fixed very recently. I'm not sure and currently don't have a way to check, so I'm just putting it here in case.

I.B.1) In the previous buglist, I listed a bug about the friends' mini-profiles not refreshing.

1.A.d) If you hover over a friend while they're in queue or champ select, hovering over them again while they're in game will still show them as being in queue / CS, instead of showing them as being ingame (meaning that you can't see their ingame time, or the champion picked / mode played). Changing the sorting of the friends list refreshes it and clears that problem. (Sort alphabetically > Sort by status, or the other way around. You can also switch back immediately after.) I'm just not sure this pro tip really will help anyone, because since we're already 4 bugs in, there should be a maximum of 3 people reaching that point.
unknown - I posted a list of issues of the client last month... Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.


One correction to make: Changing the sorting of the friends list will most of the time clear the problem. It's possible that it won't remove it for certain friends, no matter how many times you try (even if it works fine for other friends in the same game).

I.B.2) As of this patch, we can now once again see the names in open lobbies. With a bug. Just like with the problem mentioned just above, the friends list won't refresh properly there. So if your friend creates an open lobby, you hover over them, and they then have someone (other than you) join them, their lobby will now read "Open Party (2/5) / Name1" instead of "Open Party (2/5) / Name1, Name2". There again, changing the sorting of the friends list will clear the problem.

I.B.3) I still haven't been able to find out what causes it or when it happens, but sometimes, the client decides to reset lots of its data. Meaning some or all of the following:

  • News pop-ups appear once again (Eternals are live, Welcome to a certain ranked season, We finally found the L on our keyboards to spell Clash without an R, and so on)

  • Rune settings go back to default

  • Summoner spells go back to the default ones

  • I forget that I decided to play real champs for once and lock in top lane Leona for the fifth time of the day

I.B.4) When a champion is your only favorite champion in a given role, you can't unfavorite it.

I.B.5) In the previous buglist, I mentioned a bug about the post-game lobby occasionally deciding to use the Times New Roman font instead of the normal one (which, as a side note, usually happens after the client takes a while to go to the post-game lobby after the game).

2.A.d) The post-game lobby sometimes (fairly regularly) uses the Times New Roman font instead of the normal one.

This issue also happens with chats and in parties.

I.B.6) In champ select, when you open your chats, they'll land behind the chat icon, making said icon cover a part of your important messages.
unknown - I posted a list of issues of the client last month... Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.


I.B.7) If you open a new chat before getting into a champ select, once you get into the CS, the chats will be in another spot instead.
unknown - I posted a list of issues of the client last month... Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.


I.B.8) The "News language" often resets to the default (which I assume is the system's language?) instead of the one that you previously selected.

I.B.9) The profile choices can randomly be reset. I normally had Infernal Mordekaiser as my profile champion/skin, and recently got messaged by someone who mistook me for an ADC main because my profile showed Ashe – whom I hadn't played very recently. It's supposed to be locked to your choices, if you actually pick a champion/skin to display.

I.B.10) Friends from other servers all show as Offline when hovering over their name in your friends list.

I.B.11) I've had one exception to this – someone on EUNE (which isn't my server) showing as if he were on EUW, only that I wouldn't have the option to spectate him while he was in game.
unknown - I posted a list of issues of the client last month... Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.

Screenshot 1 /
unknown - I posted a list of issues of the client last month... Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.
Screenshot 2

I.B.12) In low spec mode, deleting someone messes up your chats. – All other chats will be blank (save for their preview), until you close them and open them again, indivisually. – The deleted person will still show in your chats, with a blank profile picture. They'll show over the clubs, and you'll have an "undefined" written in your chat box.

I.C.1) After closing the client, you need to wait a few seconds before reopening it. Otherwise, nothing will happen, because some processes hadn't been terminated yet. So far, that makes sense. However, you don't receive any prompt mentioning that. Only your attempt at opening the client resulting in nothing, and that's it. The old client would give you an error message reading that the previous instance hadn't been fully closed yet. Considering that the League of Legends logo takes a few seconds to appear, that means a few seconds without you knowing whether the client is actually launching, or didn't work.
A few seconds isn't much, but it's enough for this "change" to be a strict downgrade, whether intentional or not.

I.C.2) If your client gets a quick disconnection while you've been on Away (natural away, not manual), your status may go back to Online, without you having done anything. It will then stay on Online, until you… interact with the client, at which point it'll go back to Away. Yeah, that's the opposite of what it should be. That goes against the purpose of this status, making people believe you're there when you aren't.

I.C.3) Deleting a rune page from the rune pages list puts you back to the top, and deleting a rune page from the page itself puts you back to the first page. That makes deleting a high number of pages (after checking them individually to make sure of which ones you want to get rid of) take unnecessarily more time. (Yes, you have a button to select pages to delete, but I'm talking about going through your pages to check them one by one before removing them, which takes more clicks because of that.)

I.C.4) In the previous buglist, I mentioned not being able to log out when an instance of Valorant is running.

8.A.a) Signing out doesn't work if an instance of Valorant is open in the background. The League client will close, the Valorant one will stay open, but when you'll click on the League client again, it'll automatically log you back into the account you supposedly signed out from. On the other hand, if you signed out from the Valorant client instead of the League one, you'd properly be signed out from both, and prompted to log in upon trying to reopen any Riot services. The same thing applies to Legends of Runeterra – you can't log out of League with an instance of LoR open at the same time, while the opposite is possible (the other Valorant-related bug doesn't apply to LoR, though).

unknown - I posted a list of issues of the client last month... Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/412666600332984340/743658045891936296/unknown.png?width=958&height=650 what

I.C.6) The box for the news language doesn't have enough room. Opening that box slightly expands the settings, but not enough to be able to view more than 2.5 lines of the drop-down box.

I.C.7) It's possible to receive the message "Sorry, you were removed from the party" during a game, or straight after finishing a game, without it meaning anything (because you weren't in a party, because you weren't removed from it, or because the message popped up multiple times). I'm not sure whether this is still there, aside from having been told so. For me, it would normally happen after custom games. My client often gets some quick disconnections, and once I'd be out of my game (without parties, since I'm talking about custom games), I would get that popup once for every disconnection I've had during the game.

I.C.8) Opening a new chat will leave the chat preview blank until you type another message in it (it should normally display the last message sent by either person).
unknown - I posted a list of issues of the client last month... Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.


I.C.9) When someone has a disconnection mid-game and reconnect afterwards, their status won't read "Map (Game type) – Champion" but " – Champion" instead, with the first part being empty.

I.C.10) Adding people doesn't always go right.
unknown - I posted a list of issues of the client last month... Here are 13 more pages of problems that I forgot.

Screenshot. There really isn't much information I can give on that. Someone added me from an EUNE account for me to test another client bug (ironic), I quickly clicked on the notification, and this is what happened.

I.C.11) On one of my accounts, whenever I receive a friends request, I get a pop-up reading "X has sent a friend request" as well as Pending requests with a 1 on it. On my other account, receiving a friends request will not trigger the pop-up, and will only show the Pending requests part. This is consistent in both cases (and neither account using the low spec mode).



II) Other issues


II.A.1) There are several situations in which the client will be brought back up if you were tabbed out. It happens when a game is found, when entering champ select, when it's your turn to pick/ban, 10 seconds before the game starts, and when the honor screen comes up after a game. That's all fine and makes sense. However, when the client does that, it then "locks" itself on for ~5s, meaning that the client will stay in front and focused even when clicking on another program (there are some ways to get around that without having to wait the five seconds, but even when doing them quickly, it still takes more time than simply clicking on what's behind). And while it makes sense to have the client pop back up in these situations, I can't see any good reason for it to stay locked on afterwards, and it's simply annoying and inconvenient.

II.A.2) We no longer have featured high elo games to spectate. The old client had a selection of 5 games of high elo players (challengers or below when there wouldn't be enough of the former currently in game), showing you for each the name of all players, the champions they were playing, and the current game time, letting you spectate better players and pick which game seemed most appealing to you. It was a nice feature, and it having been lost is something that I've read dozens of complaints about over time.

For a personal story that no normal people would care about – but since you've read this far instead of skipping like everyone else, you're probably weird – in August 2015, shortly after Gangplank's rework, I saw Vardags (UOL's ADC back then) play the pirate as a bot laner in these featured games, while this was a time when no non-marksman was ever considered normal in the ADC role (bot lane Mordekaiser would only become a thing later that month, and it remained the only non-marksman bot lane pick until Ziggs bot in 2017). As I had just started picking up Gangplank myself, I went to watch that because it sounded silly. I guess it was, and that he only picked that because he wanted to know the champion regardless of which role he landed on. Still, I got inspired, and went on to play ~80 games of ADC Gangplank myself, and it was one of the funniest picks I've gone for. The best moment was when I found myself laning against xMatty (FNCA's current ADC) with it, and ended up winning 18/2. Anyway, I'm talking about this because all of that only happened off the back of these featured high elo games, that we no longer have access to because of the new client.

II.A.3) There is no option to disable Clash notifications, in spite of the Notifications tab in the settings having a lot of free space to fill up.

II.B.1) Loot animations should be disabled in low spec mode.

II.B.2) In the many areas where information has been lost compared to the old client, comes other people's champion mastery.

Old client: The profile shows the 3 champions with the highest mastery. Hovering over that area shows the next 8.

Current client: The profile shows the champion with the highest mastery. Hovering over it shows the top 3.

II.B.3) A major part of everyone's profile is taken by the honor level. But that's private, meaning that a major part of everyone else's profile is taken by a blank spot (not currently since a bug shows your own honor level in lieu of that empty spot). Which seems a bit silly considering that information had to be cut elsewhere in order to make room for that (as aforementioned).

II.B.4) Another loss of functionality from this client is the fact that other people's rune pages cannot be accessed, while it used to be public information for both runes and masteries. So one can no longer look at which runes someone else is using and copy them. Before you say anything, I know that runes aren't meant to be copied, because they're meant to be changed at the start of each game, based on which champions are in the game. As someone who went between 10 different keystones and all five secondary trees on old Mordekaiser, I know it very well.

But you can't say that to new players. New players usually ask (or get told) which runes to go for, and even experienced players trying out a champion look up what to use, so it would be nice to be able to do that from the client (looking up a friend's rune page, and having a button to import it into yours). Granted that new players get their runes locked, Riot also seems to agree with what I'm saying, so it would be great to have that.

II.B.5) It would be nice to have more control over the Away status. This status changed in functionality from the old client in two different ways:

1) Old client: You'll be shown as Away if you have been fully idle on your PC for 10 minutes (playing another game with the client in the background will keep you on Online). Moving your mouse, pressing a key, or anything, will bring you back to Online.

New client: You'll be shown as Away if you have been idle from the client for 10 minutes (playing another game with the client in the background will put you on Away). Moving your mouse in the client will bring you back to Online, moving it without touching the client won't.

2) Old client: When manually putting yourself on Away, playing a game will bring you back to Away once the game is over.

New client: When manually putting yourself on Away, playing a game will bring you back to Away once the game is over for 1s, before putting you back to Online.

Those changes make sense, and the first change does let the client indicate whether someone is on it or "on it". However, due to it, there is no difference between someone who's down to play but simply doing something else on their computer, and someone who's fully away and hasn't said hi to their computer in half an hour – and thus wouldn't accept an invite.

So I think we should have an option to have a "Lock Online" toggle in the settings (or a "Locked Online" status), locking the status to Online until the player is actually fully idle for 10 minutes (so, the old client's way).

II.B.6) When you use the search bar in your friends list, it'll be hidden as soon as you click out of it (while still applying the search). It shouldn't, and should remain visible, as it'd make things much clearer.

II.B.7) If I'm not mistaken, the old client used to let us view our friends' profile sentences even as they were offline. This hasn't been a feature of the new client.

II.B.8) We can't spectate friends that are on other servers, which is actually a downgrade from the old client. I remember the featured games bugging someday, and showing me games from EUNE instead of EUW, and I was able to click on them to spectate them, while they were happening on a different server.

II.B.9) It'd be nice to have a fourth sorting option in the champion selection, "Sort by History", showing you all champions sorted by most recently played to least recently played. And since the client detects that, "Sort by History" while selecting a role would sort the champions by most recently played in that role to least recently played in that role.

II.C.1) The key fragment gauge goes slightly outside of its box. If I'm not mistaken, that's what classifies as "literally unplayable". Screenshot



III) Others


One thing to correct from my previous list, and some bugs to add that have been reported to me with proof, but about which I can't give enough information as to how they happened.

First, about the correction – I said in the previous buglist that skins can't be purchased in champ select.

5.A.c) The old client allowed you to purchase a skin during champ select. Not the new one. Maybe that’s a choice, but then the fact that clicking on a skin gives you the message “This skin is currently not available for purchase” is a relic of a past gone two years ago.

This is false – they can be purchased, as long as there's more than 10s left in the champ select.

Now for three bugs that I was told but couldn't reproduce:

  • A player on NA isn't able to spectate one specific friend of theirs, and none of their other friends can spectate him either. This has been going on for a few months, and only affects one person in their friends list. Nothing in what I saw could explain that (correct server, playing League and not TFT, and so on).

  • Two people have mentioned their roles not showing up in the lobby for a draft game. The game can be started from there, and it seems like the player without roles is considered as filling.

  • One person has reported their client's resolution regularly being messed up after finishing a game in full screen (regularly as in every third game or so), such that the bottom of the client goes missing, preventing from playing again and forcing a restart. Screenshot



Alright, that was everything!

Well, everything I had. Although it's impossible that I would have forgotten or overlooked something. Thanks to everyone who contributed in the comments last time! Was really helpful in realizing what I missed.

This ended up being almost half the size of the first list, huh.

Oh, and TLDR: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/hzfzxb/a_list_of_the_current_issues_of_the_league_client/

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