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I posted this onto R/Summonerschool: “Do you have problems with knowing what to do in your games? Then this post could help you(long post inc).”

LeagueofLegends9 - I posted this onto R/Summonerschool: "Do you have problems with knowing what to do in your games? Then this post could help you(long post inc)."


Hi! You might know me or you might not know me, I'm a commenter around here and I've been making a lot of progress researching the game and helping people improve.

I figured that it's about time to start making posts around different topics, and since Macro is criminally under-explained, I felt that it'd be best if I made a post around that.

Let's cut to the chase:


The game is about taking the Nexus. The Nexus is protected by 5 turrets, 1 inhib and champions in each lane. At the start of the game we are very weak, and it would take us a veeeery long time to take any turret.

This gives us the incentive of farming up gold and exp towards items, that make us strong enough to take the turret. It also gives us the incentive of trading with the opponent when they go for farm, so as to make sure they gain less gold and exp than us; so that we can reach our "wakeup" before they do and start taking turrets.

Win conditions

Once we've reached the mid-game(usually when 1-2 turrets are down), we want to start going for turrets. But now we need to decide how we should take turrets. This is where win conditions come into play:


  1. A reliable engage (usually gap closer paired with strong CC) to start the fight in your favor. Example: Maokai.

  2. A good number of strong frontline champions to distract or eliminate your opponent’s damage dealers. Example: Tanks, Assassins and Bruisers.

  3. High sustained damage or AOE to melt or ignore any frontline your opponents may have. Example: AD carries, Hypercarries, Mages etc

  4. Enough peel to keep your damage dealers alive. Example: Healing/Shielding, CC(Thresh flay) or self peel(Tristana jump)


  1. High amounts of burst damage, preferably from more than one champion on your team. Example: Assassins.

  2. Long duration CC chains to catch enemies out of position. Example: Tanks.

  3. Mobility to position unpredictably and chase down fleeing low health targets. Example: Talon, Hecarim

  4. Global Abilities to assist allies from across the map. Example: Ashe arrow


  1. Strong Pushing Power with which to force your opponents underneath their turrets. Example: Malzahar

  2. Long range damage and CC to help whittle down their health bars. Example: Xerath

  3. Disengage or Counterengage to stop or win any attempted teamfighting by your opponents. Example Disengage: Tristana ult. Example Counterengage: Rengar flank ult

  4. Lingering Ground Effects also known as Zone Control, which restrict your opponent’s movement under tower. Example: Caitlyn trap


  • One or more strong duelists with
  1. Good 1v1 potential and/or cross map mobility (usually Teleport). Example: TF

  2. The ability to escape or outplay multiple opponents. Example: Riven, Zed

  • A squad of three or four other champions which together have
  1. An acceptable amount of waveclear. Example: Malz, Tristana, Vel'koz

2.Enough disengage to be able to stay alive and safely stall recall. Example: Maokai ult

Map positions relative to win conditions

Each win condition has their own map positions, based upon setting up the map so that you can have the optimal approach into that specific win condition.


https://imgur.com/a/GYJkqa8 (NAram)

https://imgur.com/a/hUWQ2Io (Baron trap)

https://imgur.com/a/3R3XXoz (Dragon takedown)

These are simplified map positions that showcase what you should look out for if you choose Teamfighting(more on that later).

Teamfighting is about going for big 4v4, 5v4 or 5v5 fights that favor you, and then through the deaths of the enemy utilise the Numbers advantage(Having more people than the enemy at a certain time or location) and the Tempo(Time advantage, or first mover advantage) advantage, to take turrets and eventually win the game.

No matter if you want or don't want a teamfight, the sidelanes should be pushing into the enemy to make sure that they cannot fight with all 5 players on board.


https://imgur.com/a/m9x0noP (3v3)

https://imgur.com/a/S5j85er (Pick-off)

This showcases how skirmishing works, basically you go for small fights and picks that give your team a Numbers advantage, which snowballs into being able to take turrets easier and then eventually win the game.

Poke & Siege

https://imgur.com/a/NOn3N0c (ZN stands for Zone control, which in essence is about having abilities laid down that restricts the movement of the enemy under their turret. Caitlyn is a really good champion at this win condition in particular)

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The map position you want to be in when poking and sieging is to preferably have the enemy at a numbers disadvantage, and at the same time make sure that your waves are not pushing into you.


https://imgur.com/a/stDm4AY (Lane assignment of 1-3-1)

https://imgur.com/a/4QhcfFp (Map position of the 1-3-1 lane assignment)

https://imgur.com/a/wHDBTJh (Lane assignment of 0-4-1)

https://imgur.com/a/ki4fq1e (Map position of 0-4-1)

You could also do 1-4-0, 4-0-1, or 1-0-4, depending on the turrets and neutral objectives.

Splitpushing is utilised to split the enemy team up, and it can be combined with Poke & Siege to create a devastating situation for the enemy team defending, takes full advantage of the macro advantages(Tempo, Numbers advantage, Vision control and Terrain).

Let's put win conditions into context!

Now that we know what the game is about(turrets), and the 4 methods for taking turrets and what map positions we would like to have in order to get the best effectiveness out of the win condition we chose.


Ally Team






If we look back on what makes a good teamcomp for a certain win condition this is how it will look like:

  1. Teamfighting 4/4(Engage, Strong frontliners, Sustained dmg or AOE, Peel)

  2. Skirmishing 3/4(Long duration cc, mobility, Global(Soraka, Maokai TP))

  3. Poke & Siege 4/4(Pushing power, Long range dmg & cc, Disengage/Counterengage and Lingering ground effects)

  4. Splitpush 4/4 (1v1 and/or cross map mobility(maokai), Escape or outplay(dependent on vision control), Waveclear and Disengage)

Enemy team






  1. Teamfighting 3/4(Strong engage, good frontline(for elimination of the backline), sustained dmg and/or dps)

  2. Skirmishing 4/4 (Burst damage, Long duration cc, Mobility, Global abilities(Ezreal and Bard, also kennen if they take tp)

  3. Poke & Siege 2/4 (Strong pushing power, disengage/counterengage)

  4. Splitpushing 3 or 4/4 (Good 1v1 potential, Cross map mobility(Talon and Kennen with tp), waveclear and disengage)

The process of choosing your win condition and how laning phase plays into that

We want to choose the biggest gap(as in, if their team has 2/4 in Teamfighting but we got 4/4, that would give us a gap of 2 on them) for us – the Ally team – against their win condition, in this case it would be Teamfighting and Poke & Siege. If they get access to their map position for their win conditions, then we ideally like to choose the ones that give us the closest(As in if they are 4/4 in Splitpushing, and we are also 4/4 in Splitpushing and we don't have access to anything else, then we'd choose that) gap, which would be splitpushing.

What lanes do we need to snowball in this case?

Simple, what takes gold and exp to acquire for your win condition? A malphite for example, doesn't need gold for his strong engage. He just needs exp, meaning that gold is just a luxury for him.

Therefore, what lanes need gold if we want Teamfighting as our win condition? I would say Midlane & Botlane, since their primary damage dealers need gold in order to actually deal damage.

If we want Poke & Siege the primary focus would be on caitlyn, since she provides the most for the team in that win condition. Cassiopeia can also provide with her miasma(as a lingering effect), but she doesn't necessarily have a lot of long range damage.

Not only that, but let's look at the enemy team. What lanes need gold for their main win condition: Skirmishing? Globals are not gold dependent, Mobility not so much either, CC neither. What needs gold the most is the burst damage.

This means that Toplane, Jungle and Mid are the most important lanes since they provide that burst damage.

This means that, if we want to enable our win condition as the Ally team, we want to gank primarily Bot and Mid. If we want to make their win conditions weaker while also enabling our win condition, Mid is a big priority.

Helping Sejuani or Maokai get ahead of their respective opponents doesn't really give as much value as putting our eggs into a lane that needs gold and can utilise the lead effectively.

A tidbit on items, runes and how to adapt to the game state

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Your items are in fact ways of enabling your win conditions better: Botrk and Scimitar are 2 example of peel items, Ardent gives more sustained damage, Lethality gives more burst, Crit gives more sustained damage(and inversely can also be effective for burst too).

Runes, as well. PTA gives more frontloaded damage while Lethal tempo gives you more sustained damage.

What should I do if my laners/jungler are behind?

When your teammates are falling behind, you need to think about if them being behind is going to affect how well you execute your win condition. Obviously, a tank with 20 deaths will not be a good frontline. So it's dependent on just how behind they are relative to their role.

If you for example lack dps because of your botlane dying, then you should look into another win condition that you can execute that still gives you a bigger gap or a closer gap depending on the enemy's win condition.

Finishing notes

I'd just like to thank the community for inspiring to want to help people out. For more than a year now I've been educating people who seek help around the game.

If you got any questions, or anything you wonder over, then please do let me know. I would be more than happy correcting anything I might've said that could be factually wrong, or simply due to lack of clarity.



  1. The game is about turrets

  2. Champions and turrets, defend turrets

  3. We devise strategies(win conditions) in order to go past the champions towards the turrets

  4. Those strategies then turn into map positions and lane assignments that we would like to have

  5. In the early game, we would then want to play towards those said win conditions by prioritising the lanes that need gold to snowball and be effective

  6. We would then also like to prevent the enemy through trading, wave management and ganks to gain their gold and exp so that they can't execute their own win condition while we can.

  7. Our runes and items can be chosen to fit our win condition and then make our team stronger in that area.

Lane assignments = Where each champion is at on the map

Map position = A game state where a win condition is executed

Numbers advantage = To have more people than the enemy at a certain place and time

Tempo = To have time advantage or first move advantage(think chess) over the enemy, based on: recalls, travel time, death and waveclear

Vision control = To uncover or cover their/your numbers advantage, to make it certain/uncertain whether you can or can't take a fight.

Terrain = Basically the surrounding area, we would like to utilise terrain in a way that benefits us: for example using it to pin people against walls with skillshots, or chokepoints.

To understand your teamcomp, you count the abilities and the kits of each champion towards the 4 criterias for a win condition, which is what I did in this post.

The most practical thing you can do, is everytime you are in champion select or in loading screen. Just go through it and look at what your team has, and doesn't have.

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