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I reached rank 1 EUW solo with 60%+ winrate playing Trinity TF only (AMA! + mega long build explanation post)

LeagueofLegends11 - I reached rank 1 EUW solo with 60%+ winrate playing Trinity TF only (AMA! + mega long build explanation post)

Hello, I’m Jebsu or some of you might know me as Xayira from couple years ago. Currently I’m sitting at 1400lp, 3# on EUW ladder just 15lp away from rank 1. I’ve been playing on west for around 1 and half year straight now (1 month in s6 and 1-2 months in s7). I started league at the beginning of season 2 and been playing on east for so many years maining champions like Ryze, Orianna, Jayce and Ahri.

(proof it’s me; https://gyazo.com/f6688b8cc91aace92f1a5e107ab44e8b )

(rank 1 screenshot; https://gyazo.com/3150b83a5c9d864869e0e676dc085623 )

(account statistics; https://gyazo.com/6c76c831a35f91a41bea2d93b34d054d )
(I answer to any questions on twitter as well; https://twitter.com/Jebsuwu )

Here I want to share some of my thoughts and explain how this TF build works. At first I was planning to post this on some TF main subreddit but since every pro has been trying and loving it (Faker, Bjergsen <3) and it is currently more popular that the standard Comet setup globally, I decided that this is the right place for it. I also have plans to start streaming in the near future bringing something new to the table. You can ask me any non – tf or league related questions as well. 🙂 Next I'll be talking exclusively about this build so skip if you aren't interested. ^_^

Important notes; Yes, I climbed like 1000lp in 3 days during elo inflation but ever since I hit 1100lp my lp gains normalized to +17/18/19 and -14/15/16 and this build is very difficult to execute if you aren’t well-rounded player with good mechanics and good understanding of laning, win conditions, macro, item efficiency, dueling and teamfighting because it is supposed to be played extremely greedy after you hit trinity spike; it is still hard for me to play it at max potential and I make mistakes frequently.


First of all this build should be called Trinity TF or Trinity system because it is the core of this whole build, on-hit and AD (crit) builds are only like ⅓ of the variations it has. This kind of flexibility allows it to be super consistent and extremely strong in every single game/matchup. Also it is not copied from anywhere and most definitely isn’t a build that has been around for years. The recent changes in items and runes has made this build viable overall and also for the top spot on ladder. Sure TF was always playable into very specific matchups as AP, AD or on-hit but you could never onetrick it with this much consistency and success.
Before this post I actually tried to do some research on similar builds and I actually found some suggesting Trinity rush on TF with decent reasoning but that was just about it, those posts were really old and short but either way props to everyone who used brain and didn’t agree with the meta builds, you were actually so right. And if you are that guy that plays some sort of AD TF with guinsoo or ruined rush followed by crit/on-hit items, maxes E first and claim that you played this system years ago already, just stop right there. 😀 If your setup has only 1/20 or 2/20 details same as mine and especially if the build order is different, it is completely different setup and playstyle. High elo mids/players will definitely hard abuse squishy tf if you run pure AS or AD, it might work in lower elo but it will always stay mobafire-tier without any real success.

How I came up with this build was sort of accident; I was so frustrated when I couldn’t find any consistency in AP tf no matter how well I played some games. I was sitting at around 400 – 600lp whole early season and I played all games duo. One game I just saw Sivir mid in enemy and I was like nah I’ll be even more useless than normally with AP build. In frustration I just decided to try on-hit build with trinity and ever since I never touched AP build again. IT IS JUST SO BAD. Unplayable is probably the better way to describe it, at least in higher elo. It is consistent only below Master/diamond and that’s where people should play it. One thing that fixes many problems for ap tf mains is to simply start building nashor’s tooth as 3rd item over zhonya when you aren’t facing something like zed and learn to play aggressive with it. That will definitely bring some consistency to it but enough about that.

Why Trinity tf > AP tf ?
AP tf is stronger until trinity tf hits phage + sheen but after that AP tf falls so far behind in terms of scaling and overall pressure. Trinity spike alone is stronger than RoA/Proto + Lich bane combined, and yes I have tested the numbers. Protobelt + Lich is probably the best attempt to even try to have some kind of pressure and 1v1 potential since protobelt is like mini RoA, RFC and burst item with some cdr and decent build path, also it is very cheap.
With trinity tf you are already much stronger in any scenario with only 2/3 items completed compared to AP tf with full build, it just requires super good mechanics and ability to keep track of multiple things at same time. Also every item is a massive spike unlike on AP tf which stays always behind and gets easily countered by items, spells and bad matchups. Banshees, QSS and MR/armor won't stop trinity tf since you deal tons of mixed damage. AP tf is just one rotation with two spells and then you just lay back for couple of seconds and hope that you won't lose the game. That kind of gameplay puts massive pressure on your own team to carry 4v5 especially if enemy has all the itemization to counter even that one stun/rotation. This applies a lot more in high elo though.

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Only things AP tf can do better is long range poke which is very inconsistent and defending towers, because the waveclear is decent. But basing your gameplan only on efficient waveclear is actively playing for lose. 😀 All enemy has to do is take baron and end game, if you try to contest it, just check what I said above about 4v5. And when it comes to long range poke, trinity + Rapidfire does the same thing except it’s a point click and 2 seconds stun but less damage and on ap build the Q damage becomes relevant only after you hit like (3) 4-5 items. Basically it’s 50/50 whether you get the better team or not, rest is up to you to convert losing but winnable games into win in order to climb.

Klepto & Resolve/sorcery. Klepto might seem underwhelming vs some control mages when you get only like 100g from it until trinity but the overall value even then is over 500 – 600g because the free boots are 400+ and biscuits can be sold for 120 if it's not must to use them. On average you get like 300g from klepto until trinity. So even in the worst case scenario, you get like 500g from runes + 350g from passive by the time you finish trinity. Also worth pointing out that pretty much 90% of the consumables you get from klepto are really good at any point in the game, especially ap and ad pots are both very desirable; some of the consumables are worth to sell early just to hit item spikes. Resolve as secondary is solid vs burst heavy matchups and take sorcery always if you won’t get punished for it. It’s just really good value to have extra mana + cdr.


So basically Klepto allows you to accelerate your build super fast with tf’s passive and it will constantly stay ahead of everyone else in terms of items. As the game progresses, it just gets much better. Some might argue that you need keystone with damage but not really, your damage comes from item spikes, keystone with damage is better only for the first 5 minutes of the game. Spellbook could also work, but I’d argue that rather stick with klepto and take TP and keep making trades rather than accept your fate and avoid trading in hard matchups. The ability to swap summoners won’t contribute much to your success but I can guarantee if you slow down your trinity spike by 1 – 3 minutes, that might make things very hard for you and your team.

Also don’t try running any other keystone, it is not only about the keystone what makes this build so strong. The build will become much slower, you will lose a lot of extra MS & health and mana sustain if you try something like Aery, Comet or Fleet. I tried each of them in some of the 1000lp games and it was absolutely dreadful. I managed to get a lead but it felt significantly less impactful. All that gold advantage + damage potions & sustain you get from klepto + inspiration tree translates into even more lead and it just keeps accelerating as the game goes.


Mainly TP or ignite; I'm running ignite nearly every game for limit testing and TP only into control mages but honestly I think that TP is really solid and could be picked more often. Ignite just offers more pressure for jungler since you are somewhat weak early and overall it's really good for making picks. Exhaust seems really good too into matchups like Yasuo, Zed, Irelia, Jayce and Aatrox.

How to play it?
Hardest part is definitely early; It is very methodical strat, you gotta max out gold efficiency early until you finish trinity. Avoid giving up cs for klepto procs unless it’s going to be a decent trade. Tf actually starts to be pretty strong once you finish phage + sheen and you can pretty much duel anyone with finished trini + mercs/tabi. Avoid buying stuff like dark seal or doran blade before trini, it just delays your back timings and slows down your spikes by 1 – 4 minutes and I’m not exaggerating when I say that those couple minutes can decide how the game will turn out.

You also want to max out Q W E because before you finish 2nd or 3rd item ( wits/RFC/nashor/guinsoo ) you aren't really getting any value from extra AS before that. Q is required to survive early laning and it actually has decent base damage and the cd is super low, same with W. On W the stun duration increases from 1s to 2s once maxed out and it actually offers a lot in 1v1 and when your cds are super low with massive attack speed, it just compliments each other so well so you can literally run people down with it or simply keep making picks with team 24/7 and force objectives.
Before you finish 2nd big item, tf relies heavily on Q and Sheen damage. At this point tf is still sort of hybrid with spell damage and autos, not pure dps. I’ve been thinking of taking minion dematerializer to use 1 on melee, siege and caster just to get guaranteed kill on casters with two lvl 3 Qs so you can skip maxing that and just proceed on maxing W and E but honestly Q damage is pretty good with high cdr. Just a thought.

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Build paths;

1st main build is utility heavy for insane pick potential with RFC 2nd, it is also the most flexible build path (in some cases RFC rush can actually offer much more damage and pressure than wits end)

2nd main build is ap/on-hit heavy which is mega tanky, you win all counter matchups (Akali, Kassadin, Sylas, control mages) thanks to Wits End and generally it just gives you so much pressure and melts even tanks from 100 – 0 in seconds. (Trinity/Wits/guinsoo/RFC)

3rd main build is Crit base with RFC/Essence/IE (GA/QSS/guinsoo/phantom) Compared to AP build, crit build has that similar 'one rotation burst – style' with RFC, Sheen proc and crit on W but it still has really high dps and it's a good answer to MR heavy teams or if your team lacks AD. It is also better splitpush build than on-hit but don't build it just for the sake of splitting. 🙂

4th is kind of situational but it’s good vs things like talon/pyke/zed where you go resolve tree as secondary to survive lane and trinity + nashor’s tooth for max cdr and decent spell damage. Your R will be super low cd on lvl 11 and it's really hard counter to talon/pyke and overall to anything with invisibility. Even with this build path you can still choose to go any of the above.

5th is also very situational where you get ruined king 2nd, but it is only good into champions like aatrox, kled, urgot, sion, nocturne mid/top or if you know that you will be sidelaning vs very heavy tanks. Normally I’d recommend RFC over ruined and get ruined king with on-hit build as 4th or 5th item IF needed. Ruined is somewhat weaker compared to wits end and all the other items but it is still good to get it if you feel like you need the sustain and active to play greedy.

You can mix the build paths as you like but getting guinsoo too early is the only inefficient thing you can do. However it is pretty good item even in crit build as last item since it gives like 70+% as and mixed penetration. Other good items that work really well (mainly as last item) are; Banshee, Mallet, GA, QSS, Zhonya and Void. Usually you max out AS at 4 items so 5th item can be literally anything depending on situation. (it's not that bad to overcap AS if you go pure on-hit and you won’t get punished for it) Also if you are forced to get QSS, with this build it actually fits in really well. Personally my favorite build is Trinity > Wits End > RFC > Guinsoo > IE ;>

To summarize, this build is very flexible, you can literally swap your build from ap to ad or from ad to ap even after finishing 2-3 items based on what team needs. For example in case you go trini + wits and enemy starts stacking tons of MR and your team lacks ad, you can just swap to crit build or let’s say that your adc is popping off and enemy starts to build tons of armor, you just swap to on-hit build if you bought already that RFC and IE. That way you will always keep your dps super high. On-hit build deals like 70% ap dmg and 30% ad dmg and with crit build it’s around 60% ad and 40% ap dmg once you reach lategame.

Worst matchups for this build are Irelia, Aatrox, Yasuo and Sylas, but even these become playable once you hit 2-3 items. Everything else gets easy on trinity spike already. Personally I ban only Yasuo or Sylas. Yasuo is the only straight counter to your stuns and the issue with Sylas is not 1v1 but the fact that he will steal your ult and you can’t really match his tp because he is much stronger than tf for the first 10 minutes.

I congratulate you if you survived this far. ;> Feel free to ask if I forgot to mention something about this strat.

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