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I really like all the Zaun stories, which makes it hard to like Seraphine’s base skin.

LeagueofLegends3 - I really like all the Zaun stories, which makes it hard to like Seraphine's base skin.

I posted this at Seraphine Mains but it didn't get a lot of attention, and I felt like I put a bit of effort into it so I figured I'd share it here. Now before you brush this off as yet another Seraphine hate thread, I want to offer a very specific perspective for why I found her base skin disappointing that I haven't seen tackled before – which is the perspective of someone who REALLY likes Zaun, as a region. To understand why I like Zaun so much, I'd like to share a few of my favourite stories from the League of Legends Universe website:

City of Iron and Glass – My most favourite story on the whole website. It's about a small group of orphans who climb up to the part of town that's right in between Zaun and Piltover for an outing. Although it features no champion (well, except one, right off-screen), it's a very sweet and heartfelt read.

Lullaby – Ekko's colour story. A lot of people think Ekko is an orphan, but actually he has a pair of loving parents who look out for him. This story does a nice job showing how, despite being a prodigy, things aren't so simple for Ekko.

Deep Breath– Janna's colour story. Although really it's about this one kid who's got it rough.


Zaun as a region has a lot of monster champions, but when it comes to the people living in it, there's this real sense that they're downtrodden and that they're struggling. But they're also preserving. They're keeping themselves alive day after day, in ways many of us would take for granted. They're underdogs, they're fighters, they're used to being stepped on and they're just doing their best. But as for the champions themselves, well – between Twitch, Dr Mundo and Singed, a lot of them are just straight-up monsters. Even if you could argue that some of them are really just misunderstood (shout out to House on Emberflit Alley, Viktor's colour story – what happens when a kid runs into the home of the most infamous villain around?).

When I heard the new champion was going to be from Zaun and Piltover I was REALLY excited. I wanted someone who, not just narratively but also VISUALLY looked like they could have been in ANY one of these stories I shared. I sympathised a lot with all these characters, and they were characters I would have liked to see more of in the game. So Seraphine comes out and she's… too perfect. Flawless. Completely unblemished. A sparkling fairy girl who already achieved great success. We skipped over the part where her Zaunite parents struggled to climb up to Piltover, we missed the bits where Seraphine might have been bullied for being poor, we didn't get to see her find the music in her heart and get a start for herself. We just get the end result. Which is just, slightly less modern version of the final form of K/DA All Out Seraphine. And the fact that this final bright and perfect version of a pop star already exists in that Ultimate skin kind of rubs it in, since it makes her base skin feel so redundant, like it's just the F2P version of Actual Seraphine. Instead of seeing Seraphine in a unique part of her story that could only be told in Runeterra, we just… don't.

Sorry to add to the circlejerk, but I have a weird attachment to this particular part of the lore. So I hope you can see where I'm coming from.

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