League of Legends 1

I started to reconstruct the Ionian and Vastayan languages

LeagueofLegends1 - I started to reconstruct the Ionian and Vastayan languages

(tl;dr at the bottom for those who do not wish to read a bored student's rambles on the internet)

Hej everyone,

I decided to post a 'short' introduction to what I've been up to. If people are interested I can go more in depth at another time or if people would like to help me out.

League is my most played game by far, and they've really started to flesh out the lore. Multiple champions speak other 'languages'. However, after doing some digging on the forums, and after asking support, these languages are almost completely nonsensical. Some words do have meaning, but there is no structure or grammar in them. And this is where I feel like riot is completely missing out on a wonderful opportunity. Allowing those few die-hard fans to fully learn Ionian or a Vastayan dialect could aid in the survival of the league universe in the long term. Especially with the new rpg game coming out, wouldn't it be nice if the foreign language was 100% functional and legit?

I'm majoring in Linguistics and have created two fully working languages myself, so I couldn't resist to make it myself, I've so far compiled all the Vastayan/Ionan material that there is, transcribing it into phonetic script and looking for structure. THe problem is, and that is one that I also had with my previous language. There is next to no relation between the English text and the Vastayan examples. Another important thing to note is that there is no linguistic structure in the spoken language that we created (e.g. the language is, although nice, nonsense).


This is both a blessing and a curse. It's great because it means that I have a lot of liberty in creating the structure. Yet it's mostly a curse due to the fact that I need to find patterns where there are none. It's like finding a needle in a haystack, except that there is in fact no needle.

There is one tool to make it easier for myself, and that is that you can attribute things to 'regional variety.' It's highly likely that karma and Yasuo would be able to communicate, but some minor differences would be dialectal.

After I'd indexed everything, I begun analysing sounds that happened to be used by more than one person, and thus building a phonetic inventory for Vastayan (all sounds that are used in a certain language, e.g. English has while Icelandic does not)

This is all I wanted to say for now, and if people are interested I could write down my findings of the first grammatically sound sentences of Vastayan or some more in-depth details.

For now I hope that at least some people enjoyed reading my linguistic thoughts, and that you all have a lovely day or evening.


tl;dr: I spent the last few months trying to turn the nonsensical speech of Xayah, Yasuo etc. into a fully functional language such as Chinese or English.

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