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I stopped playing Kayle because the rework is balanced, but not fun 95% of play time average over many games

LeagueofLegends9 - I stopped playing Kayle because the rework is balanced, but not fun 95% of play time average over many games

For context I had 1.2M points kayle, reached D4 as my best this season (i know i know, shame shame this is not high elo, i get it).

Literally wait 15-20 minutes before being relevant in 95% of games. Queue 6 games? 2 hours of not being relevant with maybe 5-10 minutes of fun action every game, if the other team is not massively ahead already. Thats 2 hours of non-fun for 30 minutes of potential fun. The only 'fun' part if the klepto procs you get, but then you remember that you need those to stay even in gold, not get ahead.

15-20 minutes of being camped 2vs1, farming under tower, trying to cs. My jungler comes, cant do much but 1 Q 1 E if jungler has no hard cc – very low kill pressure. Jungler knows this and never come top, enemy jungler camps top.

Can't really teleport bot lane for the same reason pre 11 – after which there's no botlane anymore most of the time.

Can't trade in lane against most meta top lane champs, which get to be relevant all game.

When you do become relevant at lvl 14-16, IF the match is still kinda even overall, its really fun! But it happens maybe 1 game out of 5? 2 games out of 5 game is lost before then, the other 2 are won by either mid or bot before then and you get to join them, throw a few heals, and nexus explodes. So your potential 30-60 minutes of fun is really down to less than 15 per 3 hour period.


Also the meme of Kayle is a god post-16 hurts more than it helps – she is very strong, but can get cc'd / focused just fine – if you ult yourself, you don't deal much damage because you have to reposition, or you end up in the midst of their team.

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I really love the visual rework (even got used to Aether wing being weird), most of the kit rework is an improvement compared to before if you compare individual skills. But I'd gladly drop the stupid true damage post 16 I never get to see / use 95% of the time to be more relevant early game – the evolving kit shouldn't mean going from dreadful to strong at 40 minutes, the curve right now is stupid steep.

Most kayle streamers I follow (Kayle1vs9 and Unsung) either vocally say the champ is unfun while playing it, or stopped maining it altogether because it's unfun (and straight up said so). Odds are since the rework just happened that Kayle will stay like this for a long time / forever… I don't have high hopes that Riot wants to fix this anytime soon.

With old Kayle at least you could agressively trade against most champs. At worst, you could agressively splitpush / duel – can't do that anymore with the reworked ult, the 1vs1 DPS is not anywhere near high enough.

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