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I think it is about time we revert Aurelion Sol’s W.

LeagueofLegends3 - I think it is about time we revert Aurelion Sol's W.

If you go over to any main-champ subreddit, you see people complain about changes to their champ. But I yet have to see so many people who in a majority with many highly upvoted posts demand and agree with a champion change such as the ASol mains. Recently King Cobra asked on Twitter and the Asol subreddit how people identify Sol, either as a roaming champ with map pressure or a battlemage with consistent AoE damage in teamfights. With first glance you see that most people see him as a battlemage with mentioning that they specifically mean that they want his old W (the expanding stars) to be reverted. Cobra mentioned that they wanted to do changes to his E (the flying ability) where he gets more options for higher numbers and generally he wanted to focus on Sol's roaming aspect. People, despite hearing the idea, mostly mentioned that they just want the old W back. We know that it will not fix Sol's core issues, he will still have his release problems, but at least he will have his original intended playstyle back. That is the main goal. We just want the fun we fell in love with back. His core idea used to be a dancing dragon with roaming as a secondary. Source about Kobra here

But he has a high winrate over 50%, what is the issue? The winrate argument has two issues here. First and foremost, the main reason Sol wins his games is by being basically a second supporter with roaming pressure. The only reason he wins is because he causes his carries to be fed with his help. Which makes us wonder, why buff his only strength and ignore all of his flaws? Second and most importantly, only highly dedicated OTP's play him. We are talking about people who dedicate every game to only, really only play Sol. This champ has his own minigame inside of a match. The less people play a champ, the less unskilled players use him, thus keeping the winrate high. His pick rate is according to u.gg less than 1% and there is only a handful of 1,593 matches recorded this season. The winrate does not change that the mini-rework destroyed a lot of his laning phase including the reduction of his passive damage. The old sol was able to compensate better a losing lane with just keeping his W up. It was not flawless, but it was an option.

The idenitity crisis of Aurelion Sol:


Originally, this champion was supposed to be basically a consistent dps mage (battlemage?). After the rework he was turned into a burst mage. The issue starts with the whole kit still being designed to set up your W. Why is this bad? Because his Q does minimal damage and is meant to be a stun only, his E is just him flying and his ultimate does less damage than a Xerath Q and is only a disengage (can be still be overwritten by dashes). Problem is, burst mages i.e. Annie, Veigar always have at least 2 high damage abilities and 1 very damaging ultimate. Sol only has his W for high damage. The next issue starts here. So to compensate, the W is super fast and has low cooldown where in the very end, the game fundamentally just tells us ''Use your W as much as possible, make it like it is permanent'' while at the same it says ''whoa there, your damage is too consistent, better stop now, buddy''. Which causes an issue you might have guessed, inconsistency. What do you wanna do when suddenly the newest hypermobile champions just dodge your W, wait it out and burst you in the 1-3 seconds of cooldown you have there? Either basic attacks, run away or nothing. Even a rylais combined with phase rush, cosmic drive and swiftness boots will not fix that core issue. Aurelion Sol is a burst mage while still acting like dps mage, which makes him just lacking in both in the end. The playstyle philsophy of his original kit was that of a dancing dragon (the alternative name for Chinese/Celestial Dragons). That was the true fun of his kit, was he still weak in lane? Yes. Were there still better options mid? Yes. But it is this very reason, that dancing playstyle, that people fell in love with him. As King Cobra himself somehow admitted what Asol was supposed to be with his question, he is a consistent AoE battlemage and will always try to act like it, no matter the number tweaking or E changes, the Champion himself will tend to behave like his original kit but worse. We have had more than one year to see if he is fun, which based on the conclusion I got from the Asol-mains, he lost a great portion of it. Is the champ useless? No. Does he lack damage? No. Was he more fun before? Yes. If Rengar can get his Q reverted, Zac his ultimate and Kog'Maw his W, then Aurelion Sol can have his own W back.

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