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I think most of the issues people have with Seraphine come from the idea that she isn’t a champ made for the game, but to be a cash cow

LeagueofLegends3 - I think most of the issues people have with Seraphine come from the idea that she isn't a champ made for the game, but to be a cash cow


I have looked at some of the comments regarding Seraphine and it appears that many of them circle around how she feels "artificial" from many different angles, and I think this might have been because she was made to make money rather than to contribute to the gameplay of LoL.

Let's look at some of the things:

  • A pop star champion

When you really think about it, does LoL ever needed a pop star champion? I could picture some other music themed champions, like a Piper of Hammelin or a siren-singer entrancer. But a pop star? Like an actual Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande-esque champ? I feel that Runeterra doesn't have a space for that. Even in Piltover, I imagine more Punk than Pop.

That's why our first interactions with her are through her K/DA skin, where a Pop artist can actually work. Unfortunately, this brought a lot more issues.

  • The K/DA Skin vs The Base Skin

All over her teases, we have met Seraphine mainly, if not entirely, by her K/DA skin. We all have heard about how K/DA has been a financial success, so it makes sense for Riot to expand the skinline. This makes sense at first, but then a problem arises when you try to adapt that new K/DA character into the game.

For the other K/DA members, this problem didn't exist, since they did the opposite aka. turning a kitsune, a ninja, a demon, and a monster hunter into a kpop group. However, when Riot tried to make a pop singer into a champion, I don't know why but they went for the cheap route of making her exactly the same as her skin persona. I just wonder, why they didn't try to make Seraphine a different character for her base skin?

By not making her someone different in the two skins and presenting her K/DA figure first, Seraphine feels out of place in the world of LoL and reinforces the idea that her sole purpose was to sell more K/DA.

  • The weird lore and the amalgamation of kit

Furthermore, since she might have not been made while having the game as first in mind, when you look at her actual LoL lore and her gameplay, both of them also feel bland and non-interesting.

In her lore, she is pretty much a copy-paste of her K/DA story of a rising star. Even the bits about the Brackern feel like a wasted potential (imagine if she acted as the voice of the Brackern, that would be exciting). But no, the Brackern feel left out and instead her bio focuses more on making Piltover and Zaun a better place by the power of music (this sounds so weird). Hopefully her color story brings out the other side.

But then we jump to the gameplay. It is apparent that she looks like a combination of Lux and Sona (range mage-enchanter with a lot of team fight utility and long range abilities). Compared to other previous releases this year, her kit looks too similar to champs already in the game. Coupled that her theme (a music mage) is too similar to Sona's without enough distinction, she just looks like a Sona 2.0.

TLDR. Seraphine's criticism might be because she appears to be created to make money first rather than to expand the game. Introducing a pop singer to Runeterra, having her K/DA story almost the same as her base story, and having a kit too similar to Lux-Sona are things that hardly make sense in the game or in the lore. However, they do make sense if the champ is set to become a cash cow.

As an extra note, if she was created to be a money making machine, it makes even more sense for her to have the ultimate skin.

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